Chapter 5 Vocabulary Violence Tolerance

Chapter 5 Vocabulary
1. Violence – physical force that is used to harm people or damage property
2. Tolerance – the ability to overlook differences and accept people for who
they are
3. Bullying – scaring or controlling another person by using threats or physical
4. Negotiation – a bargain or compromise for a peaceful solution to a conflict
5. Peer Mediation – a technique in which a trained outsider who is your age
helps people in a conflict come to a peaceful resolution
6. Abuse – physical or emotional harm to someone
7. Neglect – the failure of a caretaker to provide for basic needs, such as food,
clothing or love
8. Domestic Violence – the use of force to control and maintain power over a
spouse in the home
9. Hazing – harassing newcomers to a group in an abusive and humiliating
10.Sexual Abuse – any sexual act without consent
11.Incest – sexual activity between family members who are not husband and
12.Sexual Harassment – any unwanted remark, behavior or touch that has a
sexual content
13.Sexual Assault – any sexual activity in which force or the threat of force is
14. Date Rape – sexual intercourse that is forced on a victim by someone the
victim knows