& let’s get personal! towel wraps cosmetic

Soft terry cloth
towel wraps
Make them yours
with trendy
embellishments, hip
appliqués and stylish
let’s get personal!
free FRO M HO B B Y LO B B Y }
stripe sight Your wild child wants
stripes, so hook her up with embellishments cut from
sheets of zebra print iron-on fabric. We used the handy
stuff to accent the straps and to create a sweet little
pocket. Tip: We’ve got a trick for adding dimension to
your towel wrap. Try stacking up appliqués—we did it
with basic pink flowers and ornate pearls.
adora-bow This razzle-dazzle
bow can be sewn or glued to our fabulous spa
accessories. It adds dimension and glam on its
own, but it looks especially nice paired with a
fancy appliqué. The eye-popping “cutie” iron-on
is embroidered with silver metallic thread.
by name
Use sheets of iron-on
fabric to create custom monograms! Try stencils,
sold in the Craft Department, for the font. Or if
you’re inclined, trace around our existing iron-on
letters—that’s a great trick for when you want
consistent lettering in a variety of prints.
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posh petals Soft felt flowers
make a stylish, but comfortable, statement on
a simple towel wrap. Choose embellishments
carefully when it comes to portions of the wrap
that will come in contact with skin—say, under
the arms. To keep the garment functional, it’s
best to avoid anything bulky or scratchy.
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queen scene
You’ll rock that terrycloth (just
like everything else in your closet)
when it’s decked out with girly
pink appliqués. Tip: For custom
sparkle, add heat-set gems to the
appliqués—that’s how we glammed
up the gingham flower appliqués
shown here.
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that's a
Don’t let your little one
drip dry. Make her puddle-proof and
cute to boot in a made-just-for-her
towel wrap. You can personalize it
with everything from appliqués to
bling to monograms and more.
be sweet
She can have her cake…and wear it too.
Just stitch on some girly grosgrain ribbon,
and top with yummy iron-on appliqués.
« cute fruit
The cherry on top of this tot-sized
towel wrap is an iron-on appliqué.
It’s paired with ruffled trim and
coordinating gingham ribbon.
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precious little
Her name should be in lights, but
for now she’ll settle for seeing it on
a fluffy towel wrap. These iron-on
monograms come in colorful threepacks, and that makes them great
for mix and match accessories. We
used them to create an adorable
coordinating cosmetic bag too.
» some fun
If you don’t see your vision on the
shelf, think about creating your
very own embellishments—they
don’t have to be complicated. For
this look, we cut triangles of fabric
to serve as mini pennants. We
ironed simple embroidered letters
to the flags before gluing them
onto a cosmetic bag as shown.
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cool head If you’re a tried
and true seamstress, buy an extra wrap
to turn into coordinating accessories like
our starlet-style head wrap. We made our
own simple template to make this piece.
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Hobby Lobby Product Inspirations
head wrap sewing instructions
and templates (1 of 2)
Cut out 2 pieces of terrycloth using wrap pattern, and cut out 1 piece of
coordinating fabric using facing pattern.
Place wrap pieces with right sides together.
Sew ¼” seam along curved edge, stopping at the dot shown on the pattern.
Turn wrap right side out. Stitch facing to wrap, sewing from dot to dot.
Turn top edge of facing under ¼” and press. Stitch facing down, leaving a ½”
• Cut a length of 16-gauge aluminum wire. Feed wire through opening of facing.
• Stitch the opening closed.
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- TO
head wrap template (2 of 2)
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in bloom
We hit the sewing machine
to embellish this tropical
towel wrap. We folded under
the raw edges of the fabric
and sewed it into place.
« early bird
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You can cut your own appliqué from
fabric. Stitch around the design, and add
textural detail with strategically placed
French knots. The technique worked
perfectly on this cosmetic bag.
shine on
You can deck those dainty
tea towels with anything you please! And there’s
no need to stick to traditional embroidery—not
when you can rock the boat with iron-on gems.
We sell these sparkly letters in sheets, so you can
spell out whatever you please. Simply follow the
manufacturer’s instructions.
marry way
Keep Bridezilla at bay with a well-stocked
wedding day survival kit. Just embellish
a cosmetic bag—we used iron on letters,
a silk flower clip and some gorgeous
crystals—and fill it with essentials
like makeup, tissues and breath mints.
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« sweet nothing
Surprise each bridesmaid with a
romantic, old-fashioned handkerchief.
We sell them unadorned, alongside
a collection of specially designed
iron-on appliqués.
Tip: Mix, match
and layer to create the most
stunning designs. For example,
add feathers to a ready-to-go
flower clip, or add sparkling
gems to a houndstooth
in the bag
Sure, they’re in identical dresses. But you’ll make sure
their bridesmaid’s gifts are one of a kind. How about
fully stocked cosmetic bags trimmed with everything
from crystal monogram pins to heat-set gems to flirty
felt flowers?
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pretty, please
Romantic details run wild on this beautifully
embellished cosmetic bag. It features delicate
lace appliqués, an embroidered butterfly
(she’s an iron-on) and dainty heat-set gems.
Tip: Make a beaded zipper charm using
supplies from the Jewelry Department.
branch out
Mix, match and stack our embellishments for
maximum, one-of-a-kind appeal. For example, we
layered birdies on a branch (a simple felt silhouette
applique) with altered felt flowers. Then, we glued on
the clear gems.
» pair up You don’t have time to break out
the embroidery needle and that’s okay. You’ll knock
some socks off with these ready to embellish tea
towels. Just add iron-on letters.
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