phoneme A single 72 73

A single
Written by
Kate Tierney
Photographed by
Josh Norris
72 June 2012
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above left: Paint your letter a base color to complement
the design material that will be applied. The base color
forgives small areas that go uncovered. A tube of acrylic
is the best paint to use.
left: This fun and funky combination of ribbon, old
jewelry, buttons, colored wire and bows makes a trendy
wall statement. Cover the letter first in ribbon using
either hot glue or pins to secure. Decorate over the
ribbon with other items.
74 June 2012
phoneme, while being the basic
element of a given language used
in combination with others to build
words, can also be dressed up to
star in a solo show.
From new-baby announcements to teen
wall decor, from the blending of bride and
groom initials to a mountain house front door,
the popularity of boasting one’s phoneme
has hit us in a big way. Start with a cardboard
letter and let your creativity run wild. The
lightness of the 24 inch-tall letter is a plus
when it comes to hanging. The letters are
2 inches deep, giving great dimension but
not requiring too much design material to
complete your project. Before applying your
design material, affix a wire around your letter
for hanging. Depending on the letter, two
hangers may be required. The following are
some creative coverings to consider.
above: Silk flowers and acrylic paint help
dress letters to announce the arrival of a
new baby girl or boy. The baby girl letter
R was painted with pink paint and then
silk petals and leaves were randomly
glued in place with hot glue. The baby
boy letter A was painted blue and a focal
point of ribbon and flowers placed at
the top. Another approach is to paint
polka dots or stripes on the letters.
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Whether on doors leading
into a chapel or positioned
behind a wedding cake,
bride and groom initials
stamp the wedding day.
These two letters were first
painted white and then
covered with white cushion
mums. The flowers are
glued in place with floral
adhesive. These can be
made the day before the
wedding, wrapped in plastic
and then refrigerated until
the next day. Carnations
and mums are the best
flower selection for this
project due to their
Wired twig vine and green reindeer moss give the letter G
texture and a natural feel. It would be perfect as a buffet
centerpiece or to hang on a front door. Use hot glue to place
the moss and then wrap twig vine over and around. Moss
both sides when used as a centerpiece
76 June 2012
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