My name is Theresa Teesdale, President and CEO of Genesis

My name is Theresa Teesdale, President and CEO of Genesis
Reception since 2004. I fought through a lot of insecurities and
disappointments and today, I can say I rest in the peace of God
and the materialization of a most unique organization, Genesis
Reception LLC.
I am a single mother of two (2) and a grandmother of three (3).
You might say “single” and in the marriage business and social
affairs? Yes! I was inspired by God, the Father, with this unique
idea, and He has all the wisdom. The Apostle Paul did not know
how to get people saved, he knew how to kill them, but God in all
his wisdom met him on the road to Damarcus and changed his
direction. Today, we can follow Paul’s example and make changes to our lives because of the
inspirations of the Father through Jesus Christ and be saved. Is anything too hard for God? No,
I also know that through Him I can do all things and I am called to be a blessing.
I received my Associates degree in Business in 1990 and have been working as an Administrative
Assistance for a large company for the past 26 years. I can say I am a long runner, I finish what
I start and my track record shows. I remain convinced that businesses that address the direct
concerns of citizens and the needs of the family will prosper over the long term. We need to
build new business models that enable responsible, equitable growth in our children from
Kindergarten to University that will have an impeccable impact on society.
The fact that we are not only managing our own and upstream operations, but we also
determined to help people to have more balance in their lives through our services is what
makes our company unique – “PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE TO PROSPER.” I totally believe
that through our Clients meetings, Counseling services, Conferences calls, and other outstanding
services and connectivity throughout the whole process until the day of the event put us on the
road to success. We are insured and have an excellent accounting system.
In areas where big breakthroughs are needed, we must step up, jointly working with others.
Making more progress on healthy relationships, for example, will require action across the
wedding industry, whilst churches take a bigger lead on actions to combat divorce and restore
family values.