Mid-South Lumber Hardware & Feed “Animal Swap” Registration Form

Mid-South Lumber Hardware & Feed
“Animal Swap” Registration Form
Saturday, October 11th, 2014
Please complete all components of this form to apply for a booth at the Mid-South’s ANIMAL SWAP EVENT so that
we may serve you as well as possible. The event will be held on Saturday, October 11th from 8:00 am- 3:00 pm at
Mid-South Lumber Feed Store, 12904 Hwy 231, Youngstown.
Terms and Conditions:
 Vendors may set up beginning at 7AM, Saturday October 11th – the event will end at 3:00PM. Vendors keep all
profits from their booths.
 Animals may be traded, swapped or sold and is solely a verbal contract between the vendor and the consumer.
Mid-South Lumber is not responsible for any disagreements that occur with a sale of any animal.
 Mid-South Lumber is not responsible for any occurrences of selling or purchasing of sick animals, however if
there are complaints from customers that a vendor is selling sick or emaciated animals, that vendor will be asked to
vacate the property immediately and will not be allowed to participate in future events.
 Vendors are allowed one 10’ x 10’ booth space with a vehicle, table or other type of setup that will fit within the
allotted space limits. You are responsible to keep your space clean and neat at all times.
 Our event will be held regardless of rain or shine and all reserved spaces will be held outside on Mid-South
Lumber’s property @ 12904 Hwy 231, Youngstown, FL. You are responsible for providing your own tables,
chairs, tents, umbrellas and/or other booth space setup equipment.
 No food or drink sales without prior approval – if you wish to sell food or drinks, please contact Ann Roney.
 All legal restrictions regarding selling any item are the sole responsibility of the vendor. It is your responsibility to
know and abide by Florida laws.
 All animals must be properly cared for while on the grounds. All animals must be caged, leashed, tied or
otherwise controlled at all times by their owners.
 No poisonous reptiles or dangerous animals of any kind permitted.
 You must carry insurance on your own property. Mid-South Lumber is not responsible for loss due to theft,
accident, vandalism or injury.
 Alcoholic beverages, open fires, explosives or other illegal activity not compatible with the family atmosphere of
this event may not be displayed, sold or consumed on premises.
 A $5.00 charge for a 10’x 10’ booth space will be charged to help offset advertising costs associated with this
event, as we will be advertising heavily to bring more awareness to the public and help you increase your sales.
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________
Business Name ____________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________________________
City _______________________________________________ State _______ ZIP Code _________________
Telephone: Home _________________________________ Mobile __________________________________
E-mail ___________________________________________________________________________________
Brief description of animals or product(s) to be sold: ____________________________________________
(we also encourage handmade soaps, lotions, cheese, canned preserves and other agricultural products)
Include this form and $5 - please make checks payable to:
Mid-South Lumber Co. “ANIMAL SWAP” Event, P.O. Box 1007, Panama City, FL 32402
I have included a check for the above items for the 2014 ANIMAL SWAP EVENT. I have read and understand the
terms and conditions of the Fair.
Vendor Signature: _______________________________________
For further information or questions, call Ann Roney 215-5191 or email: [email protected]