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Scholarship cover sheet
Please print
Parent’s name
Mailing address
Contact number
Email address
Applicant’s name
Date of birth
Current school
Will the applicant be sitting the exam at Christ Church?
Yes ☐
If not, where?
Boy’s status at Christ Church for Year 7 in 2015
Confirmed place
On waiting list
Not registered
Scholarships for which applying (please tick)
Council Entrance
Vern Eagleton Old Boys’ Association
☐ Provide details of family link
Old Boys’ Association Scholarship Trust
☐ Attach statuary declaration in support of your application
Regional Residential (boarding)
Documentation to enclose with this cover sheet
Copy of invoice/receipt from Academic Assessment Services
Copies of the applicant’s last two school reports and Year 5 NAPLAN assessment
A brief account of the applicant’s academic and other achievements over the past 12 months endorsed by
his current teacher or Principal and if appropriate, music or drama teacher/mentor. One or two clearly
named A4 sheets is sufficient (no plastic sleeves please)
Application for Admission form, if the applicant is not yet registered at Christ Church (no application fee
A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate