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More knowledge! More inspiration! More networking!
An upgrade for your visit to the Fair: the Business Club of the Frankfurt Book Fair
With Tracey Armstrong +++ Alexander Bard +++ Chris Bauerle +++ Stefano Bises +++ Richard Charkin
+++ Paulo Coelho +++ Rolf Dobelli +++ Leslie Hulse +++ Kristjan Järvi +++ Christoph Keese +++ Marga
Kleinenberg +++ Reif Larsen +++ Michel Levy +++ Lars Lundström +++ Viktor Mayer-Schönberger +++
Brian Murray +++ David Nicholls +++ Rory O’Neill +++ Lynda Obst +++ Enrique Parrilla +++
Cristóbal Pera +++ Ken Surritte +++Yossi Vardi +++ Tas Viglatzis +++ and many more
The right setting for business meetings; leading figures of the international media industry; a high-level
programme and outstanding networking opportunities: Today, the Frankfurt Book Fair (8–12 October
2014) will open its Business Club. “The Business Club is an oasis at the Book Fair, providing an
opportunity either to work or to withdraw for meetings,” says Britta Friedrich, Director of Events and
Programmes at the Frankfurt Book Fair. “Club members also benefit from a first class programme of
speakers and events addressing the latest trends and topics of the industry. What’s special is how we
largely avoid lecture-style events, but work instead with formats that help people make contacts and
exchange ideas.”
The programme of the Business Club begins a day before the Fair, with the technology conference
CONTEC and the International Rights Directors Meeting (RDM) on Tuesday, 7 October. Until Friday, 10
October, it will offer members and visitors a wide range of activities, including conferences, tours of the
Book Fair, individual consultancies and networking events. On the Saturday of the Fair, the Business Club
will open its doors to the industry’s younger talent from all around the world, under the motto “Next
Generation”. Tickets are available at
The programme at a glance (a selection)
CONTEC Frankfurt – Base Camp for global publishing trendsetters
This is the second time that the technology conference CONTEC will bring together innovators and
opinion leaders of publishing alongside crossover specialists and mavericks, in Frankfurt on the day
before the Book Fair. As a lens focused on global innovations, CONTEC highlights the ongoing conflation
of content and technology. The conference starts with a keynote speech entitled “Stop Calling It Content!”
by Kristjan Järvi, principal conductor of the MDR Symphony Orchestra. Other speakers include the big
data expert Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Professor of Internet Governance at Oxford University, and Leslie
Hulse of HarperCollins, who will speak about community building and the user behaviour of consumers.
The founder of Pentian, Enrique Parrilla, will present the business model that underpins this new
crowdfunding platform, while also examining the pros and cons of different financing models. In the
session “Getting Beyond the Book: Creating a New Digital Reading Experience with Innovative Mobile
Technology”, Rory O’Neill, Marketing Director for the European Telecommunication Operations (ETO),
Samsung Electronics, UK, will talk about new and enhanced ways to experience content. Marga
Kleinenberg, community manager with the Nieuwe Bibliotheek (New Library) in Almere, Holland, and
Ken Surritte, founder of WATERisLIFE, will demonstrate that innovative is not always synonymous with
Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 9.00 am – 6.30 pm, Hall 4.0, Room Europa
International Rights Directors Meeting (RDM)
At the 28th Rights Directors Meeting (RDM), on Tuesday, 7 October, experts will provide an introduction
to the dynamic Spanish-language market of Latin America. Speakers from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia
and Spain will share the latest trends as well as the facts and figures from their respective markets; and
they will analyse the status of digitisation, and answer the question of how to negotiate these rights
markets most successfully. The RDM will also try and assess how the growing supply of digital content
on a global scale will influence and change the international rights trade in the long term. Among the
participants will be Tracey Armstrong, president and CEO of the Copyright Clearance Center; Richard
Charkin, CEO of Bloomsbury; Cristóbal Pera, Editorial Director of Grupo Penguin Random House; Hugo
Setzer, CEO of Editorial El Manual Moderno; and literary agent Beatriz Coll (RDC Agencia Literaria).
Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 2.00 – 5.00 pm, Hall 4.2, Room Dimension
Five years of Frankfurt StoryDrive: Heroes’ Edition
The anniversary edition of Frankfurt StoryDrive carries the title “HEROES”. And once again, StoryDrive
offers a platform to the heroes behind the stories. We have invited authors, developers, publishers and
media professionals from all sectors, who have made a name for themselves with unusual solutions and
innovative projects. Guests include cyber philosopher and music producer Alexander Bard, for whom the
crowd is the new hero. Screenwriter Linda Aronson is convinced that the future belongs to non-linear
storytelling, and she demonstrates how authors and developers can manipulate multiple protagonists and
plot lines. Lynda Obst, one of the most successful female producers in Hollywood, thinks that Tinseltown
has got a problem – and that it isn’t alone in this. With brutal frankness she exposes the weaknesses of
the media industry. In the session called “Inside the Writer’s Room”, international authors, screenwriters
and developers exchange ideas on character development and on how the creative process has changed.
Contributors include the author Reif Larsen, the screenwriters Stefano Bises (“Gomorrha”) and Lars
Lundström (“Wallander”, “Real Humans” etc.) and Peter Gornstein, Crytek’s Global Cinematic Director.
When the StoryDrive was first held in 2010, a lot of crossmedia projects were still in their infancy. Since
then, the conference has established itself as a platform for cooperation between industries, and as a
marketplace for subject matter and characters. More than 400 representatives of the games, film, TV and
publishing industries meet here every year to discuss the future of storytelling and to set out new
parameters for the media business.
Friday, 10 October 2014, 10.00 am – 6.00 pm, Hall 4.0, Room Europa
On the Future of Reading – Exchanges with Paulo Coelho
The New Yorker wrote of Paulo Coelho, one of the most successful authors of our time, “His special talent
seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once.” And indeed, Coelho has succeeded effortlessly in
enthralling millions of fans around the world, whether through his books or on social networks. Above all,
he is a magnificent inventor of ideas and subject matter, with a great sensitivity for epic stories. In a talk
with Book Fair Director Juergen Boos, Paulo Coelho will address the question of what authors need to do
in the future to impart their content to the readers and hold their attention. Which cultural techniques are
changing, and which are timeless? What is the formula of success for the future of publishing?
Wednesday, 8 October 2014, 4.30 pm, Hall 4.2, Room Dimension (invitation only)
International book presentation: Bestselling author David Nicholls presents his new novel
Together with publishers Kein & Aber and Hodder & Stoughton, the Frankfurt Book Fair welcomes you
warmly to an international book presentation for David Nicholl’s long-awaited new novel “Us”. Following
his global bestseller “One Day”, about finding true love, David Nicholls now presents a story of how not to
lose it, at any price. “Us” has been nominated for the Man Booker prize 2014.
Thursday, 9 October 2014, 11.45 am – 1.00 pm, Hall 4.0, Room Europa (invitation only; journalists are
requested to register with [email protected]) Interview requests will be coordinated by
Jasmin Strauß, head of press relations with Kein & Aber: j.[email protected]
CEO Talks with Brian Murray (HarperCollins), Michael Levy and Mauricio Fanganiello (Saraiva) and
Christoph Keese (Axel Springer)
This year, the Business Club will host three panel discussions for CEOs. On Wednesday 9 October, the
president and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers, Brian Murray, will focus on the changes currently taking
place in the international market. On the Thursday, Michel Levy, CEO of Saraiva, and Mauricio
Fanganiello, the managing director of Saraiva’s publishing division, will answer journalists’ questions.
And on Friday, Christoph Keese, Executive Vice President of Axel Springer, will talk about developments
in the media business. The interviews with these company executives will be conducted by industry
expert Rüdiger Wischenbart, in cooperation with leading journalists from Livres Hebdo, The Bookseller,
buchreport, PublishNews Brazil and Publishers Weekly.
Wednesday & Thursday, 8 + 9 October, 2.00 – 3.00 pm, Hall 4.0, Room Europa, Friday, 10 October, 9.30 –
10.30 am, Hall 4.0, Room Dimension
Business Breakfasts and Wake-up Calls
No business without a breakfast: in the Business Club, every day begins with a Business Breakfast and a
wake-up call. This is the first opportunity for networking. On Tuesday, 7 October, EJ Van Lanen (Frisch &
Co.) and Anne Trager (Le French Book) will discuss how digitisation is influencing the business of
translation. These two e-book publishers have specialised in translations; now they reveal to us how they
manage to bring titles to new markets with just a modest investment. On Wednesday, 8 October, a
number of important industry players will share insights into innovative content strategies for
counselling and self-help books. The topic of the Business Breakfast on Thursday, 9 October, is how to
reach young readers most effectively. The guests here will be participants in the Frankfurt Book Fair
Fellowship Programme, which this year has a special focus on children’s and YA books. And the main
subject for Friday, 10 October, will be the transformation of the traditional education publishers into
comprehensive service providers.
Tuesday to Friday, 7–10 October, 8.15 – 9.15 am,
The Wake-up Calls (Tuesday to Friday, 7–10 October, 9.00 – 9.30 am), consist of inspiring mini-lectures
given by futurologists, world changers, media managers and creative professionals from diverse sectors
of the industry. The lecture on Wednesday will be delivered by the Swiss entrepreneur and
internationally bestselling author, Rolf Dobelli. On Thursday, Yossi Vardi, the “Godfather of Internet Startups” and founder of Kinnernet, will take the stage. On Friday, cyber-philosopher Alexander Bard will take
a look into the future of the media industry.
Business models on the test bench
What strategies really work in our everyday business dealings? What are the success factors?
Which projects fail – and why? In three “Uncensored” events (Wednesday to Friday, 3.30 – 5.00
pm), international marketing and finance experts will answer questions and provide exclusive
insights into their own tops and flops. Tas Viglatzis, CFO of the Financial Times, Richard Nash,
digital media entrepreneur, and Jens Klingelhöfer, CEO of Bookwire, will address the topic “New
Business Models – Golden Geese or Harbingers of Bankruptcy?” “Social Media: Marketing
Heaven or Hell?” is the question that will exercise Julia v. dem Knesebeck, CEO of bilandia, and
Edward Nawotka, editor in chief of Publishing Perspectives, in their discussion. Finally, Chris
Bauerle of Sourcebooks and Carla Aerts of the Cambridge University Press will attempt to
answer the question “Apps – Cash Cows or a Bottomless Pit?”
Samsung is the innovation partner of the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Copyright Clearance Center is the official partner of the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club.
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