Cindy and Herzel Aboody Helaine and Leo Cohen Yona and David Goldberg

New Year Greetings
Cindy and Herzel Aboody
Lucienne and Lee Adams
Fay and Joel Adelman
Herman Adler
Debra and Eric Alden
Sheila and Glenn Alperstein
Debi and Moshe Arditi
Elaine and Herbert Aronson
Ricki and Zane Averbach
Barbara and Joseph Baim
Ron Barkham
Rhoda and Bob Barnhard
Lill and Jesse Beim
Nancy and Scott Beiser
William Benbassat
Richard Bender
Georgette and Henri Benhaim
Elaine Berke
Ruth and Philip Berke
Alyse Golden and Stuart Berkley
Arline and Michael Berkson
Sandra Berman
Rita and Aaron Berman
Geraldine and Herbert Bieber
Ron Blanc
Bobbie and Carl Blau
Jane Blitz
Sandra and Robert Blum
Nancy and John Bornstein
Tiffany and David Boxer
Morris ‘Tony’ Boxer
Lynn Gordon and
Jonathan Braun
Barbara and Richard Braun
Ellen and David Braun
Marilyn and Bill Braunstein
Harriet and Family Brittan
Gaby and Barry Brock
Ruby and Gerald Bubis
Jacqueline and Arthur Burdorf
Irene and Richard Burstein
Judith and Michael Bush
Marysa and George Caplan
Bobbie and Lee Clark
The Congregation of Valley Beth
Shalom wishes you and your family a
happy, healthy and sweet New Year!
Helaine and Leo Cohen
Elaine and Hy Cohen
Sharleen and Martin Cohen
Faith and Jonathan Cookler
Judie and Sumner Cotton
Nanette and Max Cutler
Marcy Stempler
and David Dagmi
Stella and Sherman Davidson
Arlene and Gerald Davis
Silvie and Mark Deutsch
Helen and Gary Dosik
Bonnie and Allan Duboff
Susan Rubin and
Howard Ehrenberg
Helen and Ian Fagan
Toby and Aaron Feit
Lynne and Michael Feldman
Jennifer and Fred Fenster
Adinah and Richard Finn
Ruth and Jim Fleisher
Margie and Les Forman
Marianna and Albert Frankel
Ezekiel Freed
Francine and Manley Freid
Arlene and Maurice Friedman
Lotte Furst
Judith Katzburg and
Stuart Gabriel
Marcia and Jerald Gale
Carol and Marvin Gaspar
Beverly and Herbert Gelfand
Karen and Mark Getelman
Gloria and Sherdon Getzug
Teri Getzug
Elaine and David Gill
Jennifer and Lionel Glance
Dora Glaser
Elaine Glick
Zita Gluskin
Gail and Harvey Gold
Susan and Michael Goldberg
Molly and Mark Goldberg
Yona and David Goldberg
Joni and Jerry Goldwasser
Sheila and David Good
Hilda Goodman
Sharon and Seymour Gorelick
Nancy and Martin Gorman
Vicki and Jeffrey Gradinger
Earl Greinetz
Linda and Lawrence Gross
Rachael and Paul Guth
Audrey Freedman Habush
Sharon and Ronald Hasson
Vikki and Sidney Helperin
Fleurette and Jerome Hershman
Sherre and Jeffrey Hirsch
Sonya and Jerome Hollander
Angela and Ellis Horvitz
Leo Howard
Marcie and Scott Howard
Helen and Andrew Hyman
Marilyn and Neville Isaacson
Estelle and Lester Kahn
Abby and Marvin Kanter
Sandra and Michael Kanter
Natalie and Pat Kater
Sally Weber and Malcolm Katz
Margot Katz
Joyce and Harold Kishineff
Lisa and Victor Kohn
Barbara and Donald Kornblau
Phyllis Kraemer
Sharon and Gordon Krischer
Bonnie and Jeff Kroh
Linda and Harvey Kulber
Sandra and Larry Kussin
Monica and Stephen Lacher
Ellie and Mark Lainer
Cheryl and Stephen Leff
Frances and Jerry Leigh
Kenneth Lemberger
Rowie and David Leonard
Irene and Howard Levine
Allyn and Jeffrey Levine
Lillian Liebross
New Year Greetings
Miriam Lincoff
Rachel Lipman
Beatrice Litman
Eve Guth and Edward Livingston
Helen Longwill
Barbara and Ken Lopaty
Shirley Ann Lowy
Rias and Alan Mandelberg
Claire and Donald Marks
Haviva and Michael Maroko
Tammy McKenzie
Karen and Mark Migdal
Bernice and Darwin Miller
Ruth and George Moss
Erika and Tibor Neumann
Reesa and Gerald Niznick
Lisa Niznick-Leonard
Jo-Anne and Avi Novik
Pam and Jerry Offsay
Lynn and Joel Ovadia
Sheila Paley
David Pardess
Barbara and Ira Polisky
Sharon and Mark Pollock
Lola and Jerry Rabow
Naida and Murray Ravett
Shelley and Richard Resnik
Adele and Herb Reznikoff
Noelle and David Rips
Peggy and Edward Robin
Judith and Alan Rosen
The Congregation of Valley Beth
Shalom wishes you and your family a
happy, healthy and sweet New Year!
Tobie and Ed Rosenberg
Linda and Albert Rosenblatt
Michelle and Mark Rosenblatt
Vera and Walter Rothschild
Carol and Marvin Rowen
Ellen and Richard Sandler
Annette and Allan Sarver
Lara and Robert Sarvian
Stephen and
Steven Hochstadt Sass
Debra and Lawrence Sass
Pearl Sass
Megan Schnaid
Gayle and David Schnaid
Basil Schneeweis
Karen and Steve Schwartzman
Ruth Scott
Colette and Harold Segal
Larraine and Clive Segil
Sally Shafton
Annette and Daniel Shapiro
Nikki and Sam Shocket
Monique and David hultz
Heather and Nelson Silver
Louise and Charles Silverberg
Gail and Seymour Silverstein
Linda and David Silverstein
Martha and Steven Spector
Marty Stempel
Rochelle and Robert Steres
Beverly Sterman
Suzanne and Gary Stern
Anna Taylor
Tammy and David Temkin
Laurie and Doron Tisser
Maxine Tobey
Sylvia and Burt Tregub
Judy and Walter Uhrman
Melita and Stephen Vickter
Alexandra and Douglas Wald
Eldine and Marfin Waldman
Mickey and Joe Wapner
Shari and Michael Weiner
Rochelle and Norman Weinhouse
Lloyd Weinstein
Gail and Irv Weintraub
Betty and Louis Wiener
Lisa and Eric Wilen
Claire and Albert Wilen
Jack Williams
Sharon and Robert Wiviott
Arlene Wolff
Judith Geller-Wollstein
and Peter Wollstein
Shelley and Richard Wynne
Ruth and Stan Zicklin
Arlene Zicklin and Family
Ron Zipperstein
Judy and Alan Zweig