About Us
Established in 1993 this family run business has grown to become one of Malta’s
leading suppliers of signs and related services. Now operating from a purposebuilt 4 storey factory, SignRite has always endeavoured to supply a high quality
end-product and service.
production, sign installation, welding, lamination, and an exhibition stand hiring
division. In order to maintain SignRite’s reputation of “quality first”, every sign
produced undergoes a rigorous quality-control process before being supplied to
SignRite has in-house capability to provide a complete range of signs suitable for
indoor and outdoor use. This includes design, large format digital printing,
traditional computer-cuts, computer controlled 3-D cutting, PVC banner
A team experienced in a variety of projects, a dedication to quality and
professionalism, together with fast response times make SignRite the ideal "one
stop shop" for any signage project.
Visitor’s parking available inside our premises
3D Signs
SignRite produces 3-D signs from PVC, marine plywood, MDF and many other
materials using the latest computer-controlled equipment.
be finished in a number of ways; spray painted, vinyl coated (heat transfer)
natural wood finish or as requested by client. 3D cut lettering can be mounted on
PVC spacers of various sizes to produce signs with a drop shadow effect.
Any typeface, logo or shape can be cut out of any chosen material. Cutouts can
3D Signs
3D Signs
3D Signs
3D Signs
A-Boards are self standing boards, easy to use and transport,
providing an ideal way of advertising at a relatively low cost.
Sandblast Vinyl
Sandblast vinyl can be installed on any glass panels or doors leaving that elegant
sandblast look and finish.
even as full solid sandblast sections. Sanblast Vinyl is also used as a safety feature
on clear glass panels in order to avoid accidental walk throughs.
Sandblast vinyl can be used for a company logo, lines, or particular motives or
Light Box Signs
SignRite offers a full service of design, production, installation and electrical
connection of illuminated signs. Ideal for any retail outlet.
LED Signs
LED signs offer a very elegant finish with the added advantage of a very low
electrical consumption rate. The low key but extremely attractive lighting system
can easily enhance any logo or any lettering on the client’s sign.
LED Signs
Perspex Plaques
Perspex plaques can be produced from clear or coloured acrylic. Plaques are
ideal for in-door and out-door use offering a stylish and classy finish. Signs are
polished to produce a crystal-like finish whilst offering the safety of non-shatter
material and the advantages of a heavy duty product.
Perspex plaques also have the benefit of being maintenance free. Signs may be
mounted on stainless steel spacer fittings. Ideal for schools, clinics, offices and any
other place where shatter-proof material is a requirement.
Perspex Plaques
Protruding Signs
Protruding signs offer an alternative signage approach to outlets which can be
easily missed due to busy roads and cluttered pavements. Protruding signs can be
internally lit or non illuminated and can also be custom built.
Protruding Signs
Stands and Roll ups
Stands: Benefitting from both its computer cutting and digital printing
departments, SignRite can offer a full range of exhibition stands which can be
either rented out or purchased. Offering the service of onsite installation, SignRite
can fully cater for a complete exhibition event.
Roll Ups: Being extremely easy to set up, Roll Ups are very popular with sales
representatives as they provide a self-standing image in no time. Roll Ups even
come with their own carry case which makes them also ideal for travelling
purposes. Roll Ups come in an 80cm by 200cm format (page 19).
Stands and Roll ups
Stands and Roll ups
General Signs
and Banners
General Signs
and Banners
General Signs
and Banners
In-Store Promotion
In-store Promotional stands can be produced from client’s design or by our design
team. SignRite is capable of producing a variety of Promotional stands, being
custom made according to the client’s needs.
In-Store Promotion
In-Store Promotion
In-Store Promotion
Vehicle Graphics
All types of vehicle graphics using UV materials which are specially produced for
vehicle use. SignRite also produces magnetic signs which can be easily mounted
and removed from vehicles at any time. Magnetic signs are ideal for leased
vehicles or company cars.
Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Graphics
Supplies & other
We also offer web design services
Spacers fittings, ideal for perspex plaques
Professional Brand Identity design also offered.
Jumbo PVC Spacers, ideal for PVC 3D lettering
LED menu, ideal for your special offers which are updated every day.
You can write and rub off at any time.
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