Lori M. Lechowicz
Kyocera TASKalfa 400ci KX
1 through 8
April 22, 2012
Please deliver to PARISH CENTER ONLY
(which is behind the church) in the OFFICE.
Do NOT deliver to the church. Thank you.
Welcome to St. Patrick Church
Saturday Vigil: 5:00p.m.
Sunday: 8:00am & 10:30am and
5:00 pm (Oct-May)
Weekdays: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 8:00 a.m.
Called together by God to experience Jesus and his word,
in the sacraments of the Church and in each other, we are committed to love God
and to embrace all God’s people as witnesses of God’s mercy.
Page Two
April 22, 2012
St. Patrick Church
47 West High St.
P.O. Box 177
East Hampton, CT 06424-0177
Office: 860-267-6644
Fax: 860-267-7807
Rectory: 860-267-6646
Email: [email protected]
Web address:
Welcome to our Parish Family
Newcomers to the parish are invited to introduce
themselves to Father Nagle after Mass and to
register at the Parish Office.
Please advise the Pastor, Pastoral Associate, or Administrative
Assistant to arrange pastoral visits or Holy Communion for
those who are sick, hospitalized or homebound.
Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Also arrangements can
be made by calling the Rectory.
Arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office.
Pastoral Team
Rev. Walter M. Nagle, Pastor
Sister Dominic Joseph Valla, A.S.C. J.
Pastoral Associate
Lori M. Lechowicz, Administrative Assistant
Dani Annino, Director of Faith Formation
John P. Higgins, Director of Music & Organist
Office Hours
8:30am - 3:00pm, Monday - Thursday
8:30am - 12:00pm, Friday
For those who have chosen to cancel their envelope
order since the “On-line giving” program has begun, the
following are the extra collections for the upcoming
May 6—Spiritual Programs
May 17—Ascension
May 27—Seminary Offering
June 3—Spiritual Programs
Bulletin Deadline
Please submit articles no later than
noon on Monday
Handicap Accessible
Couples must contact the Pastor at least one year in advance to
reserve a date and make arrangements.
In a large parish, keeping the information on parishioners up to
date is a difficult task. You can be of immense help in this
regard. If you move or change your telephone number, please
contact the parish office (267-6644). Not only will this help
avoid confusion, but it will also save the cost of paying
additional charges for returned mail. Thank you.
Stewardship of Treasure
April 15, 2012
Week 42 of the Fiscal Year
1,392 Registered families
Ordinary Income:
Actual Collection:
Rice Bowl: $45.00
Spiritual Programs: $10
Easter Collection/Retired Priests: $95.00
“Then he said to them, “Why are you troubled? And why
do questions arise in your hearts? Look at my hands and
my feet, that it is I myself.” Luke 24:38-39
These words from the Risen Christ are good advice when
we are troubled or doubtful about our stewardship
decisions. Just look at the hands and feet of the Lord. How
can we refuse to be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth
now when He sacrificed His entire body for us?
Page Three
Third Sunday of Easter
Third Sunday of Easter
Saturday, April 21
5:00pm Fred Ziemba req. by his family and
Nancy Ferrigno Buckley & Joseph Ferrigno
req. by their family
Sunday, April 22
8:00 am Ann & Jim Walsh req. by Katie & Jim Morris
10:30am Minnie McKinney req.the St. Patrick Parish family
and Vernon Young req. by Patty & Chick Harmon
5:00 pm Courtney Amara Nunez req. by the Lysak-Clinton
Monday, April 23
8:00am Special Intention for Isabel & Ronnie DeMartino
req. by Angelina Madalena
Tuesday, April 24
8:00am Joan Quinn req. by Patricia McLaughlin
Wednesday, April 25
8:00am Special Intention for John Madalena req. by
Angelina Madalena
Thursday, April 26
6:00am-7:00pm Eucharistic Adoration
Closing of Adoration
Friday, April 27
8:00am Grandchildren of Angelina Madalena req. by
Angelina Madalena
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Saturday, April 28
5:00pm John & Loretta Ryan req. by the Dunham &
Lanzi Families and
Nancy Tammaro req. by her family
Sunday, April 29
8:00 am Dolly Shaw req. by the Heidel Family
10:30am William Schwarm req. John Jane Robida and
Mary Johnson req. by Frances & Russell Hall
5:00 pm William Schwarm req. by Helen Hill
We welcome into the Christian Community of St. Patrick
Church through the Sacrament of Baptism
Daughter of Argelio & Christine Marrero
Son of Gregory & Elisa Ottone
Today, as I write this column,
Pope Benedict XVI is celebrating
his 85th birthday! April 19th is the
seventh anniversary of his
election as Pope. We give thanks
for his fatherly guidance of the
church and recall some of the words of wisdom he has
shared over the years. On April 18th, the day before his
election, he gave a stirring homily that is worth
remembering. I included excerpts here: “How many winds
of doctrine we have known in recent decades, how many
ideological currents, how many fashions of thinking….the
small boat of thought of many Christians has often been
tossed about by these waves, thrown from one extreme to
the other: from Marxism to liberalism, even to libertinism;
from collectivism to radical individualism; from atheism
to a vague religious mysticism; from agnosticism to
syncretism, and so forth. Every day new sects are created,
and what St. Paul says about human trickery comes true,
with a cunning that tries to draw people into error. Having
a clear faith, based on the Creed of the church, is often
labeled as fundamentalism, whereas relativism, which is
letting oneself be tossed and swept along by every wind of
teaching, looks like the only attitude acceptable to today’s
standards. We are moving toward a dictatorship of
relativism that does not recognize anything as certain and
that has as its ultimate standard one’s own ego and one’s
own desires. However, we have a different standard: the
Son of God, true man. He is the measure of true
humanism. Being an “adult” means having a faith that
does not follow the waves of today’s fashions or the latest
novelties. A faith that is deeply rooted in friendship with
Christ is adult and mature. It is this friendship that opens
us up to all that is good and gives us the knowledge to
judge true from false and deceit from truth. We must
become mature in this adult faith; we must guide the flock
of Christ to this faith. And it is this faith-faith alone-that
creates unity and is realized in love. On this theme, St.
Paul offers us some beautiful words. In contrast to the
continual ups and downs of those who are like infants,
tossed about by the waves, he says that we must “perform
the truth in love”. This is the basic formula for the
Christian existence. In Christ, truth and love merge. Love
without truth would be blind; truth without love would be
like a ‘resounding gong or a clanging cymbal (1 Cor
What he is saying is that unchanging truth does not
change. If something was immoral in one era it is not
moral in the next. We see this on many issues of morality
in popular culture. We pray for Pope Benedict XVI on his
birthday and on the anniversary of his Papal succession.
We also pray for a greater awareness of, and adherence to,
the dynamic truth proclaimed by Jesus Christ and the
Catholic Church.
Page Four
April 22, 2012
Parish Events
St. Patrick Library is located in the workroom of
the Parish Center. All are welcome!
Sunday, April 22
11:00am Mass of Anointing Reception/Parish Hall
Monday, April 23
7:00pm Wedding preparation/WKRM
Tuesday, April 24
7:00pm Estate & Insurance Planning Seminar/Parish Hall
Wednesday, April 25
6:00pm Women’s Acts Team Meeting/Parish Hall
6:30pm Choir practice/Church
7:00pm Life Teen Core Meeting/WKRM
Thursday, April 26
7:00pm Scripture Study/Parish Hall
7:30pm Cornerstone Prayer Group/KofC All are welcome
Friday, April 27
6:00pm Trinity band rehearsal/Church
Saturday, April 28
7:00pm Proj. Graduation Spring Dance
please call the Faith Formation Office as soon
as possible to schedule an appointment. Classes
are filled as the completed registration forms are received.
All re-enrollments will be accepted until May 1, 2012.
Fees will be collected at the time of registration. You can
be billed or payments may be made on line through our
Join us on TUESDAY, April 24th for a free Estate & Insurance Planning Seminar at St. Patrick Church from 7:009:00pm hosted by Joseph R. Provost, FIC of the Kenny
Agency, Knights of Columbus Insurance. Learn about
critical current details from a team of experts: Patrick
Peschl, J.D., Estate Attorney, Joseph Provost, FIC, Insurance Agent and Gary Corliss, Long-Term Care expert from
Knights of Columbus Council 6190. Registration and refreshments begin at 6:30pm.
THIS IS THE LAST WEEK, you will be able to support
the Annual Layette Program. Baby items and clothing can
be dropped off in the box located in front of the church
before April 26th! For more information call Nancy 860344-1492. All are welcome.
Robert Rogers, life night speaker 4/29. Robert experienced
a tragedy of Biblical proportions and through his immediate
trust in God, Robert has risen above adversity and shared his
compelling message of hope with ABC, CBS, CNN, Montel
Williams, Focus on the Family, numerous Catholic Churches,
youth groups and conferences across the country. Please join
us for this very powerful life night!
TEENS: View podcasts at - “Sunday,
Sunday, Sunday”, Catholic Movie Reviews, THE171,
LoveLife, and TheMix!!
For more information on upcoming events or for
monetary, food or time donations, please contact Michelle
or Bill Donahue, 860-342-0435 or e-mail us at
s t p a t r i c k l i f e t e e n @ g m a i l . c o m .
The majority in our country is
now pro-life. Still, CT abortion rate
is 30% higher than U.S. average
“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already
born.” (Ronald Reagan)
Need post abortion help? Project Rachel is there for you
A violation of personal civil rights. The HHS mandate
creates still a third class, those with no conscience protection at all: individuals who, in their daily lives, strive
constantly to act in accordance with their faith and moral
values. They, too, face a government mandate to aid in
providing “services” contrary to those values—whether
in their sponsoring of, and payment for, insurance as employers; their payment of insurance premiums as employees; or as insurers themselves—without the semblance of
an exemption. This, too, is unprecedented in federal law,
which has long been generous in protecting the rights of
individuals not to act against their religious beliefs or
Administrative Committee of the
moral convictions.
USCCB, “United for Religious Freedom,” March 14, 2002
The St. Patrick Guild & Knights of Columbus will be
awarding a $1000 scholarship each to a graduating high
school senior. Applicants must be graduating from high
school this spring, be an active member of St. Patrick
Parish & plan to further their education at a one, two or
four year school, college/university. Applications are
available in the Parish Office. Submit a completed application, together with a transcript of all high school grades
to the office on or before MAY 16, 2012.
Page Five
Third Sunday of Easter
Introduction-Liturgy of the Word:
As the fifty days of the Easter season continue, we join all
the earth in crying out with joy to God, who raised Jesus to
new life. In today’s Collect (as the new Missal calls the
Opening Prayer), we celebrate the gifts we have received
through baptism. Like the first community of believers,
may we now greet the risen Lord who stands in our midst,
offers us his peace, opens our minds to understand the
scriptures, eats with us at table, and sends us forth as
witnesses to the forgiveness he bestows.
Monday: Acts 6:8-15, Jn 6:22-29, Ps 119:1ab
Tuesday: Acts 7: 51-8:1, Jn 6:30-35, Ps 31:6a
Wednesday: 1 Pt 5:5b-14, Mk 16:15-20, Ps 89:2
Thursday: Acts 8:26-40, Jn 6:44-51, Ps 66:1
Acts 9:1-20, Jn 6:52-59, Mk 16:15
Saturday: Acts 9:31-42, Jn 6:60-69, Ps 116:12
Sunday: Acts 4:80-23, 1 Jn 3:1-2, Jn 10:11-18, Ps 118:1,
8-9, 21-23, 26, 28-29
Apostolate of Prayer for
4/22: Bishop Michael R. cote
Apr 22: Joseph Seckla, Sr. 2005, Stanley Sadlowski Sr 2000,
Anthony Becker 1994, Anna Miner 1987, Louis Brow 1986,
Carol Brunette 1986, Charles Bernardi 1978, Fr William
Baldwin 1977, Lena Byron 1972
4/23: Rev. Prodeep Nayak & Rev. Thomas Sennik
Apr 23: Francis R. Coughlin 2007, Anna Stabinski 2000,
Marcolina Rodriguez 1997, Glynn Baron 1992, Fr. Vincent
Murphy 1991, Bishop Vincent Hines 1990, Lillian Daigle
1986, Eileen Pella 1976
4/26: Rev. Mark Curesky OFM Cv & Rev. Joseph Finnerty
4/24: Rev. Stanley Szczapa & Rev. William Flynn
4/25: Rev. Thomas Hoar SSE & Rev. Richard Breton
4/27: Rev. Paul Murdock & Rev. P. Grzegorz Jednaki
4/28: V. Rev. Gregoire Fluet & V. Rev. Douglas Mosey CSB
Apr 24: Richard Sexton 1995, Thomas Hughes 1994, Edward
Schnick 1992, Alex Bishop 1988, John Haley 1984
Apr 25: Lawrence Gates 1994, James Harrigan 1994,
Katherine Marquis 1986, Eileen Lachapelle 1982, Anselme
Mauceau 1980, Joseph Blair 1974
A beautiful sacrament full of blessings, romance, love,
commitment, comedy, giving, new life, joys, sorrows, adventure, challenges, responsibilities, growth, memories and
Apr 26: Lorraine Anderson 2005, Fr. Albert Ciccone 1997,
Edmond Frenette 1994, Henry Stover 1985, John Nicholas
1983, Catherine Guisti 1975, Harry Oakes 1974
Apr 27: Margaret Hubner 2001, Alma O’Brien 2000, William
Wolf 1990, Margaret Donovan 1982, Helen Hodge 1974
For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me
not into temptation. It has reminded my husband numerous
times at parties that it’s time to go home. It has been a status
symbol in the maternity ward. (Erma Bombeck)
Apr 28: Thelma Stevens 1994, Sandra Noack 1994, Marie
Wells 1983, Grace Koss 1982, Anthony Denorfia 1972
We are, each of us, angels with only one wing and we can
only fly embracing each other. (Luciano DeCrecenzo)
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. May their souls
and the souls of all the faithful departed through the
mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.
St. Gerard’s Center for Life would like to thank everyone
who contributed to the success of their baby bottle drive.
The gift total from our parish was $2,010. “Please know
that we will pray through the intercession of St. Gerard
Majella that you be blessed abundantly,” Theresa
Krankowski, Director of St. Gerard’s Center for Life.
Congratulations to the students from our parish who have
achieved honors this semester. High Honors: Graham L.
Gilarde, William H. Selleck, Liam A. Iorio, Michael J.
Mallon, Honors: Mark J. Mallon, Jr., Colm F. Smith, Michael J. Weber, Joseph F. Biegaj, Matthew K. Henzy,
Branden J. Bielot, and David V. Field
Page Six
April 22, 2012
APRIL is Donate Life Month
In the US, more than 475,000 people received transplants in 2009. There are over 1.5 million tissue transplants
done each year. More than 100,000 men, women and children currently need life-saving organ transplants. Every 11
minutes another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list. An average of 18 people die each day
from the lack of available organs for transplant. This APRIL
make an effort to save lives by becoming an organ, eye, tissue, marrow and/or blood donor. Are you a registered donor? If not here is how to become one! Save lives! Donate!
As a resident of Connecticut, you should take the following
steps now to ensure your decision to become a donor is carried out: Register online to be an organ and tissue donor
with the New England Donor Registry at CT does not require family consent to carry out your decision to be an organ, eye or
tissue donor. However, keeping everyone informed will help
avoid any confusion or delays. Want to learn more about donation in Connecticut? Please contact: Caitlyn Bernabucci,
Donate Life Connecticut Phone: 860-286-3120 Email: [email protected]
Thank you for your generosity this year! Our faith community raised $1,585 for Catholic Relief Services. Your participation in Operation Rice Bowl will continue to make a
difference throughout this year. If you have not yet returned your contribution, you may still do so. Once again,
Thank you!
Here at St. Patrick’s, we know only too well the devastation that cancer brings to families & the community.
This year we will again be having a Relay for Life team &
we invite you to join. Please come to the Kickoff on
Tuesday, April 24th at the Gelston House at 6 pm for refreshments & to learn more – plus there will be incentives
for Teams that sign up on site!
Relay for Life is the signature event of the American
Cancer Society that brings communities together in the
fight against cancer. It’s a way to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones & raise funds to fight against
this terrible disease that takes too much from too many
families. For more information, contact Jann Dalton (860)
267-5720 or Dani Annino (860)267-6644.
Team members can walk & raise funds, collect in
their neighborhoods, make food, or even stay overnight
for the very adventurous! During the Relay, cancer survivors & caregivers are honored. At nightfall, hundreds of
candles in honor or memory of loved ones touched by cancer are lit in the Luminaria ceremony. It is a heartfelt
ceremony of how cancer touches us all.
So talk to your friends and relatives now, get them
involved, and ask them to help support you in Relay. With
your help, we will work towards the day when cancer will
be eliminated.
next Women’s
DefendingACTS retreat will be May 31-June 3
at the Immaculata Retreat Center in Willimantic. For information call Marie 860-537-6386 or 860-537-0079!
The Courage to Hope: Finding God in All Things is the
theme for the 2011-2012 retreat season at Holy Family
Passionist Retreat Center in West Hartford. Becoming
agents of hope in a world of distraction, pessimism and
busyness takes great courage. Together, we will explore
how God’s presence, hidden in every moment of life,
#5 and hopeful for ourselves and
us to be Liberty
others. Check our website for additional dates if you cannot attend the one your parish is scheduled
Men’s Retreat: May 4 - 6 Women’s Retreat: June 1 - 3
Philip retreat weekend: Spiritual Renewal Center, 11
Bath St. Norwich. Sat. & Sun. 4-21 & 4-22. $25 by 4-18.
For info call 860-887-0702
Hello Friends.
I am Bishop Michael Cote. Why does the government
think it does not have to respect our Catholic Church and
our moral convictions? Has it forgotten the contributions
that the Catholic Church has made to the poor and needy
for centuries? Catholic social service agencies, including
adoption and foster care agencies, parish food banks, and
soup kitchens, all will be impacted tragically if the federal
health care mandate is not overturned.
Please contact the offices of your Congressional Representatives and United States Senators to express your opposition to the mandate. For addresses and phones numbers, please visit: or
Page Seven
Third Sunday of Easter
Have you seen the St. Patrick Prayer Board for active
military personnel who are fighting on the front lines for
our freedom? It’s located in the vestibule of the Church,
to the left as you enter from the front steps. We post the
pictures and rank of relatives of our parish family
members and ask that you remember them in daily
prayer. Since there are many new deployments, please
let us know if there are any family members you would
like posted...and may God keep them safe.
Bereavement Support Groups
Every first and third Monday: 5:00-6:30pm,
Conference Room A or B, Middlesex Hospital,
Middletown. Every second and fourth Thursday: 6:308:00pm, Shoreline Medical Center, 260 Westbrook Rd.,
Essex. Every second and fourth Wednesday: 10:0011:30am, One MacDonough Place, Community Room.
(The Hospital’s assisted living facility on the corner of
Main St. Extension and MacDonough Place.) For more
information, please call Chaplain Dennis McCann,
Middlesex Hospital Chaplain, 860-358-6725.
St. Peter Church in Higganum is having a good old
fashion BARN HOEDOWN. Yes, Square Dancing.
Lots of Laughs—Live Caller & Band—Snacks & Refreshments—a Really Good time! April 28, 7:00-10:00
pm. Families w/children are welcome. Call 860-3454687 or 860-345-8018 to reserve tickets!
Travel to Ireland & Scotland with Father Nagle!
June 30-July 12. Cost $4499 airfare & All-included.
For information email: [email protected] or
call toll free 855-842-8001.
Natural Family Planning Classes– The SymptoThermal Method is scientific, helps with fertility problems, easily learned and 99% effective. Loving & safe
alternative. for info call Family Life: 860-889-8346 ext.
Norwich District Annual Convention Has been
changed from May to September 15, 2012. It will be
held at St. John Church in Montville. Details will follow
when available.
Catholic Cruise to Exotic Eastern Caribbean: Sail
away on a 8-day Cruise with Father Michael Martin
Jones Oct 13-21, 2012. ($1542/2) For info contact Doug
or Eileen at 860-339-1785 or [email protected]
St. Patrick Church Ministries
Adoption Information: Mike & Tina Mohr — 881-7080
Altar Server: Susan Lanzi—267-9984
Altar Society: Maureen Sweeney 267- 2520
ACTS Retreat/Men& Women:
Warren & Beverly Edwards—267-9926
Al & Isabel Vela—267-1508
John & Carol Lambert—267-9157
Baptism Contact:
Sister Dominic Joseph —267-6644
Baptism Class:
Mary Kaye Varni—267-9050
Catholic Scripture Study
Al Vela 267-1508 and Joan Fomento 267-8512
Child Advocate:
Peggy Puzzo 267-9932
Coordinator of Caregiving:
Sister Dominic Joseph—267-6644
Westside Manor: Deb Desrocher—267-0705
Cobalt Lodge: Daisy Conway—267-0833
Eucharistic Adoration: Sheila Wall—267-9486
Guild: Kim Lanou—267-9235
Knights of Columbus: John Hines—267-4270
Life Teen: Bill & Michelle Donahue—342-0435
Marriage Encounter: Dan & Pam Harazim—267-1184
Nurses’ Ministry: Maggie Coolican—267-0540
Pastoral Council Chair: Peter Bergan—267-4341
Prayer Group: George & Regina Looby—267-8203
Prayer Line: Jann Dalton — 267-5720
Pat Powers — 267-8529
Pro-Life: Theresa Hickey—267-0071
R.C.I.A.: Sister Dominic Joseph—267-6644
Vocation Contact: Don Hickey—267-0071
Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Donahue—342-0435