Why Lincoln Financial Group? The choice is obvious.

Why Lincoln Financial Group?
The choice is obvious.
A distinct set of avantages make
Lincoln Financial Group the obvious choice for your group insurance needs:
• Strong financial ratings
• World-class service
• Superior products
• Local expertise
• Competitive pricing
Exceptional financial ratings
Group insurance products from Lincoln Financial
are underwritten by The Lincoln National Life
Insurance Company and, in New York, Lincoln
Life & Annuity Company of New York. Both
are Lincoln Financial Group companies and rated A+ by A.M. Best Company1, AA by
Standard and Poor’s2 and AA by Fitch3. By definition, these scores reflect “Superior”,
“Very Strong”, and “Very Strong” financial strength respectively.
These ratings are based on such things as the overall financial condition of a company,
financial security characteristics, and a company’s capacity to meet financial obligations
to policyholders and contract holders on a timely basis.
Patented technology* delivers superior service
When Lincoln Financial says, “We deliver online service in real time,” we mean it.
Other carriers may accept information electronically, yet their systems don’t allow for
instantaneous, enterprise-wide updates. In fact, some even process data manually.
That’s not the case at Lincoln Financial. We’ve set a new standard in service excellence.
Our patented system is completely integrated so information is gathered once, entered
once, and processed once. As soon as the information is entered, it’s available online
and administrative adjustments are made in real time. This saves time, reduces errors,
and eliminates the need for billing reconciliation and adjustments. Through our secure
Web site you can:
Apply for group insurance coverage.
Recalculate a bill after changes are
made and pay the bill online.
Import enrollment census data
directly into the system.
Submit and check status of claims.
Enroll, change, or terminate members
and coverage.
View and print forms, reports,
guidelines, contracts, and certificates.
If you prefer, Lincoln Financial also employs a full staff of experienced customer service
representatives to handle your calls. Thanks to our patented system, more than 90% of
inquiries are handled during the first call with no transfers. For telephone self-service, an
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is available to access claims reports and check
status of enrollments, claims, monthly bills, and more.
A.M. Best Company rates the overall financial condition of a company using a scale of A++ (Superior) to F (In Liquidation).
Standard and Poor’s rates a company’s financial security on a scale of AAA (Extremely Strong) to CC (Extremely Weak).
Fitch rates the insurer’s financial strength using a scale of AAA (Exceptionally Strong) to D (Insolvent).
*U.S. Patent 7,143,051
Prompt claims processing and service
In a disability or life insurance case, the insured or beneficiaries are often distracted by
anxiety and financial burdens. This is why Lincoln Financial constantly works to reduce
claims turnaround time and eliminate hassles. Our maximum standard turnaround
time for life and STD claims (paid, pended, or denied) is four days and the maximum
standard for LTD is five days. And at Lincoln Financial, we consistently outperform these
standards. For dental claims, more than 50% are adjudicated within 48 hours.
If a disability persists, STD claims are seamlessly transferred to LTD claims through our
LINKS technology — an integrated system for disability claims management. With LINKS,
both the STD and LTD claims are managed by one team of disability professionals and
the STD claim automatically triggers the LTD claim review. If an LTD claim is necessary,
it will then trigger the Life Waiver review six months after the date last worked. This
seamless integration avoids unnecessary gaps in coverage from claim to claim.
Voluntary products to enhance benefits
All Lincoln Financial group insurance products are also available through our voluntary
benefits program. This includes life and AD&D, STD, LTD, and dental insurance along
with employee assistance programs and a vision discount plan.
Our voluntary insurance program includes a proprietary enrollment system called
STEPS – Simplified Total Enrollment Processing System. The STEPS system was
developed exclusively for Lincoln Financial to simplify enrollment and increase voluntary
participation. Each STEPS form is individualized for each employee with his or her
unique benefits and payroll deduction. We make enrollment that easy.
The obvious choice
It’s obvious. With our track record of financial stability and industry-leading innovations,
Lincoln Financial is the provider of choice for your group insurance needs.
For more information about the Lincoln Financial Group portfolio of products and
services, call (800) 423-2765 or visit www.LFG.com.
With a track record of financial strength, a
comprehensive selection of products, and
industry-leading innovations for service
and support, Lincoln Financial Group has
emerged as the provider of choice in the
group insurance marketplace.
A tradition of integrity
At Lincoln Financial Group, we have a heritage of helping companies
find solutions to their funding and benefit needs — with the same honesty,
integrity, and responsibility that you’d expect from our namesake. It’s a
legacy that we proudly and respectfully continue each day.
The strength of Lincoln Financial Group© affiliates
We believe our continued commitment to strength and stability is
indispensable to who we are and critical to your confidence in us. We are a
proven industry leader in identifying and delivering sophisticated financial
strategies and product solutions for the creation, protection, and utilization
of capital. We are committed to assisting companies in helping their
employees and their families redefine their retirement because we don’t
believe retirement is an end — it’s an opportunity for everyone to start
doing what they were meant for all along.
©2007 Lincoln National Corporation
Lincoln Financial Group is the
marketing name for Lincoln National
Corporation and its affiliates.
Affiliates are separately
responsible for their own financial
and contractual obligations.
GLM-03580 Rev 8/07
Group insurance products are issued by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company,
which is not licensed and does not solicit business in New York. In New York, group
insurance products are issued by Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York (Home
Office: Syracuse, NY). Both are Lincoln Financial Group companies.
Reed Group in Westminster, CO provides FMLA administrative services.
Bensinger, Dupont & Associates (BDA) in Chicago, IL provides EmployeeConnect,
EAP Plus, and BeneficiaryConnect services.
MEDEX Assistance Corporation in Towson, MD provides TravelConnect travel
assistance services.
Coast To Coast Vision in Dallas, TX provides the vision discount program.
Reed Group, BDA, MEDEX, and Coast To Coast Vision are not members of Lincoln
Financial Group. Each independent organization is responsible for its own obligations.