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What is a
The facts that separate Credit Unions
from banks.
What makes a credit union
different from a bank,
other than the name?
Credit unions offer the same products and services as
banks, but there are several fundamental differences
that distinguish credit unions from banks, such as:
how they handle profits
sense of community
Credit Unions offer the
same products and
services as banks.
In addition to everyday products like checking, savings,
and investments, credit unions also offer the latest in
cutting-edge technology, like:
mobile banking apps
remote deposit
text banking
online account opening
Joining a Credit Union is
And it’s getting easier. If you:
Live in...
...Go to school in...
...Work in...
...Go to church in...
...the same city/town or county as a credit union,
you can join.
Your money is safe and
secure in a Credit Union.
Just like your money in a bank is insured by the
FDIC, your money in a Credit Union is insured
National Credit Union Association (NCUA) for up to
AND, in the entire history of Credit Unions, not once
have they ever needed tax-payer funds to help
with a bail-out. Credit Unions are considered a
safe harbor during uncertain economic times.
Credit Unions have local
Every credit union is locally owned and managed. No
matter where they are, credit unions are structured
to serve the communities where they operate. Their
members are local and their members are also the
owners. Credit unions give back to the community by
providing financial education and literacy programs
and by reinvesting in the communities they serve.
Credit Unions are not-forprofit financial institutions.
Sure, Credit Unions still make money, but they give it
back to their member-owners in the form of better
rates, lower fees on services, and dividends.
Plus, their boards are made up of volunteer members
who generously give their time to help their Credit
Union make decisions that are in the best interest of it’s
It is easy to get money
from an ATM without
Bridgewater Credit Union does not charge fees for
ATMs. A credit union member can also avoid other
bank’s ATM surcharges by using an ATM on the SUM or
COOP network. There are over 80,000 surcharge free
ATMs nationwide!
Credit Unions stand
Right now, credit unions are prepared to help members
on Main Street and actually have money to lend.
American consumers continue to turn to credit unions
for safe and affordable loans in good times and in bad
So, how does this
compare to a bank?
Banks are for-profit businesses. A bank’s board is made
up of shareholders, and when the bank makes a profit
the money is given to the shareholders.
Although banks offer many benefits to their accountholders, ultimately decisions are made to benefit the
Bridgewater Credit Union is a state charted
community credit union founded in 1941.
Anyone who lives in Barnstable, Bristol, Norfolk,
or Plymouth county, or works within a 50 mile
radius of our branches, is eligible to open an
account with us.
Go to our website
or our Facebook page (
bridgewatercreditunion) to find out what
makes us different from a bank and what we
are doing for your community.
Main Office
75 Main St.
Bridgewater, MA 02324
Dover Branch
3 Whiting Rd.
Dover, MA 02030
Fairhaven Branch
41 Fairhaven Commons Way
Fairhaven, MA 02719
Plymouth Branch
44 Shops at 5 Way
Plymouth, MA 02360
Quincy Branch
62 Clay St.
Quincy, MA 02170