Benefits of Intelligent Lighting Control Systems August 2009

August 2009
Benefits of Intelligent Lighting Control Systems
Intelligent lighting control systems transform an area into an energy-saving opportunity. The EPA
estimates that the potential energy savings from utilizing such devices can exceed 40%. Furthermore,
since peak electrical load patterns tend to parallel periods of the most plentiful daylight, controlling
the electric lights in response to the presence of daylight can painlessly reduce peak load.
Intelligent Lighting Control Systems:
• Increase energy savings
• Maximize the abundant, renewable energy resource of
natural daylight
• Decrease energy consumption
Expand building sustainability
Reduce building maintenance due to lengthened lamp life
Minimize energy usage during peak demand periods
In our next issue look for information on CFLs, LED, & other Energy Efficient Lamps
Electronic T5HO Fluorescent
Digital Dimming Systems
Dimming combines
digital control
technology with fullrange continuous
dimming to provide a
new level of lighting system performance. This
allows for greater flexibility and control of the
lighting environment than can be achieved with
traditional 0-10VDC dimming systems.
The communications protocol is “DALI”, an
acronym for “Digital Addressable Lighting
Interface”. This is a worldwide standard for
digital lighting control that has been accepted
by all the leading lighting suppliers.
Daylighting with Hubbell
Daylighting increases
productivity and results
in higher levels of
employee satisfaction
and retention due
to brighter working conditions. For LEED
certified buildings, architects strive to maximize
interior daylighting through the introduction
of natural light into a building’s occupied areas.
Daylighting controls use photocell technology
to maintain required lighting levels based on
available natural lighting in these spaces.
Daylighting switching controls turn lights on
and off depending on the sufficiency of natural
light available. Ideal for offices and classrooms,
daylighting dimming controls maintain a
more precise level of lighting by continuously
adjusting light output based on changing
daylighting conditions.
GR 2400-i™
Control Panel
Lighting Control & Design’s MicroPanel™
comes standard equipped with four relays
(MicroPanel-4) and provides integration
features simply not available anywhere
else; particularly the advanced daylight
harvesting properties. It is a compact lighting
controller with up to 8 switching (iDH)
and 0 - 10v dimming (iDim) outputs that
links every room into one digital, easy-to-use system.
For more points of control, the MicroPanel-8 (with 8 relays) provides 8 switched
outputs with 4 dimmed outputs – using a single control card. It is the ideal
solution for applications requiring more than 4 switch legs. Example: “a, b,
c” lighting with dimming, a leg for presentation lighting over a white board,
emergency lighting, and a contact closure for the thermostat.
WattStopper High Bay
Occupancy Sensors
The HB350* occupancy sensors are designed for
automatic lighting control in warehouse high bay applications. All models contain a passive infrared sensor
(PIR). The HB350 series sensors are modular and are
made up of two parts, a Power Module (HB350*) and
a Lens (HBLx). The coverage area is determined by the
lens module. The lenses are interchangeable with any HB3xx series sensor. All
models in the HB350 series use a set of DIP switches to set the time delay and
PIR sensitivity. The HB350 basic model provides a single load controlling relay.
The HB350D adds daylighting control and the HB350DR adds a second load
controlling relay. The sensor features can be configured using the DIP switches.
What is GRAFIK Eye® QS?GRAFIK Eye QS, from Lutron, is a
powerful, customizable preset lighting
control system that allows you to adjust
lights and shades for any task or activity.
GRAFIK Eye QS helps you save energy,
as well as meet the aesthetic, functional,
and regulatory needs of any project or
Lutron’s reliable Clear Connect RF Technology™ provides wireless connectivity
to shades, sensors, and keypads. RF capability adds flexibility, saves time and costs
during the design and installation process, and provides convenient light control
from anywhere in the space.
GRAFIK Eye QS is now available to directly control EcoSystem® and Hilume® 3D digital fluorescent ballasts, as well as Hi-lume LED drivers.
What are the benefits?
• Improve comfort and productivity
• Simplify design & integration
• Save energy & comply with codes
• Enhance flexibility & scalability
• Energy Saving controls for your desktop
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