BALAGUE CENTER Technical direction, development and industrialising of an

Comprehensive, creative and advanced
engineering solutions
SUCCESS STORIES / healthcare sector
Technical direction, development and industrialising of an
automated biological sample sorter and serum bank
« The addition of the IFC team to the project provided us with a new set of
solutions for the challenges we faced from our rapid growth.»
Miquel Parellada – Manager
BALAGUE CENTER is a leading laboratory in specialised
techniques with an international clientele. Rapid
growth and other considerations at BALAGUE CENTER
led to the decision to upgrade process automation in
order to improve reliability, reduce delivery times, and
guarantee traceability of processes.
In addition to the challenge of using conventional
processes to handle increased demand for analysis and
a high sample processing volume, BALAGUE CENTER
was faced with other issues regarding pre-analysis
processes such as data entry and the reception and
classification of samples as well as post-analysis
processes such as validation and preservation of
The special characteristics of the product make a
standard solution unviable. So the decision was made
to search for a novel, customised, innovative and
creative solution. IFC TEAM was the engineering firm
chosen to take on the project.
Using techniques and technologies which are
unconventional for the sector, IFC TEAM undertook an
ambitious project that would ensure that the
organisation’s goals would be met and exceeded. IFC
TEAM robotised the handling of samples during the
different phases of the process, incorporated artificial
vision to recognise and control samples, provided RFID
solutions to ensure identification and traceability of the
samples throughout the different stages of the process,
installed automated freezers in robotic environments
to store the 102,400 samples in BALAGUE CENTER’s
automated serum bank, and developed powerful
software management to monitor and control the
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system. The result was a benchmark innovative
solution to meet the needs of BALAGUE CENTER and
other laboratories that share the same characteristics.
Because of its innovative nature in the sector, the IFC
TEAM project for BALAGUE CENTER was presented at a
medical conference in Vienna in 2006. BALAGUE
CENTER decided to place the responsibility for directing
the technical project and the development and
implementation of the automated serum bank in the
hands of IFC TEAM based on the experience they would
be able to bring to bear on the project, and the fact
that no comparable solution was available on the
market at that time.
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