Adult Bible Studies – 9:00am each Sunday
Sunday Morning Worship Service – 10:30am
Kid’s Church – 10:30am
Dear Friends,
God is incredible! In 15 months we have met our neighbors at two
yard sales, 3 public dinners, Applefest and a Christmas Craft Fair.
Members and friends have exhibited their love and support by giving
sacrificially their time, talents and resources. We are about to place
a new roof on our sanctuary, the third of three very large projects.
May I say it again, “Our God is incredible.”
God deserves our thanks all the time for a variety of reasons. (1) It’s
God’s world (2) He loves us and exhibited that love in Jesus when
we did not acknowledge Him (3) We are learning to give the proper
love & respect to Him and His world daily. All created things,
including life itself, are from God and for His glory.
“Love the Lord your God” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” is
what Jesus teaches us to do above all else, so we endeavor to do
that not merely through our worship and activities, but in our daily
living. In the last 20 months of “fund raising” activities we practiced
the love of God and neighbor, and trusted God in the means to get
these projects accomplished. He has been faithful. Our God is
This community of faith in Nobleboro is entering its 220nd year.
Many generations have gathered here to learn of this incredible God
and His love. We invite you to gather at any of our worship services,
learning opportunities and activities. And thank you for being an
instrument of God’s love! Our God is incredible.
For God’s glory!
Pastor Bob
Pastor Bob’s office hours are generally Monday and Wednesday from
9:00am – 12:00 noon with appointments or drop in. Appointments may also
be made for other times. Call or text 380-4365 to contact Pastor Bob.
Are you interested in exploring baptism or church membership? Please
speak with Pastor Bob or any of the Diaconate.
Christian Board of Education
The Christian Education Board has voted to welcome newborn babies with a
rose and a card from the church. We would appreciate your help by calling
Roberta or Iverne if you know of a new baby joining a family.
Family Style Worship is starting up again with a Campfire and Hot Dog
Roast behind the parsonage (239 Center Street) on Sunday, October 14th at
4pm. FSW is a child friendly, youth inspiring, family encouraging, Biblecentered gathering.
The ABW Missionary Society
The ABW Missionary Society will hold its first meeting of the year on
Monday, October 8th at 1 pm. After a presentation on the theme "In the
Potter's Hands", there will be a business meeting to plan for the upcoming
year, including preparations for the Women's Day of Prayer which will be
held on Monday, November 5th. All women can be a part of ABW, so
please invite someone to come with you!
Thanks to all who have donated food and cash to the Ecumenical Food
Pantry. As of the end of August our church has donated $694.77 in cash as
well as many donated food items. Did you know that cans and bottles left in
the janitor’s room downstairs in the church are turned in for money to go to
the Food Pantry? This has provided a substantial increase in the money we
send to the food pantry. Many people in our community are served through
this local mission. Please remember the Food Pantry on the last Sunday of
each month.
Library News
It's that time of the year again: time to stock up on books to read!! The
library continues to add new titles, here are just a few:
-The Little Hickman Series by Sharlene MacLaren: a trilogy: three different
women are used by God in a small town in Kentucky.
-Nearing Home by Billy Graham: his thoughts on life, faith, and finishing
-Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland: fiction, this story will take you
on a spiritual journey filled with humor.
This is just a small selection, be sure to check periodically for new titles as
well as browsing through some older ones.
Each month, the center table will feature different themes of books, some
you may not of realized were in the library!
The teaching resources are now located in the room next to the nursery, and
the children’s books are downstairs. One of the best things? The library is
always available and there are no library fines!!
A reception area in the Palmer Room has coffee available and is a place
for relaxation, conversation and friendship or to peruse a book! There is
usually a puzzle on the table for anyone to add a few pieces to!
Notes from the Trustees
The Trustees are constantly involved in the maintenance of the parsonage
and church building. After recommendations by roofers that the chimney be
checked before a new roof was installed, Breck Holladay inspected the
chimney and found it needed pointing and weather proofing. He also
advised that a chimney liner be installed at this time as it would become a
requirement when the furnace has to be replaced. The church membership
voted to have this work done by Mr. Holladay. On Thursday, Sept. 20th the
work was completed. The new metal roof is scheduled to be installed in
Other tasks have included mouse-proofing the area under the kitchen sink,
repairing the crash bar on outside office door, mowing lawns, trimming
hedges out front and a street number fastened to the front of the church.
The Trustees thank the Flower Committee for providing beautiful,
decorative bouquets for worship service all summer and fall. Memorial
plants or bouquets are always welcomed by the committee.
Many thanks to all who participated in the various fund-raising activities this
year. Everyone in our church family has participated in one way or another
to make these truly fun efforts. God has answered your prayers!
Fund-raising Committee
Inflows to Capital Improvements Fund:
Baptist History Society
Bean Supper
Calendars, Puzzles, Cards
Cleve Bryant Memorial Gift
Damariscotta Benevolent Society
Dow Memorial Gift
Eileen Gould Memorial
Judy Whitney Fund
Keith & Arlene Burns Memorial
Lobster Stew Supper
Mabel Sidelinger Memorial
Michael Duncan Memorial
Polly Smith Memorial Gift
Spaghetti Supper
Specified Purpose Donations
Transfer from Savings
Transfer from Windows & Septic Fund
Yard Sale Proceeds
Total to date – Capital Improvements Fund
Coming events are Applefest at Nobleboro Central School on Oct. 13th and a
Christmas Fair at our church on December 8th,
From Your Mission’s Committee
Cally Bartholomae, Janet Yates, Sue Wyand & Pastor Bob
Our goal is to support Mission abroad as well as locally.
Two missionaries that we chose to continue to support were Kit Ripley and
Miss Banaga.
This spring Janet obtained a list of Kit’s favorite items and some that are
hard for Kit to find in Thailand. The church members donated a large
collection of her favorite candies, cooking ingredients, paints, and other
assorted snacks. Kit was thrilled with package.
We are planning to do a similar gift package to Miss Banaga in the
Philippines this fall.
Stephen Payne, another missionary that is financially and prayerfully
supported by members of our church joined us one Sunday this summer
while vacationing here in Maine with his family. He continues to conduct
workshops in India and Nepal. He and his team learn their language
sometimes having to create a written alphabet and then translating the Bible
into their native dialects. Praise God, Laura currently is cancer free!
The Mission’s team is looking for a local outreach project. We continue to
search for ways to connect with our community through fellowship and
ministry. A start was made through the monthly public dinners this summer.
Reading Group
The Reading Group is open to anyone who would like to discuss books:
We gather the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm. For car-pooling
contact Sylvia Keene or Jean Thurston. Books to be discussed are:
Oct. – a book about Gandhi
Nov. – “Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale” by Linda Rutledge
Dec. – “What Alice Forgot” by Jane Moriaty
Jan. – a Christmas book each has read
Feb. – “The Woman at the Light” by Joanna Brady
March – “Summoned to Darkness” by Anne-Marie Sheridan
April – “When We Were the Kennedys” by Monica Wood
May – “Cold Sassy Tree” by Olive Ann Burns
June – “Centered” by Steven Powell
By Pastor Bob Wyand
There is not a more incredible decision than the choice to be baptized! God
commanded it for all followers of Christ, if only for the reason that He
knows how often we change our minds. Baptism is a beautiful, intentional
decision that is connected to following Jesus and a memorial of that
decision. Marriage ceremonies are held for the same reason, that the
decision to live together “til death do us part” is intentional and in
commitment to God as well as you future spouse.
Baptism isn’t merely a way to change a mistake, though the journey will
include that. It isn’t a ritual that cleanses you of sins so that you can go
“mudding again” only to seek forgiveness again. It’s not even a ceremony
that pleases a friend or loved one.
Baptism is an individual’s decision to dedicate their life to Jesus, the Son of
God. It’s an intentional choice to live in association with Him and to learn
obedience to His commands. When the apostle Peter preached his first
message to a Jerusalem crowd he ended with this offer, “Repent and be
baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may
be forgiven. And you will receive the Holy Spirit.” What is truly amazing
about this offer is that many in that first century crowd probably shouted
“Crucify Him!” at Jesus’ trial. What God is offering to all of us is
forgiveness of how we have actively lived our lives without regard for God
and His ways. Without Jesus we do not have peace, forgiveness or His
power. Our choice is to repent and be baptized in Jesus’ name. God’s
choice, which he wants to lavish on us, is forgiveness of sins and His Holy
spirit in our lives. Only with forgiveness and the Holy Spirit will we live
eternally and abundantly!
If you would like to work through the decision to be baptized, call me or
drop an email. Classes are intended to help you understand the decision and
do not commit you to be baptized. Many people like to be baptized in a lake
during the summer, since we don’t have an indoor baptistery. Now is a great
time to consider your decision to follow Christ.
Contact List
Church Moderator: Doug Bibber
Church Clerk: Laurie Robbins
Diaconate Board: Sue Powell, Chairperson
Doug Bibber 691-5470
Lisa Steeves 563-8923
Weston Keene, Rep. to Christian Ed.
Francis Caldwell 832-7479 Robin Bibber 380-6025
Trustees: Sylvia Keene, Chairperson
Dennis Robbins, Rep. to Christian Ed.
Laurie Robbins, Secretary
Bob Jackson 563-3964
Al Brosseau 380-2792
John Clark 586-6408
Treasurer: Norma Baldwin
Advisory Board, Doug Bibber, Chairman
Laurie Robbins, Clerk
Sue Powell, Diaconate
Dennis Robbins, Christian Ed.
Sylvia Keene, Trustees
Carroll Schroeder, Finance
Missions Board: Sue Wyand
Callie Bartholomae
Janet Yates
Flower Committee: Laurie Robbins, 832-4675
Sandy Miller
563-1832 Madelyn Woodbury 563-3449
Library: Lisa Steeves,
Church News: Jean Thurston
Madelyn Woodbury
Board of Christian Education: Sue Wyand, Chairperson 563-5861
Dennis Robbins, rep. to Advisory Board, Adney Peck, Iverne Peck,
Weston Keene, Roberta Drake, Donna Jackson, Lisa Bottero.
Finance Committee: Carroll Schroeder, Chairman 563-5522
Hospitality Committee: Pat Winslow, Coordinator 563-8022