SPECIALS Your Easy Road To Good Nutrition

Your Easy Road
To Good Nutrition
OCTOBER 14 TO 20, 2014
Organic Pomegranate
Store Hours & Location
Organic pomegranate juice is delicious on its
own, mixed with other juices, or made into
Expanded hours.
Now open Sundays!
$1.99 ea
Monday to Friday 9 to 8
Saturday 9 to 6
Sunday 10 to 6
Product of USA
Organic Carrots
2 pound
Crunchy, sweet organic carrots are a versatile
favorite in recipes and lunchboxes — great for
juicing and snacking, too!
$1.99 ea
Product of USA
Organic Granny Smith Apples
3 pound
While a raw Granny Smith is tart and tangy,
once baked they’re much sweeter – which
makes them ideal for cooking.
$5.99 ea
Product of USA
Wanigan Organic Hummus
220 gram
Our chick peas are slow cooked, blended with
garlic, lemon juice, parsley, tahini, cumin and
chili flakes, olive oil and sea salt.
Original $2.99
Red Pepper $3.99
Organic Golden Flax Seed
200 gram
An excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and
are rich in dietary fiber. Add to bread, muffins,
bars, biscuits, crackers, granola and cookies.
Product of USA
$2.29 ea
250 Clarence Street, Unit #4
(between Kennedy & Rutherford)
Brampton, Ontario
T: 905-595-0286
F: 905-595-0290
Home or office delivery of
fresh organic produce is
just a click away:
2011 Brampton
Outstanding Business
Achievement Award
Food and Beverage