FREE oh-so-trendy decor accents skill level

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oh-so-trendy decor accents
Project courtesy of:
Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
• Magnetic memo board with wide wooden frame
• Wide wooden photo frame
• Ready-to-finish wooden (or other paintable) step stool
• Decorative shapes, painted and/or unpainted wood
• Ready-to-finish wooden letters
• Sandpaper
• Acrylic paints in your choice colors
• Paintbrushes
• Spouncers
• Paint markers
• Spray varnish
• Wood glue
1. Remove plastic insert from photo frame and the magnetic board from frame before painting.
2. Sand all wood pieces. Apply first coat of paint. Let dry. Sand lightly and apply second coat of paint. Let dry.
3. Add details to letters, shapes and large pieces with paint markers and spouncers as desired. Use the spouncer
for the large polka dots and the paint marker for the smaller dots and lines.
4. When all pieces are dry, glue letters and shapes to memo board, frame and stool.
5. When glue is dry, apply a coat of spray varnish.
6. Insert photo in frame and replace magnetic board back into frame.
Skill Level: No experience needed Approximate Crafting Time: 2-3 hrs. per piece plus drying time
reorder: unfinished wood #1
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