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Fraternity Recruitment
Fall 2013
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Letter from the IFC President &
Vice President of Recruitment
Dear Potential New Member,
Congratulations on your decision to participate in the Interfraternity Council Recruitment
process. You are currently starting a journey that thousands of Syracuse University men have
gone through in the past and I hope that you too will make the decision to join fraternity life as
they have.
When deciding what advice to give you all as a group; we both thought about how we felt when
we were standing where you are currently—it was a mix of fear, nervousness, and excitement.
We both implore you to, during this process, come in with an open mind and judge fraternities
on their specific tangible merits. We have no doubt in our minds that at least one of you will find
a new home in a chapter that you had not previously considered.
Making the choice to “Go Greek” was one of the best decisions of our lives. This is truly an
exciting time and we wish you the best during this process. If you have any questions please do
not hesitate to reach out to either of us.
Marcelo P. Camacho
President, Interfraternity Council
Dominic A. DeLaurentis
Vice-President of Recruitment, Interfraternity Council
Fraternity Recruitment
Fall 2013 Recruitment Schedule
Sunday, September 29th (MANDATORY)
9:00 am - 10:00 am: Recruitment Kickoff Goldstein Auditorium
10:00 am - 2:05 pm: Morning Rotations
2:05 pm - 3:30 pm: Lunch Break
3:40 pm - 8:10 pm: Afternoon Rotations
Monday, September 30th & Tuesday, October 1st
5:30 pm: Meet with Rho Chi’s
6:00 – 10:00 pm: Open House
Wednesday, October 2nd
6:00 pm: Meet with Rho Chi’s
6:30 – 10:00 pm: Invite Night
Thursday, October 3rd
Bid Day: Schedule to Come!
Friday, October 4th
4:00 pm: Gifford Auditorium: Mandatory Program
*For more information go to
Fraternity Recruitment
Acacia Fraternity
Chapter: ACACIA
Chapter Description:
National Founding Date: May 12, 1904
ACACIA Fraternity has a strong commitment to
promote academic achievement, fraternal ties, social
service, and respect for the value of the individual. Our
underlying goal—both as an international fraternity
and a chapter at Syracuse University—is to develop
Acacians to become lifelong active members of the
Fraternity and productive leaders and contributors to
society as a whole.
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: June 10, 1911
(Re-Founded August 12, 2006)
Chapter House Address: 781 Ostrom Ave, Syracuse,
NY 13210 (Behind Shaw)
National Philanthropy: ACACIA Clause
Colors: Black and Old Gold
Leadership positions on campus:
Male Trainer for the Mentors in Violence Prevention
(MVP); Take Back the Night Greek Chairman; College
Outreach Manager; SU representative for MasculinityU
Motto: Human Service
Publication: Syracacian, The Triad
Fraternity Recruitment
ACACIA Fraternity had important underlying principles
and values that are taught, supported, and sustained
among all of its members throughout the pledge,
undergraduate, and alumni experiences. These values
are incorporated in all of our standards, chapter
operations and educational programs.
Alpha Chi Rho
Chapter: Alpha Chi Rho
Publication: Garnet and White
National Founding Date: 1895
Website: @AXPhiepsilon FB:
Rush AXP
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1905
Chapter House Address: 131 College Place
National Philanthropy: Autism Awareness
Colors: Garnet and White
Chapter Description: Close Brotherhood Looking for
new members who are looking to make a difference
on campus and gain valuable connections to a historic
Leadership positions on campus: N/A
Motto: Be Men
Fraternity Recruitment
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Chapter: Alpha Epsilon Pi
National Founding Date: 1913
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: May 1947
Chapter House Address: 208 Walnut Place
National Philanthropy: Matthew Wanetik Scholarship
Colors: Gold and Blue
Leadership positions on campus:
IFC Exec, Finance Club President, WAER Sports and
Talk Staff,
Motto: Commitment for a lifetime
Publication: The Lion
Website: N/A
Fraternity Recruitment
Chapter Description: The Sigma Deuteron chapter of
Alpha Epsilon Pi is one of the strongest brotherhoods
in a fraternity of over 170+ chapters. Our brothers are
dedicated, hard-working members who value being
part of a Greek community. We have maintained the
integrity of our purpose by strengthening our ties to
the Jewish community and serving as a link between
high school and career. Throughout our history, the
fraternity setting has served as a “learning laboratory”,
a testing ground for young men who later become
leaders in business, education, government, religion
and science. A goal of our fraternity is to help each
student develop character, to learn responsibility,
and to develop a proper set of values through living
together in brotherhood. Alpha Epsilon Pi prepares
young men for their role in life as responsible citizens.
Alpha Tau Omega
Chapter: Alpha Tau Omega
National Founding Date: 1865
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1988
Chapter House Address: 304 Walnut Place
Syracuse, NY 13210
National Philanthropy: ATOpen
Colors: Azul and Old Gold
Leadership positions on campus: Captain of the
swim team, Treasurer of Otto’s Army, Secretary of
ASME and refounding member.
Motto: To bind men together in a brotherhood based
upon eternal and immutable principles, with a bond
as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity;
to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to
know man as man, to teach that true men the world
over should stand together and contend for supremacy
of good over evil; to teach, not politics, but morals;
to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true
merit wherever found; to have no narrower limits within
which to work together for the elevation of man than
the outlines of the world: these were the thoughts and
hopes uppermost in the minds of the founders of the
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.
Otis Allan Glazebrook 1880
Chapter Description: We the brothers of ATO at
Syracuse strive to preserve eternal brotherhood,
achieve the greatest of academic success, and provide
continuous community services. We cherish our
friendships and each other with nothing short of love
and respect. We celebrate our successes with great
pride and work diligently to accomplish even further
tasks. We are the brothers of the Epsilon Phi Chapter
of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.
Fraternity Recruitment
Delta Chi
National Founding Date: October 13, 1890
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1899
Campus Address: 739 Ostrom Avenue
National Philanthropy: V Foundation for Cancer
Colors: Red and Buff
Leadership positions on campus: Army ROTC,
Syracuse University Ambulance, Otto Tunes, Marching
Band, Gymnastics
Motto: “Leges”
Publication: Delta Chi Quarterly
Fraternity Recruitment
Chapter Description: We, the members of The
Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages
are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and
university men, appreciating that close association
may promote friendship, develop character, advance
justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound
education do ordain and establish this Constitution.”
Delta Kappa Epsilon
Chapter: Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Gamma Chapter
National Founding Date: June 22, 1844
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: November 17,
Chapter House Address: 703 Walnut Ave.
National Philanthropy: N/A
Colors: Azure, Or, Gules
Leadership positions on campus:
Public Relations/ Marketing Director for Extra Point
Sports Magazine, Syracuse University Ambulance,
Captain of the Club Baseball Team, Representative
on Idea Connect Board, Campus Chairman at Kairos
Society, Big Brother
Motto: Kerothen Philoi Aei (Friends from the Heart,
Chapter Description: On November 17, 1871 the
Phi Gamma Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was
chartered as the first Fraternity at Syracuse University.
For many years, Delta Kappa Epsilon has been a
leading Fraternity on the Syracuse University campus.
Originally located at what is now the Goldstein Alumni
and Faculty Center. Our brotherhood currently has
active representation from all over the world, and from
all different backgrounds of life, which makes us one
of the most unique chapters not only here at Syracuse
University, but in the entire nation. DKE is proud of its
notoriously strong alumni network, which includes Dick
Clark, Joe Paterno, George Steinbrenner, Alan Bean,
and four United States Presidents. All of the active
Brothers and alumni Brothers will forever share the
common Delta Kappa Epsilon bond: to be Gentlemen,
a Scholar, and a Jolly Good Fellow
Publication: The Deke Quarterly
Website: (National) phigammadke.dekeunited.
org (Local)
Fraternity Recruitment
Delta Tau Delta
Chapter: Delta Tau Delta (Gamma Omicron)
National Founding Date: 1858
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1910
Chapter House Address: 801 Walnut Avenue,
Syracuse, NY 13210
National Philanthropy: JDRF
Colors: Royal Purple, White, and Gold
Leadership positions on campus:
Remembrance Scholar, Hold The Pulp Executive
Director, Chairman of the College Republicans,
Founder/Chairman of Collegians For a Constructive
Motto: “Labor for the Beautiful and the Good”
Publication: The Rainbow
Fraternity Recruitment
Chapter Description: Delta Tau Delta wants bold
leaders interested in leaving a legacy on campus.
With the support of a brotherhood over 150 years
in the making, you will have the chance to redefine
“fraternity” on your campus. Syracuse University’s
Gamma Omicron Chapter strives to be an active
member in the community, through both philanthropy
and community service, and prides itself on the tightknit brotherhood it has established.
Phi Gamma Delta
National Founding Date: May 1, 1848
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1901
Campus Address: 726 Comstock
National Philanthropy: The Red Cross Colors: Royal
Leadership positions on campus: N/A
Motto: “Friendship, the Sweetest Influence”
Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta
Website: and
Chapter Description: The Sigma Nu Chapter of
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) at Syracuse has a long, rich
tradition, beginning in 1901 and continuing to the
present. As Fijis, we strive to embody the values
of friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and
excellence. Our chapter typically hosts at least one
major philanthropy event per semester, with our most
recent effort being the Phi Gam Golf Tournament,
held at Drumlins. Our immediate goals are to help the
community around us, and continue to strengthen the
bonds of our brotherhood in Syracuse.
Fraternity Recruitment
Phi Delta Theta
Chapter: Phi Delta Theta
National Founding Date: December 26th, 1848
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: February 7th,
1887, re-charted September 23rd, 2012
Chapter House Address: 210 Walnut Place
National Philanthropy: ALS Association
Colors: Blue and White
Leadership position on campus:
Past Student Association President, Student
Association Vice President, Public Relations Chair of
IFC, Entrepreneurship Club President, President of
Hillel, Executive Board Members of The NewHouse Ad
Agency, President of the Running Club, Senior Class
Marshall, Remembrance Scholar, Public Relations
Chair of University Union, Past Handball Club
President, Citrus TV Executive Producer, Phi Kappa
Phi Vice President, Learn To Be-SU Executive Director
Motto: One Man is No Man
Publication: The Scroll
Fraternity Recruitment
Website: and http://www.
Chapter Description:
Phi Delta Theta New York Epsilon is a chapter of
68 brothers unified under a brotherhood promoting
friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude.
Constantly motivated by the idea of “becoming the
greatest version of yourself,” our brothers are not
only heavily vested in the chapter, but also within
Syracuse University and the surrounding community
through a plethora of student organizations including
student government to performance groups and
even professional organizations. There is no one
type of individual we seek. Rather, we are looking for
individuals of all backgrounds, talents, and interests
who are ready not just to join the brotherhood, but
to commit to making it even stronger and more
successful by the time they leave.
Phi Kappa Psi
Chapter: Phi Kappa Psi New York Beta
National Founding Date: February 19, 1852
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: April 18, 1884
Chapter House Address: 500 University Place
National Philanthropy: Boys and Girls Clubs of
Colors: Hunter Green and Cardinal Red
Leadership positions on campus: IFC Ambassador
Motto: The Great Joy of Serving Others
Publication: N/A
Chapter Description: The New York Beta Chapter
of Phi Kappa Psi was chartered on April 18, 1884 at
Syracuse University. The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity has
many nationally prominent alumni including President
Woodrow Wilson, Mayor Michael Bloomberg also
founder of Bloomberg L.P., and swimming legend Mark
Spitz. Phi Kappa Psi is a brotherhood of talented, highcharacter individuals. One of the largest fraternities
at Syracuse University, Phi Psi sets the bar highly in
academics, philanthropy, athletics, and community
service. Our New York Beta chapter effectively recruits
those who want to make the most of the college
experience and better themselves in the process. Our
chapter was recently awarded the Chancellor’s Gold
Cup from Syracuse University for accreditation and
a Cum Laude award from Phi Kappa Psi for having
above a 3.0 GPA.
Fraternity Recruitment
Phi Kappa Theta
Chapter: Phi Kappa Theta
National Founding Date: Phi Kappa founded April 29,
1889, Theta Kappa Phi found October 1, 1919, Both
merged to make Phi Kappa Theta on April 29, 1959
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: April 29, 2000
Chapter House Address: 777 Ostrom Ave
National Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network
and Movember
Leadership positions on campus: N/A
Colors: Gold, White, Cardinal Purple
Motto: “Give, expecting nothing thereof”
Publication: Temple
Fraternity Recruitment
Chapter Description: The New York Tau Chapter is
a small, tight brotherhood. We are committed to giving
back to our community and our campus and helping
our brothers succeed in both education and in life.
We have a strong, close alumni group and a growing
chapter that has won the Chancellor’s Bronze cup the
last two years in a row
Pi Kappa Alpha
Chapter: Pi Kappa Alpha
National Founding Date: March 1, 1868
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: March 10, 1913
Chapter House Address: 209 Comstock Ave
National Philanthropy: Unlike many Greek
organizations, Pi Kappa Alpha is unique because we
don’t have a set national philanthropy. We raise money
for organizations that our members can relate to and
are passionate about donating to.
Colors: Garnett and Old Gold
Leadership positions on campus:
Daily Orange Staff Writers, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting
Members, Wrestling Club president, Swim Team
member, Extra Point Sports Magazine Digital Editor,
Women’s DI Soccer Team Manager
Chapter Description: The Alpha Chi chapter of Pi
Kappa Alpha just celebrated its 100th year anniversary
at Syracuse University last March. The members of
this fraternity strive to be Scholars, Leaders, Athletes,
and Gentlemen. With 230+ chapters across the United
States and Canada, Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the
largest fraternal organizations in the world and seeks
excellence across the board. In the Spring 2013,
Pi Kappa Alpha hosted its new philanthropy event,
Cake for Kids sponsored by Carlo’s Bakery to benefit
the Make a Wish Foundation. The event included a
fundraising stage and a bake sale, where together the
chapter raised $6,400. At this year’s Cake for Kids in
the Spring 2014, the goal is to raise over $10,000.
Motto: “Once a Pike, Always a Pike”
Publication: Shield and Diamond
Fraternity Recruitment
Psi Upsilon
National Founding Date: November 24, 1833
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: June 8, 1875
Campus Address: 101 College Place
National Philanthropy: Sam Schmidt Paralysis
Colors: Garnet and Gold
Leadership positions on campus:
IFC Member
Football Manager
Student Government Representative
College Republicans Club
Various Academic Fraternity Members
Motto: “Fidelity and Brotherly Love
Publication: The Pi Garnet
Fraternity Recruitment
Chapter Description: The Pi Chapter of Psi Upsilon
is proud to have been on campus since 1875 and
residing in their chapter house since 1898. The
brothers of Psi Upsilon are proud of their overwhelming
similarities along with the vast differences and unique
attributes each brother brings to the house.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
National Founding Date: March 9, 1856
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: February 22, 1907
Campus Address: 206 Walnut Place
National Philanthropy: Paddy Murphy Week
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
Leadership position on campus:
VP Internal (Judicial) - IFC. Student Association.
Chapter Descriptions: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is
a medium sized fraternity boasting over 60 active
members, 18 of which live in the chapter house. The
fraternity is actively involved on campus, participating
in philanthropies, intramural sports, and community
service. Members hail from all corners of the country,
making SAE a diverse chapter. The chapter has
received Gold Cup recognition three of the past five
Motto: “The True Gentlemen” Publication: The
Fraternity Recruitment
Sigma Alpha Mu
Chapter: Sigma Alpha Mu (Eta Chapter)
Chapter Description:
National Founding Date: 1909
Sigma Alpha Mu Eta Chapter is built on friendship,
a spirit of brotherhood and fellowship, sharing each
other’s experiences and growing together. Once you
graduate, your memories of specific classes may fade,
but the friendships you make in Sammy will remain
vivid for a lifetime. The Eta Chapter of Sigma Alpha
Mu prides our self on being true to our principles,
maintaining a strong brotherhood as well as excelling
in Scholarship, Leadership, as well as Philanthropy.
This was nationally noted when the Eta Chapter
received an award at their national yearly convention
for raising the most in the entire country for their
Philanthropy, the Judy Fund.
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1913
Chapter House Address: 1111 Madison Ave, Apt#11
Syracuse NY, 13210
National Philanthropy: The Judy Fund
Colors: Purple and White
Leadership positions on campus:
National Honor Society, IFC VP of Recruitment
Creed: To foster and maintain among its sons a spirit
of fraternity, a spirit of mutual moral aid and support; to
instill and maintain in the hearts of its son love for and
loyalty to Alma Mater and its Ideals; to inculcate among
its sons such ideals as will result in actions worthy of
the highest precepts of true manhood, democracy, and
Publication: The Octagonian
Fraternity Recruitment
Sigma Alpha Mu Eta chapter welcomes all men
with good character into membership. We know the
Syracuse University classroom is providing you with
an education, but Sigma Alpha Mu promises that
our brotherhood experience will prepare you for life.
ETA Chapter received national recognition for most
money raised for The Judy Fund via the Alzheimer’s
Sigma Beta Rho
Chapter: Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity Inc.
National Founding Date: August 16, 1996
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: May 6, 2006
Chapter House Address: N/A
National Philanthropy: SOS Children’s Village Fund
Chapter Description: Multicultural fraternity
established to unify all men regardless of color,
creed, orientation and to create a strong network to
advocate success on campus and beyond. Only IFC
organization that is also dually enrolled in MGC, and
steps, strolls, and probates.
Colors: Red Black & Green
Leadership positions on campus:
Co-Chair of Raices Dance Troupe, Treasurer of ASIA
Member of NABA Member of The Cumquat
Motto: Brotherhood Beyond All Barriers
Publication: Seven Star Journal
Fraternity Recruitment
Sigma Chi
Chapter: Sigma Chi
Publication: The Magazine of Sigma Chi
National Founding Date: June 28, 1855
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: October 15, 1904
Chapter Description: The Psi Psi chapter of Sigma
Chi has been reinstalled at Syracuse University on
Chapter House Address: 737 Comstock Ave,
Syracuse NY 13210
National Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network
Colors: blue and old gold
Leadership positions on campus:
Vice President of the investment club, cadet captain
for ROTC, Cadet major for ROTC, brothers are in
University Union, Orange Seeds, CitrusTV, habitat
for humanity, Otto’s army, one brother is a resident
advisor and one brother is the football manager.
Motto: Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in
the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong
commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal
justice and the fulfillment of learning as part of our
overall responsibilities to the broader communities in
which we live.
Fraternity Recruitment
February 17, 2008. Our brotherhood embodies the
cultivation of mind, body and spirit. Our brothers come
from a wide variety of backgrounds, and from all
across the United States.
Other important information: There are 60 active
members. We have 30 brothers currently living in the
fraternity house.
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Chapter: Sigma Phi Epsilon
Chapter Description:
National Founding Date: November 1, 1901
We are a chapter of 90 plus motivated, bright, and loyal
men looking to take advantage of our undergraduate
careers through friendship as well as academic
endeavors. We are active in all areas of campus life
and are highly social. Our brotherhood is outgoing,
competitive, athletic, and confident. We value strength,
both mental and physical, and the idea that hard work
and dedication are central to success.
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: December 21,
Chapter House Address: 721 Comstock Ave
National Philanthropy: Queen of Hearts
Colors: Red and Purple
Leadership positions on campus.
Resident Advisers, Athletic Team Managers,
Orientation Leaders, Club Sports Captains, Writers for
different Magazines and Newspapers
Motto: Sound mind, sound body
Publication: The Red Doors
Fraternity Recruitment
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Chapter: Tau Kappa Epsilon
National Founding Date: January 10, 1899
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: February 1, 1963
Chapter House Address: 747 Comstock Ave
National Philanthropy: Alzheimer’s Association- Run
For Reagan
Colors: Cherry Red and Gray
Leadership positions on campus:
“FreshFest” Facilitator; ISchool Peer Advisor; Daily
Orange Contributing Writer; Z89 Staff Member;
Computer Consultant at University College; College
Republicans Member, Teacher Assistant; International
Student Mentor at English Language Institute
• To Believe in love and loyalty to my College, my
Fraternity, my Country, and my God;
• To Believe in the worthiness and dignity of my fellow
man, and judge him solely upon his personal worth
and character;
• To Believe with fidelity in the traditions and ideals of
my Fraternity, and upon my sacred honor, to uphold
Fraternity Recruitment
• To Believe in the constant search for truth, and
through it, to seek the goal of wisdom;
• To Believe in the life based upon integrity, justice,
sincerity, patience, moderation, culture, and
challenge in order to serve as a responsible, mature
member of society;
• To Believe in the cardinal principles of Love, Charity,
and Esteem and to use them to guide my life;
• To Believe in my Fraternity as a brotherhood of
gentlemen in perpetual quest of excellence as a way
of life.
Publication: “THE TEKE” Magazine
Website: National:
Chapter Description: We take pride in the Creed:
Love, Charity, and Esteem. Not only do we recognize
and appreciate each others’ differences—we celebrate
them. Brotherhood comes before all else in the
fraternity, and we ensure that nothing comes between
that bond. Aside from brotherhood, we value all
aspects of campus, which include social, academic,
and athletic. Our fraternity brings out the full potential
in each brother.
Theta Chi
Chapter: Theta Chi
Motto: An Assisting Hand
National Founding Date: April 10, 1856
Publication: The Rattle
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: April 21, 1928
Website: http://www.thetachisu.
Chapter House Address: 711 Comstock Avenue
National Philanthropy:
The Kyle Charvat Foundation, The National Bone
Marrow Registry, The Foundation Chapter of Theta
Chi Fraternity, Inc., The Lee Iaccoca Foundation, The
Starlight Children’s Foundation, ReMIND
Colors: Military red and white
Leadership position on campus:
Captain of Club Water Polo Team, CEO of AUXYGEN,
Creative Director for Living SU, First Year Service
Project Leader, Orientation Leader for Transfer
Students, Orange Value Fund - Jr. Analyst, ROTC,
Sport Management Club, Syracuse University
Ambulance, Treasurer of Hong Kong Cultural
Chapter Description:
Theta Chi is one of the oldest men’s college fraternities
in North America. Founded in 1856, over 164,000 men
have enjoyed the Fraternity’s traditions, ideals and
fellowship. Established on the principle of friendship
through the mutual assistance of every member, Theta
Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and
fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them
for rewarding, successful lives after graduation. As
our brotherhood has grown in recent years, we have
broadened our presence on campus and made strides
to improve our house internally. As we look to expand
our brotherhood, we seek members who can thrive
both academically and socially.
Fraternity Recruitment
Zeta Beta Tau
Chapter: Omicron Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau
Publication: Good & Welfare
National Founding Date: December 28, 1898
Syracuse chapter Founding Date: 1911
Chapter Description:
Chapter House Address: 905 Walnut Ave
The Omicron Chapter of Zeta Bet Tau has over 70
brothers. We believe in brotherly love and scholarly
development. We are located on 905 Walnut Avenue
and have 33 brothers that live in the chapter house.
National Philanthropy: Zeta Beta Tau Foundation
Colors: Blue and Yellow
Leadership positions on campus:
President of IFC, Internal Vice President, Board
Member of Judicial Review, SU Philanthropy Council
Motto: Intellectual Awareness, Social Responsibility,
Integrity, and Brotherly Love
Fraternity Recruitment
Tips for Potential
New Members
1. Be interested regardless of whether or not
you think you like the fraternity. You will be
remembered, and you may decide you like the
group should you go to another event there.
5. Recruitment is mutual – you are selecting the
fraternity and they are selecting you.
2. Look at each fraternity as a whole; don’t judge it by
the few men you meet, or by the chapter facilities.
7. Chapters are not required to offer bids to legacies.
3. Ask questions – it helps the conversation and is a
sign of your interest.
4. Be mature in your decision making, and be realistic
about which members you feel most comfortable
with. Do not be influenced by others’ opinions.
6. Do not interpret any remark made at any event as
an assurance of a bid.
8. If you experience any challenges during the
recruitment process talk to your Rho Chi.
9. Get plenty of sleep.
10.Be yourself, and enjoy recruitment!
11.Keep your options open.
Self-Assessment For Potential
New Members
• Are there members interested in the same things as
I am?
• Are the financial requirements within my means?
• Do I like their philanthropy?
• Does the chapter seem to be open to new ideas and
care about individual members?
• Does the amount of time they require from a
member seem reasonable to me with what I wish to
do in college?
• Does the chapter provide an environment that will
encourage me to grow, learn new skills, and develop
as an educated man?
• Do I see myself as a member of the fraternity?
• Are there members with whom I can share things
important to me?
• Would I be happy to be a lifetime member of this
• Does the chapter have an academic commitment?
Will they help me succeed academically in college?
Fraternity Recruitment
Chapter House Locations
1. Delta Kappa Epsilon
8. Alpha Chi Rho
2. Delta Tau Delta
9. Tau Kappa Epsilon
16.Delta Chi
3. Zeta Beta Tau
10.Sigma Chi
17. Sigma Alpha Mu
4. Alpha Tau Omega
11.Phi Gamma Delta
18.Phi Kappa Theta
5. Alpha Epsilon Pi
12.Sigma Phi Epsilon
19.Pi Kappa Alpha
6. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
13.Theta Chi
7. Psi Upsilon
14.Phi Kappa Psi
E. Adams
and Harrison
Syracuse University
131 Schine Student Center
303 University Place
Syracuse, NY 13244-1120
315.443.2718 (Voice)
315.443.5553 (Fax)