Unit Flag Order Instructions

Unit Flag Order Instructions
Sold to:
Ship to: (Your order will be shipped to the above address unless specified here.)
Name  _________________________________________________________________________________
Name  _________________________________________________________________________________
(please print)
(please print)
Address  __________________________________________________________________________
Address  __________________________________________________________________________
City________________________________________ State___________ Zip  _____________________
City________________________________________ State___________ Zip  _____________________
Daytime Phone  ___________________________ E-mail Address _____________________________
Catalog #
(Size Code)
Dollars Cents
Flag Lettering
Number of Punctuations: ––––––––––– x $1.49 ea.
Number of Letters: ––––––––––– x $2.79 ea.
Total Price
Dollars Cents
Cost of flag not included.
Total for Merchandise
Payment Method:
Card Number:
Pkg. /Regular Delivery Charges
Expiration Date:
Sales Tax*
Signature________________________________________________ Date__________________
Check or money order
American Express
NOTE: A fee of $20 will be assessed on all returned checks.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Cash orders received from the catalog after a price change has occurred will be returned to the customer.
*Sales Tax Information We are required by law to collect all state and local taxes where applicable. Note: If your unit is tax exempt, please send an exemption certificate with your order.
To ensure flag uniformity, it is a policy of the Boy Scouts of America that only unit flags complete with lettering be sold.
Also, regulations for flag lettering prohibit variations in the wording and location of the lettering on the unit flag.
All unit flags must be lettered with type of unit, unit number, town or city, and state.
Top Half of Unit Flag:
TYPE OF UNIT Line 1: Type of unit (pack, troop, crew, or ship) and unit number.
Line 2: Chartered institution’s name (optional).
Lower Half of Unit Flag:
Line 1: Town or city (geographical name)
and name of state (usually abbreviated).
Line 2: Council name (optional)
CITY, STATE (abbreviate if desired)
COUNCIL NAME (optional)
Please add $2.79 per character (letter or number); $1.49 per punctuation mark. *Prices are subject to change.
Read unit flag lettering instructions above. Then print below letters, numbers, and punctuation.
Lettered flags are not returnable.
Domestic Shipping Charges
International Shipping Charges
Order Amount
Order Amount
•  If not charged, all orders must be accompanied by a check or money order.
•  All checks must be drawn on American banks and made payable to Boy Scouts of America.
•  Orders of more than $400 must be accompanied by a certified check or money order.
Personal or unit checks over the amount of $400 cannot be accepted.
•  Custom-lettered flags and engraved items require additional handling time and will be shipped
separately. For more information, please call 800-323-0732.
Up to $50
Up to $50
$50.01 to $100
$50.01 to $100
$100.01 to $150
$100.01 to $150 $40.00
$150.01 to $200
$150.01 to $200 $45.00
Packing/Delivery Charges
$200.01 and over $22.50
$200.01 and over $62.50
Ordering and Other Information
General Sales Information
Shipping locations and oversize and/or heavy items may require additional charges. If additional shipping charges apply, you will be contacted for verification and approval before your order is shipped.
Item restrictions may apply to certain countries where we are not allowed because of shipping restrictions to that country. Orders are shipped by air and delivered by a carrier of our selection.
The actual delivery date will depend upon the time the shipment clears customs.
Duties and Taxes
International orders are subject to duties and taxes. The recipient is responsible for payment of applicable duties, taxes, and other fees.
Note: Weather delays and other unforeseen, uncontrollable circumstances may impact delivery time.
Enclose this information with your catalog order. Phone orders for lettered flags cannot be accepted. *Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.
*Please fax or mail to: P.O. Box 7143 • Charlotte, NC 28241-7143 • Fax: 704-588-5822