Owner’s Manual: Your Guide to Your Credit Union

Owner’s Manual:
Your Guide to Your Credit Union
Discover the credit union difference
Today, nearly 96 million Americans are members of a credit union … and the number grows every year. For more than 55 years, School
Employees Lorain County Credit Union, Inc. (SELCCU) has been helping members reach their personal financial goals. Unlike other financial
institutions, SELCCU is a not-for-profit, member-owned corporation whose only purpose is to provide financial services to you. As a result,
revenue is returned to you in the form of services, competitive dividend rates paid on Share Savings Accounts and Share Certificates, and
generally lower interest rates on loans and credit cards.
It is the mission of School Employees Lorain County Credit Union
to exceed expectations with superior service and products that
will promote members’ financial success, while operating in a
financially sound, ethical manner.
At SELCCU, we go one step further in protecting your hard-earned dollars. We provide up to at least $500,000 of savings protection to each
qualified account through American Share Insurance (ASI), the nation’s largest private deposit insurer of credit unions, and its subsidiary
Excess Share Insurance (ESI).
You’ve worked hard to save money. You can count on SELCCU to take good care of it.
Our Commitment to YOU
One of the cornerstones of the credit union movement is People
Helping People. As part of our commitment to this philosophy,
we participate in the following:
Care Connection: Through this program, SELCCU provides
support to social service agencies. Several times each year, we
invite members and staff to participate by donating items or funds
to help local people in need.
Financial Education/Financial Literacy: As an educationbased credit union, we’re committed to providing members of
all ages with the tools they need to meet their financial goals. We
accomplish this through:
• Classroom guest speakers
• Free educational materials for classrooms
• Free workshops for members of all ages
• Financial classes for special needs students
• Mini-grants for teachers
• Newspapers in Education sponsor
• Scholarships
• Student branches (select locations)
School Levy Support: For every employee of a qualifying
school district in Lorain County who signs up for Direct Deposit
or Payroll Deduction, we donate $2 to a fund that supports school
levies. Requests for levy support may be made, in writing to our
President & CEO, from either the school district’s treasurer or the
levy campaign treasurer.
Who Can Join?
SELCCU membership is open to full- and part-time employees of:
Each school district in Lorain County, including public, private,
and parochial schools; includes all school employees and retired
¾¾ Any educational entity, with approval of the SELCCU Board of Directors
¾¾ City of Elyria
¾¾ The Community Foundation
¾¾ Holland Computers
¾¾ LifeShare
¾¾ Lorain County ADA
¾¾ Lorain County Board of Mental Retardation & Developmental
¾¾ Lorain County Community Action Agency
¾¾ National Association of College Stores (NACS)
¾¾ Northern Ohio SERC
¾¾ Public libraries
Students of any educational entity within Lorain County
SELCCU is Here for You.................................. 5
Savings / Checking........................................... 7
Visa®.................................................................... 9
Other Products & Services............................. 10
In addition, your immediate family* is also eligible for membership.
The credit union may, with the permission of the Superintendent of
Credit Unions, permit a group of persons who have a common bond of
association to become members of SELCCU.
*Immediate family is defined as spouse, children, stepchildren, parents, stepparents,
siblings, stepsisters, stepbrothers, grandparents, grandchildren, stepgrandchildren,
mother-in-law and father-in-law.
You may request disclosures and
rate sheets for all products and services listed in this brochure.
SELCCU is Here for YOU
We’re proud to offer you several convenient ways to
access your accounts. You can conduct transactions from home,
while traveling, through your computer, by telephone or at
other credit union locations around the country.
We use the latest technology to ensure your personal
information remains private and protected. More details
on our online/remote access services are available through our
Web site: www.selccu.org.
SELCCU Online SELCCU Online is the gateway to your
account(s) and the credit union’s FREE
services, such as Bill Pay, e-Statements
and online forms. You can conduct your
transactions, safely and securely, anywhere
you have an Internet connection.
ATM Networks
Through both the Alliance One and Credit
Union 24 networks, you have access to more
than 50,000 surcharge-free ATMs in
all 50 states. For the most current list of
ATM locations, log on to our Web site and
select “Find Surcharge-Free ATMs”. Or scan
the appropriate QR code at the back of this
Account Access/Prepaid Cards
•ATM Card
•Visa Check Card (Debit Card): Use it at ATMs
or make purchases at millions of locations where you see the Visa logo; the amount will be
electronically debited from your Checking
•Visa Gift Card: Use for any occasion: birthdays,
holidays, graduations or weddings. Because it’s a
prepaid card, spending is limited to the initial
amount of money you place on the card at the
time of purchase. ♦
•Visa Travel Card: An alternative to travelers
cheques or cash. Use it for point-of-sale transactions
or to obtain cash from your card at any ATM
location where you see the Visa symbol. Unlike cash,
the travel card can be replaced if lost or stolen.♦
♦This card issued by MetaBank, a federal savings association, pursuant
to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc. Ask your SELCCU representative for full
details on all fees.
SELCCU is Here for YOU (continued)
Shared Branching
SELCCU is a member of
Shared Branching, a network
of thousands of credit unions
nationwide. Make deposits,
withdrawals, account
transfers, loan payments or
account balance inquiries just as you would
at SELCCU. Remember to have your account
number(s) and photo ID when using a Shared
Branching location. For locations nationwide,
log on to www.selccu.org and select “Find
Branching Locations,” or scan the QR code on
the back of this booklet.
Touch-Tone Teller :
440-324-2445 or 800-850-4539
Call any time 24 hours a day, seven days a
week to review recent transactions, cleared
checks, obtain account balances, make
loan payments, request check withdrawals,
transfer funds and more!
eZCard Info
Manage your SELCCU Visa Credit Card
account online. Log on to our Web site and
click on Online Services, then select Online
Visa Services from the drop-down menu.
Once you set up your log-in information, you
can check your credit card activity and view
your statements.
We offer FREE options:
•Text banking
•Mobile Web
•iPhone & Android apps
Functions available at this time include
account summary and balance, recent
transaction history, transaction search and
funds transfer. Multiple security measures
keep your financial information private and
secure. Use your device’s QR code reader/
scanner to download the appropriate code at
the back of this booklet. Or visit www.selccu.
org and click on SELCCU Mobile for a link to
the Mobile Banking Center.
Share Savings Accounts*
You can open a Share Savings Account with a minimum deposit of only $5. This is referred to as your Membership Account. You’ll remain a
member as long as you maintain an active Share Savings Account…even if you leave your place of employment or move from the area.
Club Accounts Savings Accounts
• Captain Cash – up to age 12
• Make Money Matter (M3) – ages 13-17
• Young Adult – ages 18-25
• Prime Advantage – age 55+
• Christmas Club
• Vacation Club
• Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional & Roth)
• Money Market Investment Account (MMIA)
• Share Certificates
Youth (special)
The following are available to our Captain Cash and M3 members:
• Coverdell Education Savings Account
• Student branches (select locations)
• Youth Add-on Share Certificate
*Full details on all our Savings and Checking Accounts are available at www.selccu.org.
SAVINGS & CHECKING (continued)
Share Draft (Checking Accounts)*
• M3 Checking (ages 13-17)
• Young Adult Checking (ages 18-25)
• Prime Advantage Checking (age 55+)
• A+ Checking
With all of our Share Draft Accounts, you are eligible for:
• Unlimited check writing – write all the checks you want each month with no fee.
• Visa® Check Card – no monthly transaction limits.
• Overdraft Protection – you can opt to automatically transfer funds from your Share Savings or Money Market
Investment Account to your Checking Account to cover any overdraft.
• Overdraft Advancesm – provides a “cushion” up to a $500 limit in case your account is overdrawn and there are
insufficient funds available from your other accounts. (Please contact the credit union for eligibility requirements.)
*Full details on all our Savings and Checking Accounts are available at www.selccu.org.
• Vehicle Loans
• Personal Loan
• Mortgage – First Purchase
• Mortgage – Refinance (up to 15 years)
• Home Equity Line of Credit
• Home Equity Loan
• Share Secured Loan
• M3 Loan (for members ages 13-17)
• Private Student Loans (access to SallieMae)
*Full details on all our loans are available at www.selccu.org.
Loan Rate Discounts
You may be eligible for a relationship rate discount
on your loan. Ask our Financial Services Representative
if you qualify.
You can earn points towards merchandise, travel or better rates on SELCCU products.
A Cash-Back Bonus option is also available. The benefits of our Platinum Rewards
Visa are:
•No annual fee.
•No cash advance fee.
•No balance transfer fee.
•Same rate for both purchases and cash advances.
•eZCard Info - a secure site that allows you to
review purchases and returns, as well as make
credit card payments.
*Full details on our Visa Credit Card are available at www.selccu.org.
Value Added on Your SELCCU Loans*
GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) The Extended Service Contract
Credit Life & Disability
* See a Financial Services Representative to discuss these options,
eligibility requirements, terms, conditions and restrictions.
Ambassadors – If you have questions about SELCCU, ask
your Building Ambassador. If your building does not have an
Ambassador and you are interested in becoming one, please
contact us. Visit our Web site for more information.
* Bill Pay: A FREE service through SELCCU Online that allows
you to pay your bills online from your Share Draft (Checking)
Account, track payments and view six months of e-bills and
payment history, all from one convenient location. Make electronic
payments for your credit cards, utilities, mortgage, even the
babysitter. Payments will arrive on time—guaranteed. We use a
secure site on the Internet so your information remains safe and
CARFAX® Report – Don’t buy a used car with costly hidden
problems. As a service to you, we can run a CARFAX Report whether you finance a used car through us or another financial
institution - for less than you’d pay online or through a dealer.
Credit Score Review – Do you know your credit score?
It might be better than you think. Our Financial Services
Representatives will review your credit report with you at NO
COST. To take advantage of this service, just call or stop in
during business hours.
Direct Deposit: Eliminate the worry over a lost, stolen or
misplaced paycheck or government check by having it electronically
deposited into your account. We can distribute funds to your
account(s) or loan(s) as you choose. Stop in or call for assistance in
setting up Direct Deposit.
Discounted Amusement Park Tickets – Available seasonally
for selected parks.
*e-News: Sign up to receive e-mail messages each month with
the latest news on promotions and special events. The online
enrollment form is available on our Web site.
*e-Statements: Access your credit union statements through
SELCCU Online. It’s free, convenient and environmentally friendly.
When you enroll in e-Statements, you can view up to 12 months of
your regular statements as often as you’d like. You will no longer
receive your statements in the mail, except for an end-of-year
Financial Planning – Member Plus CUSO, Inc.
Our members have access to objective financial planning and
investment products.
Call us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation today at
440-324-3400 and ask for the CUSO Department.
*To access these services, you must first be enrolled in SELCCU Online. You can
complete the enrollment form online through SELCCU’s Web site.
Member Discounts – Through Invest in America, credit
union members have access to discounts on GM vehicles, Dell
computers, Sprint cell service and more. Details are available
through our Web site under Special Offers.
Member Showroom Auto Buying – Take advantage of a
hassle-free car-buying experience and save money. Receive nocost price reports on the make and model of the new or used
car you want, then lock in your pricing with a Program Certified
Dealer. There’s no obligation to buy and your information will
only be shared with the dealers you select.
Night Deposit Box – Located at our office next to the ATM,
it’s a quick, convenient and secure way to make deposits or
loan payments after hours. Please make sure you provide your
member number and the account to which you are making a
deposit (Share Savings, Checking, Money Market, etc.). This will
ensure we deposit the correct amount to the right account.
Notary Service – Free service available with no appointment
necessary. Stop in with your documents and photo ID any time
during business hours.
Online Forms/Applications: Our Web site gives you access to
several online *and downloadable forms. When you apply online, a
SELCCU representative may need additional information from you, so
remember to include a telephone number and/or e-mail address.
Payroll Deduction: You can request to have a portion of your
paycheck distributed to your account(s) or loan(s) as you choose.
Savings Bond Redemption – We gladly redeem EE U.S. Savings
TruStage™ Insurance – Provides you access to discounted auto
and home insurance through Liberty Mutual® and esurance®.
Wire Transfers – We can accept wire transfer money into your
account or initiate wire transfers from your account. Please call us
for complete instructions.
*To access these services, you must first be enrolled in SELCCU Online. You can complete
the enrollment form online through SELCCU’s Web site.
340 Griswold Road
Elyria, Ohio 44035
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
440-324-3292 (fax)
Visa® Credit Card
Visa® Check Card or ATM Card
Visa® Gift or Travel Card
[email protected]
NOTES (continued)
Shared Branching
ATM Locator
(Alliance One)
The CU24 ATM Locator app may be downloaded
from iTunes app store or Google Play store.
Mobile Web