Look Chic Collaged Jacket Skill level Courtesy of Duncan

Skill level
Look Chic Collaged Jacket
Courtesy of Duncan
Designed by Cheryl Ball
• 4 unfinished wood picture frames
• 4 unfinished wood letters, S-A-I-L
• Folk Art® Paints:
• Burgundy
• Brilliant Blue
• Coordinating fabrics:
• Red Sailboat - 4 pcs. 11" x 9"
• Check - 4 pcs. 5" x 7"
• Blue Star - 4 pcs. 6" x 7"
• Wood circles (to raise letters)
• Wood stars, 2 sizes (for hangers)
• 4 picture frame hangers
• 2 1⁄4 yd. cording
• 1 pkg. lightweight fusible interfacing
• Hot glue
• Tacky glue
• Hammer
• Screwdriver
• Tacks
• Scissors
• Paper towels
• Sandpaper
• 1⁄2" flat brush
1. Remove glass and backings from picture frames. Carefully pry easel supports from frame backings.
(The glass and easel supports will not be used.) Lightly sand any rough edges on frames, letters and
stars. 2. Glue small stars on top of large stars. Paint stars Brilliant Blue. 3. Paint letter fronts and sides
with 2 coats of Brilliant Blue. Paint picture frames with 2 coats of Burgundy. Let dry between coats.
4. Keeping horizontal and vertical lines of fabric straight, glue check fabric to frame backing and trim
away excess. 5. Lay fusible interfacing wrong side up on frame and trace. Cut out and check to make
sure pattern fits frame. Fuse to wrong side of red sailboat fabric. Cut out. Brush wrong side with tacky
glue and press into place. Repeat for remaining 3 frames. 6. Follow step 5 for the letters. Adhere to blue
star fabric, cut out and glue to painted wooden letters. 7. Letters are elevated above the check fabric
with wood disc supports made of 2 circles glued together. Use 2 or 3 per letter. When supports have
been made, paint discs Brilliant Blue and let dry. Glue supports to backs of letters. 8. Turn frames to
wrong side and put a small dot of hot glue into the recessed corners. Position frame backings with check
fabric into the frame openings. 9. Begin cord for frames by tying a secure knot in one end of the cord.
Measure 12" and tie another knot. Allow 4" for swag of cord between frames and tie another knot.
Measure 12" more, tie a knot, and continue in this pattern. Before cutting cord at end, you should have 4
sections 12" long and three 4" swags. 10. Line up frames side-by-side and facing down. Using both glue
gun and tacks, fasten cord to backs of frames. 11. When glue is dry, turn frames over. Glue letters onto
check fabric with tacky glue. 12. Screw a picture frame hanger to back of each star shape. Slightly bend
eye of hanger out from back of star. This allows hanger eye both to be hung on a nail and to support the
nautical cord for hanging framed letters.
Skill Level: No experience needed
Approximate Crafting Time: 2 hours
plus drying time
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