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Peggy Thomas, Parish Manager
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Marie Slaton, Director of Religious Education
Daily Mass (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri.)
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Saturday morning Mass
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(unless otherwise listed)
Liturgical Morning Prayer
7:50 AM
8:30 AM
Sunday Vigil Mass (Saturday)
CONVENT Sister of St. Louis
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Holy Day Masses
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First Friday Mass
8:00 AM
4:00 to 4:45 PM
By Appointment
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Catholic Student Association
Dr.Tom Vandergon
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Legion of Mary Bill Baldau
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Ministry to Homebound Shirley D’Haenens (310) 457-5383
Pro-Life Chair Katherine Cimorelli
Safeguard the Children Karen Dion
5:00 PM
Baptism Instruction: A parent wishing to have a child baptized
at Our Lady of Malibu must contact the Parish Office to register.
Marie Slaton
Fourth Sunday of the Month
(310) 456-2361
Marriage: Anyone within Our Lady of Malibu Parish boundaries
wishing to contract the Sacrament of Marriage must contact a
priest at least six months in advance of the wedding date.
RCIA Program: Sr. Brigid McGuigan
(310) 456-2361
Picture of OLM Done By: Ellen Cerniglia
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Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Community
October 19. 2014
Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Our Mission
The Catholic Community of Our Lady of
Malibu welcomes all people to worship
God, to grow spiritually in the Catholic
faith, and to receive encouragement and
direction in shaping the wider world in
light of the Gospel.
Treasures From Our Traditions
When the fathers of the Second Vatican Council met
to discuss the sacrament of penance, they were required
to draw up a new rite, including several forms. The hot
button for debate was so-called “general absolution,” by
which a penitent could be absolved of sin without
confessing to a priest. This was a difficult debate,
compounded by widely varying traditions in both East
and West. Some were surprised to learn that the Holy
See had already given permission, during the First and
Second World Wars, for this form. In 1944 the Vatican
issued a decree saying this form was valid under extreme
conditions, which bishops in mission lands and Latin
America took as a kind of “blanket permission.”
Thus, the fathers of the Council were alarmed to
find this practice fairly widespread, not only in war, but
in peaceful places with huge numbers of faithful and few
priests. Although they eventually produced a ritual with
three different forms, the forms are not considered equal,
and the enriched and revised individual form is
preferred. The enrichments include a welcome of the
penitent, a sign of the cross with an encouragement to
trust in God’s compassion, new texts rich in the Word of
God, praise for God’s mercy, and a dismissal.
—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J.S. Paluch Co.
RE Classes
Registrations are still being accepted for students in
Grades 1-8.
Classes meet on Sundays from 9:45 to 10:45.
Contact Marie Slaton at [email protected] for
additional information.
Households of Faith
This is a program for any family in the parish who
would like to have a monthly packet of materials to
use in their home. This month’s packet focuses on
St. Francis of Assisi. There are 10 packets left. If
you would like one, just contact Marie Slaton.
Parent/Child Workshop
This program is for students who have made their
First Confession and First Communion. An adult and
child meet together once a month. Contact Marie
Slaton for additional information.
Question of the Week
Question from Life: How do you affect the values
and commitments of your
Question from the Gospel: How do you honor the
image of God in yourself? In
“Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,
and to God what belongs to God.”
—Matthew 22:21
After each Mass this weekend we will celebrate the
Renewed Church with a Wine and Cheese Reception in
Sheridan Hall on Saturday night and a Brunch after
each Mass on Sunday morning.
Morning Bible Study
We are studying the book of The Acts of the Apostles
each Thursday at 10:30am in the Lower Conference
Room. All interested are welcome to join us. Books
are available in the Rectory.
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Time to Celebrate
Sun, 19th
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday Symposium, Sheridan Hall, 9:45am
Mon, 20th AA Meeting, Hall, 6:30pm
Al Anon Meeting, Hall, 8:00pm
Tues, 21st NA Meeting, Hall, 7:30pm
Wed, 22nd Evening Bible Study, Lower Conf., 6:30pm
Thurs, 23rd Morning Bible Study, Lower Conf., 10:30am
Fri, 24th
Men’s AA, Hall, 6:00pm
Al Anon Meeting, Okoneski Room, 6:15pm
Sat, 25th
Legion of Mary, Rectory, 8:30am
Confessions, Church, 4:00- 4:45pm
Vigil Mass, Church, 5:00pm
Reception in Sheridan Hall after Mass
Evening Bible Study
We are now gathering on Wednesday evenings to study
the Word of God and Jesus’ teachings, and how to respond in our own lives as disciples of Christ. As further
exegesis, we will also explore the life and ministry of
the Apostle Paul. Join us 6:30-8:00pm in the Lower
Conference Room.
Becoming Catholic
Are you interested in exploring what it means to be
Catholic? Do you know someone who is interested
In the Catholic Church? We have a special process for
adults to help them understand what it means to be a
Catholic Christian and whether they are being called by
God to live as Catholics. If you are interested, contact
Sr. Brigid at the rectory (310-456-2361).
Mexico Mission
Thanks to your support, we had a successful trip to Tijuana on September 20th. We distributed food to 300
families and over 260 backpacks and school supplies
were handed out to the local children.
We have set the date for our next trip for January 3,
2015 and because of the holidays we are preparing early
and would like to start collecting goods now. We are
asking for canned goods (tuna, soup, vegetables, fruit),
juice packs, dry pasta, hard candy, peanut butter and
jelly; things that can be easily stored for a few
months. Of course, you can bring any of the items
listed on the grocery bags which are at the back of the
church. We also take monetary donations which we use
to purchase food to compliment your donations.
It is your continued support that enables us to bring this
much needed help to our less fortunate brothers and
sisters in Tijuana.
Mass Intentions
Oct 22
Salvatore Merlino
If you are new in the Parish or have moved to a new
address, please complete this form,and return it to the
Parish Office or place it in the collection basket.
NAME ____________________________________
ADDRESS __________________________________
CITY _____________________
ZIP _____________
PHONE ___________________
DATE ___________
□ New Registration
□ Change of Address
□ Moving out of Parish
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