School Reach Mr. Michael Scalco, principal 10-13-2014

School Reach
Mr. Michael Scalco, principal
Good evening, parents, this is Mr. Scalco, principal of Archbishop Rummel High
School, with an important message about school on Wednesday, October 15 of
this week. In past years, this has traditionally been our standardized testing day
for all 8th through 11th graders, with seniors having a holiday. The archdiocese has
changed some of the tests this year and they will not be available to use until
2015. So our testing day will now be on April 15, 2015. This Wednesday, October
15 will be a full day of school for all grades, 8th through 12th and will be an 8
period day.
The only exception is for all juniors and a select number of sophomores who will
take the PSAT with high school juniors throughout the country. This is the only
day that this test can be administered. Junior will finish this test around
lunchtime. They will report to lunch and then their three afternoon classes.
Once again, everyone has school all day this Wednesday, October 15. A copy of
this message is posted on the school website. Thanks for your attention and
please have a good evening.
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