Each moment, life as it is.

Each moment, life as it is.
The Zen teachings of Joko Beck
“There is a foundation for our lives, a place in which our life rests.That place is nothing but the present
moment, as we see, hear, experience what is. If we do not return to that place, we live our lives out of our
heads. We blame others; we complain; we feel sorry for ourselves. All of these symptoms show that we’re
stuck in our thoughts. We’re out of touch with the open space that is always right here.”
Charlotte Joko Beck, Nothing Special
Retreat in the Swiss Alps
October 22nd to 26th, 2014
with Flint Sparks
zen priest
Zen practice continually invites us to
meet life as it is, without negotiation
and without resignation. Joko Beck’s
teachings were based on her firm
conviction that we should endeavor
to turn toward each moment with full
attention and a willingness to engage
intimately with what is met. Rather than
indulging our impermanent feelings,
thoughts and habits, and also without
exiling any parts of us that inevitably
arise in response to life’s challenges,
she showed us how to settle into the
embodied immediacy of the present
moment. Her teachings were often
spare and fierce, because her view was
clear and unflinching. Through her deep
practice and mature perspective she
was able to skillfully communicate the
liberating potential resting inside of each
of us, unfolding as our ordinary lives.
“Joy is being willing for things to be
as they are”
Joko Beck, Nothing Special
Please join us as we explore the
foundation for our lives in the open space
of the Swiss Alps. We will live together
in deep silence, settle into the practice
of mindful awareness, and inquire into
the deepest truth of our being. The
schedule will include alternating periods
of sitting and walking meditation, meals
and breaks. Flint will offer daily talks
on Joko’s teachings from her two books,
Everyday Zen and Nothing Special
(French translations of her writings will
be available) and will meet with each
person for practice discussion daily
throughout the retreat. There will also
be time set aside each day for spiritual
inquiry in which we will have the support
and space to examine our deepest
questions about awakening in everyday
Although Flint’s primary language is English,
French translation will be available.
Retreat Fee: CHF 550.Accomodation & organic food
(per person):
• A. In a room for 3 or 4: • B. In a room for two: • C. In a single room: 360.- CHF
460.- CHF
710.- CHF
Booking before August 22nd 2014
Please submit your registration by mail or
email and include the full fee payment of
CHF 550.- If you use PayPal, please indicate
that it’s for Flint’s retreat.
For your Paypal payment, please copy-paste
the next URL in your browser and click the
payable on arrival.
In case of difficulties, let me know.
Retreat limited to 25 participants
Lodging and food to be paid on day of arrival.
Hôtel Beau-Site
CH - 1927 Chemin sur Martigny
Tel. +41 27 722 81 64
Arrival at Hôtel Beau-Site,
Chemin Dessus (Martigny)
on Wednesday October 22nd before 5 p.m.
With care
Sophie Cattier
Information needed:
The retreat will start with the evening meal on
that day and will end on Sunday October 26th
around 4 p.m.
Sophie Cattier
41, rue de la Tour
1004 Lausanne
Tel. +41 79 226 48 31
e-mail: [email protected]
Accomodation: A | B | C
Diet type:
Sex: woman | man