What is Computer Software?

What is Computer Software?
Hardware vs Software
Got to have both to get the job done!
How does Software work?
Algorithms have to be written
Algorithm turned into computer language
Another specialized program turned this
language into something the computer
Software development – multi-step process
First programmer – Grace Hooper – created
FLOW MATIC (later known as – COBOL)
Types of Software
Applications Software
 Systems Software
Operating systems
 Utilities
 Language translators
Applications Software
Operating Systems
Interface between user and the computer
 Many brands
 Windows – designed for processor Intel
 Macintosh computers use processor
made by Motorola - OS
Utility Software
Helps perform housekeeping chores
 Tasks include:
Antivirus programs
 Copy file from hard drive to another location
 Convert graphics file so it can be used by
another program
 Backup copy of hard drive
Language Translators
Converts code written in English to a
language the computer can understand
 Translator helps computer process data
I don’t
understand! I
need a
Operating Systems
Mac OS
Unix – portable operating system (can run on
just about any hardware platform)
Networking Operating System – group of two
or more computers to be connected
Window NT
Novell’s Netware
IBM’s Warp Server
User Interfaces
Determines how user friendly the
computer is
 Part we interact with when using the
 Command-line interface such as DOS
 Graphical interfaces such as Windows
Command Line
Early computers used only this
 Have to memorize codes
 Not very user friendly
 Not colorful – usually written in black and
 No pictures
Graphical User interfaces
Came about with menus
 Graphical user interface (GUI)
 Came about with Apple’s development of
Macintosh Finder
 Pictures (icons) represent software
 Colorful
 Contributed to the explosion of computer
Research the three operating systems:
Mac OS v.?
 Windows XP or Vista
 Unix
Determine advantages and
disadvantages of each, create a two
page report on your findings. Which one
do you think would be the best for
someone to use in a home business.