Windows 7- Manual Connection to eduroam

Windows 7Manual Connection to eduroam
This guide will show you how to set up a manual connection to eduroam on Windows 7.
This guide should be followed when you are unable to utilize the XpressConnect automatic setup
process from the eduoram setup Wi-Fi network.
This is a two-stage process:
1. Devices must be registered with INSRV before you can connect.
2. Setup your Windows 7 laptop to connect to eduroam
1. Devices must be registered with INSRV before they can connect. You can register your
Windows 7 laptop for the Cardiff eduroam service in a number of ways:
Connect to the CU-Guest Wi-Fi and follow the on screen directions
Register online at
Visit the Julian Hodge Study Centre, Colum Drive.
The IT Clinic at the Students Union.
2. Setup your windows 7 laptop to connect to eduroam:
These instructions are for the Windows Wireless Configuration Tool. You will need to
disable or remove any other tools that currently manage your wireless configuration.
1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center.
2. From the list of tasks select
Setup a new connection or network.
3. Select Manually
connect to a wireless
4. In the Network name
box, type eduroam.
5. For Security type
choose WPA2Enterprise
6. Encryption type is
7. Select Next
8. Select Change
connection settings.
9. On the Connection tab
uncheck the Connect
to a more preferred
network if available
10. Select the Security tab
11. Set the security type to
WPA2-Enterprise and
Encryption type to
12. Under Choose a
method: Select
Microsoft Protected
13. Check Remember my
credentials for this
connection each time
I’m logged on.
14. Select Settings
15. UNCHECK (remove)
the “Validate server
certificate” box and then
select configure
16. By the Select
Select Configure
17. UNCHECK any tick by
Automatically use my
Windows logon name
and password (and
domain if any) select
OK, then select OK to
close the Protected
EAP Properties
From the Advanced 802.1X
18. From the pull-down
menu select User
19. Select OK to close all
dialogue boxes.
20. Select Close to close
the Manually connect
to a wireless network.
21. After a short while, your
computer should detect
the eduroam wireless
network and display
information is needed
to connect eduroam”
22. Complete the login with
your Cardiff University
Username followed by
Please note this is NOT
(The Domain or Realm)
after your Username
enables you to connect to
eduroam as a visitor at
participating eduroam
23. Click OK and wait a few
moments. If prompted
you should say the type of
network is public
eduroam should automatically connect as the password is cached locally. When your password expires
(every 90 days) you will need to enter your new details to re-connect.
Inf099-Q-3 / September 2014 / LF