Early Entrance to College: Information and Resources Information for Parents

Early Entrance to College: Information and Resources
Information for Parents
Muratori, Michelle. Tips for Parents: Making Decisions about Early Entrance to College:
Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula. Thinking about Early Entrance to College:
Robinson, Nancy M. Considering the Options: A Guidebook for Investigating Early College Entrance:
Early Entrance to College Programs
Many colleges and universities permit students to enter college early, without a high school diploma.
Some universities have special programs that assist young students in making the transition, provide
housing, and offer social activities designed for early entrants. Others provide support for the students
but do not offer housing. Some of the early entrance programs are listed below:
Advanced Academy of Georgia, University of West Georgia: http://www.advancedacademy.org/
Bard College at Simon’s Rock (Massachusetts): http://www.simons-rock.edu/
Bard Early Colleges (Cleveland, New York, New Orleans, Newark). Non-residential:
Boston University Academy. Non-residential: http://www.buacademy.org/home
Clarkson School (New York): http://www.clarkson.edu/tcs/
Early College at Guilford. (North Carolina). Non-residential:
Early Entrance Program at California State University Los Angeles. Non-residential.:
Early Entrance Admissions, Shimer College (Chicago). http://www.shimer.edu/admissions/howto-apply/early-entrant-admissions/
Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science (Kentucky). http://www.wku.edu/academy/
Missouri Academy, Northwest Missouri State University: http://www.nwmissouri.edu/masmc/
PEG and Early College, Mary Baldwin College (Virginia; females only):
Resident Honors Program, University of Southern California: http://dornsife.usc.edu/residenthonors-program/
Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities (Texas residents): http://www.lamar.edu/texasacademy-of-leadership-in-the-humanities/
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (Texas residents): http://tams.unt.edu/
University of Washington Early Entrance Program (EEP):
Muratori, Michelle (2007). Early Entrance to College. Waco, TX: Prufrock Press.
This comprehensive guide was developed for bright students and their families.
Pagnani, Alexander & Adams, Cheryll M. (2014). Early Entrance to College as an Option for Highly Gifted
Adolescents. Washington, DC: National Association for Gifted Children.
Solow, Razel & Rhodes, Celeste. (2012). College at 13: Young, Gifted, and Purposeful. Scottsdale, AZ:
Great Potential Press.
Websites and Other Resources
Links to many different research articles and books on the topic:
Early college success stories: http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/college_success.htm
This information was gathered by the staff of the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and
Talent Development (BBC) at the University of Iowa. The resources included here are for informational purposes;
there is no direct or implied endorsement by the BBC. Services provided by the BBC include programs for
academically talented K-12 and college students, professional development for teachers, the Assessment and
Counseling Clinic, the Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration, and graduate programs and research in
gifted education. www.belinblank.org