Media kit 2014

Media kit 2014
financial post magazine
Effective reach of influential,
sophisticated and upscale Canadians
Established in 1972, Financial Post Magazine is a premium business
publication. The magazine consistently provides context, analysis
and understanding of current trends, companies and issues that are
shaping the economy and Canadians’ lives.
Financial Post Magazine is Canadian in emphasis, but global in scope.
Financial Post magazine continues to engage their readers and attract key
demographic segments:
» Affluent Demographic:
High household income, high average
savings & securities, have an active
investment portfolio, homeowners
» Business Professionals:
C-Suite, Sr. Managers / Owners /
Professionals, Business Purchase
Influencers, Self-Employed
» Exclusive Readers:
Loyal readers who do not read other
business and news publications
» Engaging Content:
Readers are interested in the content
and connect with the magazine and the network continue to see growth
and retain an exclusive, loyal audience.
Financial Post Magazine reaches
of Canada’s most influential and
aspiring business audience.
Source: pmb Fall 2013. Base: A18+
fast facts
our sPring 2013 PMb nuMbers
are in and they are stronger
then ever!
we are the
#2 business Magazine
in the country
» Our readership has grown to 980,000
» Reach key demographic segment
» Owners/Managers/Professionals (INDEX 187)
» Business Purchase Influence (BPI) (INDEX 159)
» Owners/Managers of small business (INDEX 181)
» Personal Income $75 k+ (INDEX 222)
» Our readers continue to be engaged, spending
31 minutes with each issue
» FP readers are exclusive and do not read other
business magazines.
Source: PMB Fall 2013 Base: A18+
fp Magazine
the BeST WAY to reach your
exclusive, influential and
aspiring business audience.
editorial OUTLINE
Financial Post Magazine’s mandate is to engage, inform and entertain
its 980,000 readers, in print and online.
In every issue readers will find:
First BusinessCoverage of top business news, ideas and personalities
including: Mover, an in-depth profile of a current Canadian
newsmaker; Big Picture, a look at the world issues that
resonate with leaders here at home; Infographic, a by-thenumbers examination of an industry, trend or hot topic; plus
columns by the always opinionated Terence Corcoran and
Andrew Coyne.
FP ExecutiveDesigned for corporate leaders and those that aspire to be
them, this section features an exclusive interview with of
Canada's top executives, the latest in executive and governance
research, plus a rotating mix of lighter fare including style,
etiquette and travel. The section closes with FP Street, a
column by National Post's chief business correspondent
Theresa Tedesco.
Personal FinanceA full section dedicated to personal finance and investing.
Opening with FP Magazine’s ever-popular financial makeover
column Family File, the section also includes Dusty Wallet, an
advice column by Financial Post's lead personal finance writer
Garry Marr.
FP EntrepreneurPractical editorial targeting small-business owners and
operators, with the entrepreneurs themselves as the experts.
Features include: Innovators, a series of profiles highlighting
how businesspeople face and overcome specific business
issues; Tax Clinic by tax expert Jamie Golombek: On the
Case, a mini case study on live business issues produced
in collaboration with the Richard Ivey School of Business;
and Toolkit, which explores innovation issues from idea
development to marketing.
Back Page - FP Magazine closes each issue with a profile of – and an
exclusive recipe from – the drinks menus at one of the best
Business Mix
business watering holes in Canada and sometimes beyond.
editorial calendar 2014
February 2014 investing & Personal Finance
March 2014 Mba special
april 2014 the tax issue
FP Magazine’s award-winning feature
package, covering new trends and
strategies to help retail investors and savers
secure their financial futures.
Full coverage of the latest developments,
trends and issues in graduate management
education at Canada’s business schools.
FP Magazine takes its first-ever in depth
look at taxation by exploring the consumer
and business issues we all want answers to
as we get ready to file our taxes.
May 2014 hot topics
june 2014 FP 500
september 2014 real estate in canada
Financial Post Magazine takes an in-depth
look at the most important and controversial
issues currently affecting Canada and its
various business communities.
FP Magazine’s annual ranking for Canada’s largest
corporations by revenue. Our research includes
public firms, private companies, subsidiaries and
Crown Corporations, making the FP500 the most
authoritative survey Canadian business available.
Financial Post Magazine’s real estate issue
focuses on the players, trends and issues that
make this industry one of the most interesting
sectors in Canada and one of the most popular
topics with readers.
october 2014 small business / entrepreneur
november 2014 ceo of the year
december 2014 top women in business
Financial Post Magazine takes an in-depth
look at the different aspects and challenges
of starting, building and maintaining a
thriving business. It will include a series of
stories that examine the different strategies
some of Canada's most notable entrepreneurs
and businesses have used to make it to the
top of their respective industries.
This special Financial Post Magazine issue
breaks down the performance of CEOs at
the biggest companies — as determined
by market cap and revenue — by two-year
investor return, compensation, as well as
qualitatively through an exclusive partnership
to reveal Canada’s top executives.
A who’s who special feature section on
women who hold key leadership positions in
the private, public and not-for-profit sectors
across the country. The Top 100™, is the
biggest and most encompassing of any
ranking of businesswomen in the country.
Calendar subject to change.
2014 production schedule
Ad space
ad material
inserts due
Jan. 2
Jan. 7
Jan. 13
Feb. 4
Jan. 28
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Apr. 14
May 6
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May 13
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June 17
Non - publishing issue
july - August
Jul. 29
Aug. 5
aug. 11
sept. 2
sept. 2
sept. 9
sept. 15
oct. 7
oct. 1
oct. 7
oct. 14
nov. 4
oct. 28
nov. 4
nov. 10
dec. 2
2014 Advertising Rates
Ad Size
1x Insertion
Double Page Spread
2/3 Page
1/2 Page
1/3 Page
1x Insertion
2nd (Inside Front Cover—Spread)
3rd (Inside Back Cover)
4th (Outside Back Cover)
1x Insertion
Full Page
Double Page Spread
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1x Insertion
Full Page
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1/3 Page
Full Page
Ad Size
Ontario Edition
Ad Size
Western Edition
Ad Size
Rates quoted in net dollars.
type page
trim size
bleed size
7 1/2"w x 10"d
8"w x 10 1/2"d
8 1/2"w x 11"d
15 1/2"w x 10"d
16"w x 10 1/2"d
16 1/2"w x 11"d
15 1/2"w x 4 1/2"d
16"w x 5"d
16 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d
3 1/4"w x 10"d
3 3/4"w x 10 1/2"d
4 1/4"w x 11"d
7 1/2"w x 4 1/2"d
8"w x 5"d
8 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d
4 1/2"w x 7"d
5"w x 7 1/2"d
5 1/2"w x 8"d
2"w x 10"d
2 1/2"w x 10 1/2"d
3"w x 11"d
1/3 Page Horizontal
7 1/2"w x 3 1/8"d
8"w x 3 3/8"d
8 1/2"w x 3 5/8"d
1/3 Page Square
4 1/2"w x 4 1/2"d
5"w x 5"d
5 1/2"w x 5 1/2"d
4 1/2"w x 10"d
5"w x 10 1/2"d
5 1/2"w x 11"d
Full Page
Double Page Spread*
1/2 Page DPS*
1/2 Page Vertical
1/2 Page Horizontal
1/2 Page Digest
1/3 Page Vertical
2/3 Page Vertical
*1/2" type safety must be applied in the centre/gutter of DPS files for perfect bound magazines.
For further information, contact your sales representative.
Supplied Materials:
Send Material and Proofs to:
Financial Post Magazine requires collect for output or high
resolution PDF digital files accompanied by a digital contact proof.
Financial Post Magazine
365 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, 3rd Floor
Canada, M4W 3L4
ATTN: Josie Novello
Mechanical Requirements:
National Post is fully set up to receive electronic advertising, via
the Internet or CD/DVD, in either Macintosh or PC platforms. Mac
format is preferred. The following is a list of procedures we support.
Please take note of these parameters, as we cannot assume
responsibility for any incompatibility problems in these areas.
Please follow the steps below for ad preparation:
» All files must be supplied as print ready high resolution PDFs,
or complete files collected for output.
» Colour settings: web offset coated, standard dot gain of 26%,
UCR, black ink limit of 80%, total ink limit of 285%
» Halftone Screen: 133 line screen
» All material must be CMYK with a minimum 300 dpi
» Minimum 2% in highlight
» Size and crop images as close to final size as possible
» B/W line art should be a minimum of 800 dpi saved in a TIFF
bitmap format
» Bleed allowance: 1/4"
» Type safety allowance: 1/4" (1/2" type safety applied in the
centre/gutter of all DPS files for perfect bound editions only)
FTP Site Information:
User ID: fpmagazine
Password: Fiscal15
Please note: log-on information is case sensitive.
Please ensure that lower case characters are used.
E-mail: Josie Novello
[email protected]
(file can be 5mb max.)
If you have questions regarding your files, please
contact: Digital Ads at 416-386-2794
Production Process:
High-speed, wet process, Web offset lithography.
Binding: Saddle stitched (June & November issues
are perfect bound)
Contact us
National Sales:
Maria McDonald
VP Advertising
[email protected]
Western Sales:Alvin Chow
Director, Integrated Advertising, Western Canada
[email protected]
Quebec Sales:
Mark Gravel
Manager, Integrated Advertising, Eastern Canada
[email protected]
US Sales:Thibaud Wallaert
General Manager, Dicomm Media
646-536-7206 ext. 2
[email protected]