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Conahy N.S.
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“Together we
learn and
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Important Dates
Mobile Library
2, Issue 2
Well Done
Tree-mendous Times Ahead!
Barnstorm Theatre
National Tree Day 9th
Barnstorm Theatre
Visit to Dunmore
Recycling Centre
The junior classes will visit Barnstorm
Theatre on the 16th of October to see
a production of ‘Monday’s Child’. This is
a simple poetic story of the unique bond
between an old woman and a little girl.
It is sure to be a nice treat for all,
but especially for the new infants who
have been working so hard since they
arrived here!!
The 9th of October is
National Tree Day. As
a green school, we understand the of importance trees in our
environment, from biodiversity to climate.
On the 9th of October,
we are booked in for a
tour of the grounds of
Kilkenny Castle to learn
more and to view the
trees. This is the perfect
way to spend National
Tree Day. We might even
be lucky enough to spot
some red squirrels!
From A to Zen!
Following the very successful introduction of yoga to the children in St. Colman’s last year, the
school is now engaging in ‘Mindfulness Moments’. This is a programme developed in Mayo by
Derval Dunford and Ann Caulfield. The children are asked to visualise certain things . For example, they might start with belly breathing. They imagine a balloon in their stomach and then
they breath out. The school has purchased the CDs for this programme and will begin rolling it
out this month. Mindfulness is seen by many as an escape from our frenzied lifestyles, buzzing
phones, social media and hectic schedules. Research suggests that it is effective for reducing
anxiety and stress. Every month in the newsletter we will have a ‘Mindful Moment Mantra’. This
month it is:
“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds
of Happiness” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
F.Y.I. We are planning for our 6th
Green Flag on Global
St. Colman’s
Riddle of the Month:
In a one-story pink house, there was a pink
person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink
computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink
telephone, a pink shower– everything was
What color were the stairs?
Birthdays– October
24th—Wayne Rooney!!
Welcome to our School
We give a hearty welcome to
Ms. Caitriona
Murphy to our school, who
is our support teacher
this school year. This year
the school is using
team-teaching a lot—variety
is the spice of life!
We are also blessed and de
lighted to have Joan
with us again this year.
Pun of the Month!
The roundest knight at King
Arthur’s table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from
far too much pi !!
 Sophie’s Lucky by Dick KingSmith
 The Hen Who Wouldn’t Give
Up by Jill Thomlinson
 Small Steps by Louis Sachar
 Awful Auntie by David Walliams
This term we are
“Predicting” . Why not
use this strategy when
looking at the cover of
these books?
Beginning of
Year Mass
The beginning of year
mass on September
the 10th marked the
beginning of our
school year. All children participated in
the mass. The readings and gospel had a
particular emphasis
on working hard, caring for each other and
asking God for help.
Thanks to the children, Fr. O’ Gorman
and staff for contributing to the mass.
Proud of Our County
The month of September has
been a wash of black and amber in St. Colman’s N.S. In
true style we supported all
Kilkenny teams in the various
finals and replays. This is reflected on the windows and
doors of the school and in our
temporary uniform! No matter
what happens we are proud of
all the effort these ‘amateur’
sports stars put in. You lose
more than you win, but when
you keep going back for more,
you show what a sport you