1) It gives you clear goals to shoot for that are in line with what you need to do to
effectively build your business.
2) We are a relationship business. Spending quality time together builds trust and
creates a bond and unity that we cannot get from team calls or success school.
3) You want to spend time with the Leaders in Advocare! They have all worked very
hard at personal growth, overcoming obstacles and building character and integrity in
their own lives. Earning trips and leadership retreats is your opportunity to be around
leaders that want to pour into you the growth that they have received. They want to
pay forward to you the light and the torch so to speak so that you can continue to
grow and be the leader and the person that you strive to become.
4) You don't know it if you don't hear or see it. Incentives are not meant to compare
you to others, they show you what others are doing so you can gauge your efforts
with your results and bring increase to your believe in what is possible. If someone
else can do it, so can you! If all new Advisors clearly see the distributor who are
growing leaders never having less than 3k p/gv then they will too. When I heard that to
get to 25k in one year Danny and Diane McDaniel's p/gv goal was to never have less
than 7500 p/gv in a pay period I decided my 3k was not stretching use enough and
we increased ours to 5k and we haven't missed it. It took me almost 5 years to reach
diamond shooting for 3k every pay period and it took the McDaniel’s a little over one
year to reach the same place shooting for $7,500 every pay period in p/gv. This is not
a coincidence.
5) We believe in working hard, working smart and taking the time to enjoy it! Incentive
trips are fun and make lifetime memories!
6) Going for incentives naturally grows your business and increases your paycheck
because the activity you are required to do to earn them is exactly what you need to
be doing to build a strong business. Do the work and earn the incentive to strengthen
your mind and increase the belief in your heart!
To earn incentives you MUST keep them in your sight and mind at all times! Know the
standings and post flyers, pictures and reminders in your car, your home and
anywhere you need to keep your goal front and center!