10th Anniversary Book Media Kit

10th Anniversary Book Media Kit
Be a part of the celebration by advertising your
business in the limited edition anniversary book!
Sneak Peak
For 10 years, Kearsarge Magazine has been showcasing
the Lake Sunapee/Kearsarge area of New Hampshire
with stunning photography, award-winning writing and
elegant design. To celebrate our anniversary — and
the great place we live — Kearsarge Magazine will
release a limited edition book in 2015. The hard cover, photography-heavy publication will have a forever
home on coffee tables across the region. It will be read
for daily enjoyment, used as a resource when guests
visit, given as a gift, and welcome newcomers
to the area.
Because our readers enjoy the advertisements as much
as the editorial, we will be offering limited space for
three ad sizes. We ask that you design a high-end branding ad that has longevity (no dates or offers) to keep
your business top of mind for years to come.
• PDF format
• Images saved at 350 dpi
• Images in CMYK and embed all fonts
• This is a prepay publication. Checks
should be sent to PO Box 1482, Grantham, NH 03753 by MARCH 1, 2015, to reserve space. Please make checks
payable to Kearsarge Magazine.
How do I love New Hampshire?
Let me count the ways — Sesame Street-style,
using the alphabet.
By Laura Jean Whitcomb, John Walters and Laura Guion
Peter Batcheldar
You may drive by the same marsh every day and not see it.
But one day, the light will hit just right and you’ll see sparking
blue water topped with green lily pads and surrounded by
tall, brown cattails waving in the breeze. Later you might see
that artists Mimi Wiggins of Warner, N.H., or Grace Cooper
of New London, N.H., have captured the Kearsarge/Lake
Sunapee area and all its beauty in a painting or illustration.
Our area, with all its natural beauty, is an inspiration to artists
— from basket makers and woodworkers to sculptors and
Sandy Bartholemew
Kearsarge Magazine • 10th Anniversary Edition • kearsargemagazine.com
kearsargemagazine.com • 10th Anniversary Edition • Kearsarge Magazine
• Never-seen-before photography will be combined with
some oldies (but goodies).
• Editorial is inspiring and informational. From an “alphabet of reasons” to live here to town profiles, readers will
open this book again and again. Towns covered include:
Andover, Bradford, Claremont, Croydon, Concord,
Contoocook, Danbury, Elkins, Georges Mills, Grantham,
Hopkinton, Newbury, New London, Newport, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton, Warner, Wilmot
• With a dedicated readership and complete community
focus, Kearsarge Magazine has been the local magazine
since 2005. The team will provide the best of the best in
a book format as well.
• Ads due by APRIL 10, 2015
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