Current Vacancy Restaurant Waiter (Full Time)

Current Vacancy
Restaurant Waiter (Full Time)
To be responsible for serving meals and beverages for the greatest enjoyment of the guests and maximum profit
contribution to the hotel.
Job Title: Restaurant Waiter
Working Hours: 35 hours per week (exc breaks), shift work including days, evenings and weekends
Reference No: EUR/RW/10
Location: Europa Hotel
Job Type: Full Time
Date of Advertisement: 9th October 2014
Advertising Method: Internal and External
Closing Date: Fri 17th Oct2014 @12noon (For an application pack email [email protected])
Current Vacancy
Restaurant Waiter (Full Time)
Key Duties:
Essential Requirements:
1. To serve and assist guests in the restaurant area.
2. To provide the highest standards of service to
guests, ensuring all guests needs and expectations
are met.
Applicants must have excellent communication and
basic numeracy skills. They must be educated to
GCSE level or equivalent with grades A-C in English
and Maths.
3. To ensure that the laying of tables and customer
areas are maintained in a clean and tidy manner in
accordance with departmental standards.
Applicants must have a smart and well groomed
Previous experience is desirable.
4. To receive cash payments for food and beverages
sold and record food and drinks and goods sold to
guests in residence, in accordance with operating
Applicants must be available to work days, evenings
and weekends.
5. To ensure all equipment and materials are used in
correct manner and any problems are reported
6. To work effectively with colleagues to ensure
harmonious working environment where all
employees are treated with respect and dignity.
7. To maintain the security of stock areas at all
times, immediately reporting any breaches.
8. To comply with all health, safety, hygiene and
licensing policies and procedures.
9. To ensure that guest concerns, complaints and
difficulties are dealt with courteously and efficiently,
reporting them to the Supervisor/Manager on duty.
Application Form
Please tell us about yourself
Telephone (Daytime)
Telephone (Evening)
Telephone (Mobile)
Email Address
Do you hold a full clean UK driving license? Yes or No
Your current/most recent role
Job Title
Employment dates From Nature of business
Current salary and package
Notice required
Brief description of role and responsibilities
To Your Previous Employment
(Name, Address & Tel)
Job Title, Salary &
Main Responsibilities
Reason for leaving
Type of School/College
Training & Skills
Training and Development programmes attended over the past 3 years (with dates)
Give details of any other skills you have that are relevant to this position
Please give us an example of how you demonstrate each of our values
by answering the questions below
Passionate commitment to excellent service
In your current role, who are your key customers and how do you know if you have
met their needs?
Inspiring leadership
How do you set an example for more junior colleagues and for new people joining
the company?
Enthusiastic and capable team members
Tell us about a time at work where you realised that someone needed help.
What did you do and what was the outcome?
What actions have you taken to get better at your current job?
Sustainable success
What things can you do in your current job that would help save money?
Our sense of style
Tell us how you make sure your own appearance and the appearance of your work
area are always at their best
Please use this section to provide us with any additional information which you feel will
support your application
We Value
Which means that…
Passionate commitment to excellent service
Every guest is treated as individual and special.
Our team members are encouraged and supported
to deliver excellence. We seek objective feedback
and use this to improve our service.
Inspiring leadership
We give clear direction. We encourage personal
contribution. We led by example.
Enthusiastic and capable team members
We recruit people whose aspirations match ours.
We treat each other as individuals, and listen.
We continually invest in personal and professional
development. We nurture and maximise
individual talent.
We work together to search for improvements.
We set out the required skills and behaviours.
We develop effectiveness through tailored
induction, training and coaching. We seek and
share knowledge to enhance business performance.
Sustainable success
We set ourselves challenging targets. We measure
performance at individual and team level.
We celebrate achievements.
Our sense of style
Our branding recognises the strength of the Hastings
image and uniqueness of each hotel. We continue
to invest in our properties and people. We care
about every detail of our appearance, how our
properties look and how we present ourselves.