How to autopost links to your Inciweb articles and

How to autopost links to your Inciweb articles and
announcements to your own Twitter account
1. Go to
2. If you want to autopost your home unit Inciweb RSS feed (ex.
Lincoln National Forest)to Inciweb to your home unit Twitter
account (ex. @LincolnForestUS) click on your home unit
3. If you want to autopost your incident specific Inciweb RSS feed (ex.
Little Bear Fire) to your incident specific or IMT Twitter account (ex.
@T1SWIMT) click on your incident on Inciweb.
4. Scroll down and click on the orange
RSS Article Feed
5. Highlight the website address (ex., then
right-click and select “Copy”
5. Go to and create an account with your e-mail and
password (or skip to Step 6 if you already have an account).
6. Go to and Log in
8. Enter your e-mail and password and
click “Login”
9. Click on “Add Route”
10. Click “+ add”
11. Click “New”
12. Right click in the Feed URL box and
select “Paste”
13. Click on the Feed Update tab and use
the arrow to select “Every 15 minutes”
14. Click on the Item Text tab and enter any auto hashtags (ex.
#LittleBearFire and #NMFire) you want to use in the “Start items
with” and “Ends items with” boxes, Then click “Save Source”
15. Click “+ add” Destination
16. Click on “New” Twitter Account
17. Click “Start Authorization”
18. Enter your Twitter username and password,
then “Authorize app”, then “Save”
19. To edit your feed, put your cursor over the name
and click on the pencil (or click on the “X” to delete)
19. To View Statistics, click on the “Stats” tab, then click
“Dashboard” or “Routes” for more info
Note: You can also use to post your RSS feeds
(including other sources like Flickr, etc.) to Facebook
The Inciweb article RSS feed autoposts the headline for
articles and announcements with the name of the
incident in parenthesis and a link to the article
• The title of your article is your
tweet, so make it descriptive
• Don’t include the name of
your incident in your title as it
will appear automatically
• Updates to the 209 section,
Summary, Maps, and Images
do not show up in the RSS
feed, so be sure to post
updates you want to tweet as
articles and announcements
Notes About the @Inciweb Twitter Feed
• The @Inciweb feed
automatically posts
tweets when news
releases, announcements,
or maps have been
Finding Your Unit / Incident Posts on
the @Inciweb Twitter Feed
• Click on your unit or
incident, then scroll
down and click on
“Twitter Feed”
• The hashtags are
autocreated by Inciweb
Tweeting From Inciweb
• Note: Tweets sent directly
from Inciweb do not appear in
the Article RSS feed, and thus
will not be auto posted to your
Twitter account. They only
appear in the @Inciweb feed.
• So be sure to post updates you
want to autotweet to your
account as articles and
announcements instead of
sending tweets from Inciweb.