Standardised Workplace Evaluation Tools

PF 1497 ANNEX 3
Standardised Workplace
Evaluation Tools
Who are Leesman? Europe’s leading and fastest
growing independent workplace effectiveness
measurement experts.
What makes Leesman “independent”? Leesman
offer no consultancy services - just standardised
effectiveness measurement tools.
What is the Leesman Index? Leesman’s
effectiveness measurement benchmark that
calculates an “Lmi score” for each workplace.
How is that “Lmi” calculated? Through the
Leesman Index on-line e-questionnaire that
clients send to their staff.
What is it measuring? The activities people are
doing and then the physical features and the
facilities services provided around them.
Does this measure staff productivity? Not
directly, but it does ask whether the design of the
workplace enables staff to “work productively”?
How long does it take staff to complete?
On average 11 minutes, with most surveys
achieving response rates between 60 and 70%.
Are the responses confidential? Yes, completely
anonymous. No response can ever be linked back
to an individual respondent.
How can we use the data the survey collects?
The data is collated in a powerful on-line analysis
tool called the analytics engine.
What does the “analytics engine” do? Allows
you to play with and filter all the data collected
dynamically - by department, location, length
of service – you choose.
So what will that data show? Exactly and
very graphically how well your real estate is
supporting the work of your teams in your spaces.
Can those results be compared to other
organisations? Yes Leesman can offer a
number of different comparisons.
What types of organisations are using Leesman?
Any one with staff occupying workplace, from
motor manufacturers, to legal practices.
How much data is there to compare against?
Leesman’s is the fastest growing collection of
workplace data with about 500 respondents
added per month.
When is best to do a Leesman survey? In truth
at any time. But certainly as early as possible in
planning a capital project.
Can it then be used after a project is complete?
Yes this is a perfect way of measuring the
improvements achieved if a survey was also
done prior.
How many people should be invited to
participate? Leesman will help you get as many
respondents as possible – it has no bearing on
the cost.
How much does it cost? The “launch” of a single
survey, to up to 5 building locations is £6,950
regardless of respondent numbers.
What if there are more than 5 buildings to survey?
Then there is an additional charge of £1,250 per
Are there restrictions on those building locations?
No the survey is already available in 6 languages
so anywhere you like.
What if there are more questions we want
to ask? Leesman can add additional questions,
though a small charge may need to be applied.
How quickly can a survey be launched?
It typically takes 3-4 weeks to go through the set
up of the questions and filters prior to launch.
Leesman info sheet v1 EN
The design of my workplace
enables me to work productively
Agree strongly (8.7%)
Agree (23.9%)
Agree slightly (21.1%)
Neutral (15.6%)
Disagree slightly (16%)
Disagree (9.8%)
Disagree strongly (4.8%)
What is the Leesman Index
and what is it measuring?
Leesman is a leader in measuring
workplace effectiveness, with our
audit services providing deep insight
into how well workplace environments
support the productive work activities
of the employees they accommodate.
Our database is set to become Europe’s
largest resource of consistent
workplace effectiveness data.
With an unparalleled suite of easily and
inexpensively deployed high
performance tools, we can provide a
range of qualitative and quantitative
audit services. They provide executive
boards, project managers, workplace
designers, corporate real estate teams
and change management consultants,
clear line of sight to timely and
accurate, benchmark performance data
on individual workplaces or across
entire CRE portfolios.
The Leesman Index: The industry’s
first unified and truly independent
workplace effectiveness benchmark
tool. The Index e-survey captures
employee’s feedback on how well
the workplace environments
provided for them, support their
important workplace activities
Leesman Analytics: Collecting
accurate and pertinent occupant
satisfaction data is important, but
we stand alone in then giving that
data to you in a powerful online
“analysis engine” that allows you
to understand exactly how your
environments are performing.
Leesman Review: Our regular
research journal reports on the data
we are collating and most importantly,
trends that we might be uncovering,
regularly featuring material by
industry leaders. A pdf copy can
be downloaded from the research
section of
The design of my workplace
is important to me
Agree strongly (29.4%)
Agree (42.1%)
Agree slightly (18.6%)
Neutral (7.7%)
Disagree slightly (1.3%)
Disagree (0.5%)
Disagree strongly (0.4%)