Athletes, Judges and Staff - Guide. brought to you by CrossFit Salzburg

Athletes, Judges and Staff - Guide.
brought to you by
CrossFit Salzburg
Please read carefully and follow instructions.
Table of Content:
1. Our Mission
2. Venue Information
3. Accomodation
4. Food & Shopping
5. General Rules and Information
6. Registration
7. Schedule
8. Scoring and Qualifying
9. Event (Workout) Preparations
Score/Judge Disputes
1.Our Mission:
The Purpose Of "The Champions Day" Is To Serve As The Biggest Stage
In Austria For CrossFitters To Celebrate The Sport Of Fitness.
To Inspire Athletes For Real Fitness In Order To Grow The Community
All Over The Country.
Thus Changing People´s Life For The Better And Making This World A
Happy Place.
Oh Yes, Of Course We Want To Find Out Who Is The Fittest In The
Country By Definition.
CrossFit Salzburg Feels Very Proud About Being Part Of The CrossFit
Community And Just Like CrossFit Has Changed Our Lifes We Want To
Serve CrossFit With This Intention.
Thank You For Your Interest Whether You Are Spectating, Judging,
Sponsoring Or Competing In The Austrian Champions Day 2014.
Andi Diwald, Head Coach CrossFit Salzburg.
2.Venue Information.
Messezentrum Salzburg
Halle 9
Am Messezentrum 1, 5020 Salzburg
2000 square meters playground to prove your fitness to the Austrian
Fitness Community.
Google Maps Link:
● You may enter and exit parking lot as needed. Parking fees charged!
● All venue attendees are subject to security check at door.
● No weapons of any kind allowed in venue.
● No pets of any kind allowed in venue.
● Personal massage tables will not be allowed in venue.
● You may bring in a small, personal cooler with shoulder strap no
larger than 45x35x35cm.
3. Accomodation:
Carl-Zuckmayer-Straße 1 · 5020 Salzburg · Österreich T +43 (0)662 2144 · F
+43 (0)662 2144555
Preis: 57,20 € per DZ // 50,10 € per EZ Die Preise sind pro Zimmer und Nacht
und erhalten alle Steuern und Angaben sowie unser Frühstücksbuffet.
Stornobedienungen: eine kostenlose Stornierung ist bis 15 September.
Bei einer Stornierung bis 2 Wochen vor Anreise verrechnen wir 50% und
innerhalb 2 Wochen 100%. Zahlung erfolgt entweder mit Überweisung oder
mittels Kreditkarte.
Michael Gigl
Area Sales Manager Salzburg
Center Hotelbetriebs GmbH, Bundesstraße 4, 5073 Salzburg-Wals
Tel.: +43-662-85 81-4211, Fax.: +43-662-85 81-4000
Mobil: + 43-664-62 58 127
[email protected],
Please use application from to make your reservation.
4.Food & Shopping
There will be vendors at the convention center but unfortunately not 100%
„10er Bistro“ right next to the competition area offers roasted chicken and
There are grocery stores like „Billa" and „Spar“ within walking distance from
the convention center. (Closed on Sundays)
We are not allowed to sell or provide athletes with cooked food.
We will set up a kiosk in the arena where you may purchase ready to drink
protein (Muscle Milk) and protein bars. (like QuestBars etc.)
However we recommend to bring your own food and fluids.
Coffee and Drinks will be sold at the vendors.
Reebok: Shop the latest Reebok CrossFit Collection, Nano´s, Oly Lifters,
Pants, Shirts etc. at the Reebok Shop.
Again Faster: Again Faster Gear will be sold.
Scitec Nutrition WOD Crusher´s Functional Fitness Line will be presented and
ready to purchase.
Important: Retailers will accept cash only! No Cards accepted!
If you need cash there is a money machine in the foyer.
5. General Rules and Information
• Only competing athletes, judges and ACD staff are allowed on
workout floor. No photographers on workout floor. They may
take pictures from spectators area.
• Only competing athletes that are warming-up will be allowed in
the warm-up area. No coaches allowed in warm-up area.
• Medical Support is located next to the warm-up area. (Medical
personnel have the right to remove an athlete from the
competition due to injury or illness that could potentially
• Warm-up area is located next to the competition area. Athletes
will only be allowed into the warm-up area 30 minutes prior to
their heat.
• We will provide an Athlete Concierge table to answer questions.
It will be located near the warm-up area. This service is to
provide the athletes with general information regarding
workouts, timeline, scoring, directions, etc.
6. Registration:
Athletes must register Friday 18:00h-20:00h We will have a
separate entrance for the registration.
Just follow signs and instructions from staff.
Registration protocol:
Please bring photo ID. You will have to sign a waiver.
Each athlete will be assigned an athlete number.
Once an athlete has received this number through the check-in
process they must be sure to have that number written on their
arm and leg by the ACD staff.
• Your number represents three important identifications:
1. The first digit represents your division.
2. The second digit represents your heat.
3. The last two digits represent your workout station.
For example: athlete 1405 = Male Individual, fourth heat, station
Each athlete will receive a wristband that must be worn all weekend.
This wristband is your entrance ticket.
Even if it falls off, please keep it with you till we replace it with a new
7. Schedule:
Friday 10.10.2014:
18:00- 20:00h Athletes and Judges Registration.
20:00-21:00h Athletes and Judges Briefing for Day 1. Mandatory
For All Athletes And Judges.
Saturday 11.10.2014:
8:00h Doors Open
9:00h 3-2-1-Go, Heat 1
Heats and starting times will be announced and displayed in the
17:00h End of Competition Day1
17:00h-17:30h Briefing Day 2, Mandatory for Athletes and
Sunday 12.10.2014:
8:00h Doors Open
9:00h 3-2-1-Go, Heat 1
Heats and starting times will be announced and displayed in the
15:00h End of Day2 followed by Champions Ceremony.
17:00h Doors Close.
8. Scoring & Qualifying
Heats will be ranked based on Qualifier Wods.
All divisions are scored based upon how an athlete finishes
compared to the rest of the field in their division.
Before elimination, all athletes will be competing in four events,
generating four scores.
Once each event is completed each athlete will have a recorded
score (time, reps or weight.) and that score will be compared to
the rest of the athletes in their division.
Athletes will be placed in order of points from lowest to highest.
An athlete’s placement in an event translates to the same number
of points.
If an athlete finishes in 5th place in an event he will receive 5
The overall score is determined by adding up all four events.
Athletes with the least amount of points place higher on the
In the event of an overall tie, athletes who gained the better score
earlier in the events will ascend.
After Event 4 there will be a cut to:
36 Male Individuals,
24 Female Individuals,
9 Masters Male and
3 Masters Female. (last FM Event.)
After Event 5 there will be another cut to:
• 18 Male Individuals,
• 12 Female Individuals,
• 6 Masters Male
9. Event (workout) Preparations
• Athletes are responsible for their own warm-up.
• The warm-up area will be open to athletes 30 minutes prior
to the start of their heat.
• Athletes are responsible to be on “deck” 10 minutes prior
to the start of their heat.
• Any athlete not reporting to “deck” 10 minutes prior will be
considered absent and given the last place score for that
event. We will not place absent athlete in another heat.
• Athletes are responsible to have a general understanding of
the event.
• All Events will be briefed for movement standards at the
general Athletes briefing
• Athletes may use gloves or straps as long as it does not
assist in gripping the equipment. The head judge has the
ultimate authority on what is allowed.
• Athletes must use their own jump ropes and may use
weight belts.
10. Score / Judge Disputes
We take pride in upholding standards and scoring preparation.
However, we understand that issues might arise.
Our ultimate goal is to provide each athlete a fair and accurate score.
Immediately following the completion of your event your judge will ask
you to sign the scorecard. By signing the scorecard you are agreeing to
the written score.
If you have a dispute with your score please adhere to the following
• Do not sign scorecard.
• Immediately tell your judge that you disagree with the score
written on the scorecard.
• Ask to see the head-judge assigned to your division. ● File a
formal, verbal dispute with the head-judge.
• If the matter is easily adjustable the head judge will make the
correction immediately. If the issue needs further investigation
the head judge will pass the dispute up the chain-of-command to
the Athlete Director.
• The Athlete Director will work with the athlete to resolve the
• Please follow the above steps and do not break the said chain-ofcommand.
• If the scoring issue happens when your score gets posted. Please
see the athlete concierge table for assistance.
• Disputes must be addressed within 30 minutes of posted
score. We ask that you respect your volunteer judge at all times.
The ACD staff will handle any inappropriate conduct from an
athlete accordingly and the athlete may be subject to elimination
from the competition.
Please treat judges, staff and other athletes with respect and
Events will be released on 28.09.2014 20:00h (CEST) .
Please visit website
The Event Organisation holds back the right to make changes in
Schedule, Events or Heats at any time if needed.