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Reverse Percentages
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(a) In a sale, all prices are reduced by 20%. The sale
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price of a shirt is £33.60. Work out the original
The normal price of a television is reduced by 30%
in a sale.
(b) The price of a new TV is £376, which includes VAT.
What is the cost of the TV excluding VAT?
The sale price of the television is £350.
(c) Employees at a firm are going to receive a 4% in-
Work out the normal price of the television.
crease in their salaries. Joe earns £24,960 after the
increase. what was his original salary?
(d) A holiday is advertised at a price of £403. This
represents a saving of 35% on the brochure price.
Work out the brochure price of the holiday.
Nimer got a pay rise of 5%. His new pay is £1680
per month. Work out his pay per month before her
got this pay rise.
(f) In a sale prices are reduced by 20%. Andrew
brought a saddle for his horse. The sale price was
£220. Calculate the normal price of the saddle.
(g) The value of a car depreciates by 35% each year.
At the end of 2007, the value of the car was £5460.
Work out the vale of the car at the end of 2006.
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Exam Questions
Chris is a plumber. He has to work out the VAT on
some equipment he has just bought. VAT is 17.5%.
The total cost of the equipment including VAT is
£4465. Calculate how much the VAT is.
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