Name ______________________________________
City:_______________________________ State:__________________ Zip:________
ENTRY FEE: $10.00 (must accompany registration form)
I wish to enter the above item and agree to abide by the quilt contest rules and
decisions of the representatives of IHCC Chapters 1 and 3. I understand that
every precaution will be taken to protect my quilt exhibited during Red Power
Roundup. I realize they cannot be responsible for the acts of nature or other
acts beyond their control. I understand that my signature below gives Case IH
the right to use my name and a photo of my quilt in their marketing materials.
SIGNATURE:_______________________________________ Date:_______
IHCC Chapters 1 and 3 reserve the right to refuse any entry.
Apply in person at the 2015 Red Power Roundup, or pre-register by
sending the completed registration f o r m along with a check for $10.00 to:
Tana Mitschele, 29220 N Hwy 133, Richland, MO 65556 phone 573-7654530 (home) or 573-512-0961 (cell) or e-mail [email protected]
Registration deadline via mail is June 1, 2015
26TH ANNUAL RED POWER ROUNDUP QUILT SHOW AND CONTEST IHCC Chapters 1 and 3 are sponsoring a quilt show and contest to give quilters a chance
to show their "International Harvester” spirit. Quilts will be shown and judged during the
26th Annual Red Power Roundup in Sedalia, MO, June 10-13, 2015
Show and contest is open to all members of the IH Collectors Club and general public.
Quilts must made with a licensed International Harvester or Farmall fabric (no other
colors or brands accepted)
Quilts must be made or constructed by the person or team entering it. Each
person/team may enter up to 2 quilts.
Each quilt must have its own entry form and registration fee.
Quilts may be quilted by hand or machine.
A label identifying the quilter must be attached to the back of the quilt and covered
during judging.
Quilts will be accepted between 9:00 am Wednesday June 10, and 10:00 am
Thursday June 11. (Preferably on Wednesday)
Quilts must be available for judging and display June 10-13. Prizes will be awarded
at the memorabilia auction. Quilts may be picked up between 12:00 and 2:00 pm June
Entries will be judged at the 26th Red Power Roundup Sedalia, MO June 10-13, 2015.
Judging will be done via viewer’s choice
Each person will be limited to one vote during the duration of the RPRU.
1st Prize - $100.00 courtesy of CNH (winner will agree to let CAS IH use their name
and a picture of their quilt in marketing material).
2nd Prize - $75.00
3rd Prize - $50.00
While we will make every effort to protect your quilt during Red Power Round Up,
Chapters 1 and 3 will not be responsible for theft or damage of any quilt and we
recommend that contestants obtain insurance for their quilts.
Contact Information: Tana Mitschele, 573-765-4530, 573-512-0961 or Bev
Runnebaum 785-862-1322.