Why have we pledged

“If I don’t stand up
for myself, what am I
teaching my children.”
– Brenda Amacker,
Senior Animal Tech
“In these tough times, the regents are pleading poverty,
but they didn’t hesitate to give out management raises
before they ‘froze’ salaries. Here at SIO, new buildings
are constantly in construction. They have the dough. If
we show we are serious about standing up for ourselves,
then we are the squeaky wheel they will grease.”
– John Mortimer, Principal Mechanician (TX),
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD
“I’m striking because it is not
just that UC executives get
huge pay increases. It’s that
the people that do the actual
work and keep the university running are being offered
nothing.” – Lynne Kessler,
Staff Research Associate
(RX), Neurology, UCLA
“As a
I expect UC to
compensate us
and if we need
to strike to make
our point, then I
am ready to do
so.” – Brenda Thomas, Staff Research Associate (RX),
Department of Medicine, UCSD
“The whole thing about UC is that it
is a union-busting, divide and
conquer workplace. No salary
increases and no safety measures
in the labs. Our lives are at risk
here. I am striking for my survival.”
– Iris Williams, Staff Research
Associate (RX), Hematology/
Oncology, UCLA
“As a result of the last strike, we were able to get a contract that
reflected the changing economic climate and kept our income
from further erosion. There were no adverse repercussions or any
form of retribution. On the contrary; many of our supervisors and
department heads supported us whole-heartedly as they knew
that they too were in fact also employees that needed to show the
university that it needs to value its staff just as much as it honors
the top-notch faculty and bright young students who all contribute
to UCSD’s
– Dave
Recording Tech
(TX), Arts
“UC doesn’t just
give us better
wages and benefits
out of kindness, we
have to organize
together and insist
that the staff who
make this university run should be
a priority when it
comes to compensation. I’m ready to
do that if necessary
by withholding my
labor along with my
colleagues so that we can send a strong, clear message to
UC management that we won’t take their stalling anymore.
– Frank Pinto, Computer Resource Specialist (TX), UCD
“If there is plenty of money
for executive raises,
there is enough money for
our raises.” – Bette Larlee,
Senior Animal Tech (TX),
Lab Animal Resource
Center, UCSF
Why have we pledged
to strike?
UC’s bad faith bargaining is devastating to:
F quality research and education
F fair wages
F safeguarding benefits
F building our careers
“UC risks losing good people if it refuses to pay attention to
researchers and techs demands for fair raises and reasonable
benefits.” – Rosie Hurford, Staff Research Associate (RX) &
Nick Anderson, Lab Assistant (TX), Pathology, UCSD
“I went on strike for
one day in 2005
along with thousands of other UPTE
members around the
state. That action
resulted in raises and
an excellent contract
settlement. I wish I
didn’t have to go on
strike again, but I will
if that’s what it takes to get a good contract settled with the
university.” – Margy Crowley, Lab Assistant (TX), Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, UCR
“I have been a loyal worker here at
UCLA for 19 years. I have a disabled wife and three children, with
one about to enter college. Where
is the university’s loyalty to me?
I am striking because UC is taking food from from my table and
stealing the futures of my children.”
– Alex Betancourt, Senior Animal
Tech (TX), Center for Health Science, UCLA
“Many of our department’s faculty were
supportive of our
2005 strike. I participated in that UPTE
strike, and I’m still
here.” – Esther
Valdez, Staff Research Associate
(RX), Biology, UCR
“Sometimes you have to fight to get what you want. When our
union is in bargaining, our team needs to feel the strength of
the members behind them. AFSCME service workers struck
for a week and I’m sure that had a lot to do with the settlement they
– Zachary
Recording Tech
“If we don’t
stand up
now, we’re
going to
have three
years of
Plenty of
money will
be coming to the
state and to education in the stimulus bill being signed by
President Obama, so UC can afford some decent raises for
us. Salaries for construction inspectors at UCSC are so far
behind market rate for this area that we’d had almost 100%
turn-over in the past few years,
except for me! Salaries at UCSC are also lower than at other
campuses where the cost of living is considerably less.
If we’ve got to strike for a decent contract, count me in.”
– Tim Basquez, Sr. Construction Inspector (TX), Physical
Planning & Construction, UCSC
“It is unfortunate that we have to
struggle simply to achieve
fairness, but that is what we
have to do.” – Jorge Mendoza,
Lab Assistant (TX), Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF
“I’m striking for fair pay.
I have been at UCLA for
seven years and can’t keep
up with the high cost of living
in Los Angeles.” – Min Zhao,
Staff Research Associate
(RX), Math Sciences, UCLA
“UC is not nearly as affected by the economic crisis as
state government, but would like us to think that it is. We
need to act to get a fair contract. A strike will be completely
legal with no risk of being fired. Any retaliation against us
will be illegal.” – Mathew Call, Medical Interpreter (TX),
UCD Medical Center
wants to
but if
that’s the
only way
to get a
then we
have to
do it. I hope the negotiators for UC recognize that we’re
ready to strike if we have to. I love my job here and I’d
like to stay for the long run, but we need salaries that will
keep us above the poverty line.” – Mariya Draskovic,
Lab Assistant (TX), MCD Biology Department, Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC
“Same old story from UC: ‘no money for you.’ My salary is paid from a grant, so the state budget issue is
irrelevant, and UC
shouldn’t keep my
raise from me.”
– Eric Focht, Staff
Research Associate (RX),
Department of
Botany & Plant
Sciences, UCR