How to Keep Your Dog Fit During the Winter

 How to Keep Your Dog Fit During the Winter
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The blistering cold may leave you huddling near the
fireplace or reaching for an extra throw blanket during the
wintertime, but for dogs, the snow-covered fields outside
your home are a great place for exploring and getting in
some quality exercise.
If you find yourself hesitant to go outside because of the
temperature but your pet has other ideas, consider these
great tips in order to have a great time throughout the
chilly season. ... Read More
Bideawee Lights up Times Square!
From the end of December through the
end of March, Bideawee will have
advertising prominently displayed in
Times Square. The public will see a
On December 8th, Santa made a special trip to greet the
holiday giving, and two adoptionmany good boys and girls at Bideawee's Westhampton
focused executions that were
location. Bideawee's annual Photos with Santa event drew developed to engage viewers at the
over 80 pets-including two felines! Bideawee volunteer,
crossroads of the world. The advertising
Dee McMeekan of Dee is for Dogs Photography did a
will be displayed on the video board
fabulous job of shooting the event and all attendees
located on 42nd street between 7th
received a personalized photo of their pet with Santa. The and 8th Avenue, so if you find yourself
annual event was a terrific way to kick off the holiday
in that neighborhood, look up! A
special thanks to Neutron Media and
season and Bideawee looks forward to continuing this
Justin McClure Creative in Wichita,
tradition for many years to come!
Kansas for the media and the creative.
Bideawee is deeply grateful and
Happy Tails - Wallaby (aka Whopper) Reminds us That it’s
appreciative of their generosity and
What’s Inside That Counts
Photos with Santa a Big Hit for People & Pets of
As a former Bideawee volunteer, I should have known
better, but I began my search for a pet by choosing a
cat from the Bideawee website and convincing myself
that "this was the exact cat I wanted." As I completed
the on-line application, I responded to some really
insightful questions about the personality of the cat I was
seeking but these questions didn't really register until I
arrived at the adoption center to complete the
process... Read More
We Thank our Friends this Holiday
Bideawee wants to extend a big thanks
to its friends and family, who have
2012 was a big year for Bideawee. There is no better way partnered up, lent assistance and been
to cap off a year of growth, opportunities, and
a part of the continuous dialogue and
achievements, than with a trip to the legendary New
efforts to improve the lives of homeless
animals over the last year. Among
York Stock Exchange. On December 20th several
Bideawee staff members, including CEO, Nancy Taylor, many others, the organization wishes to
joined Iams, and some four-legged guests at the NYSE to thank Wellness Pet Food for helping
ring the closing bell. Over the years, Bideawee has made Bideawee highlight its adoptable
animals on social media, and for their
several trips to the NYSE and it's always an honor to be
invited back and have the opportunity to bring unbridled generous donation of thousands of
meals for homeless animals, as well as
love and joy of puppies to the floor of the exchange. As
for their sponsorship of our Kiehl's
the organization approaches 2013, we do so with a
Holiday Adoption Event. Bideawee
renewed commitment to our mission, a deep gratitude looks forward to continuing its
for our supporters, and a wish for security and prosperity relationship with this terrific brand in
for pets and people alike in the year ahead. Happy New 2013. A heartfelt thanks also goes out to
Stella and Chewy's for their donation of
Bideawee Rings the Closing Bell at the NYSE![1/7/13 10:03:56 AM]
New York Social Diary Recognizes Bideawee Staff &
Volunteers in Wake of Hurricane Sandy
80 cases of dog and cat dinners and
treats to help us feed our animals after
Hurricane Sandy!
When hurricane Sandy tore through the New York
Metropolitan area, Bideawee suffered tremendous
damages, and the weeks that followed were some of
the most challenging the organization has faced to date.
Recovering from the storm was a herculean task and
Bideawee would not have been back on its feet so soon
after the storm's devastation were it not for the
extraordinary efforts of our dedicated staff and extended
community. The New York Social Diary took notice of
these efforts and profiled Bideawee and highlighted the
many staff members and volunteers that banded
together during this difficult time to ensure the safety and Another Great Match; Bideawee and
Kids Club 13 Make it Official!
well-being of our animals. From commuting on foot for
Bideawee had the pleasure of working
three hours when public transportation was down, to
with Kids Club 13, a family membership
performing surgeries by flashlight, to organizing donation
of Channel Thirteen, throughout 2012
drives and grassroots fundraising efforts, the Bideawee
on a variety of promotions and the
community ensured that the animals continued to
organization is thrilled to make it official
receive the care they needed and deserved. The
in 2013. Beginning in January of 2013,
organization couldn't be prouder of everyone's efforts
Bideawee will become an official
and appreciates the acknowledgment from New York
partner of the media company, which
Social Diary.
is a source for PBS Kids programs like
Curious George, Sesame Street, Martha
Stewart and many others. All Kids Club
Upcoming Events
members will receive free adoptions on
the 13th of every month, in addition to
January 19th
discounts throughout the year.
Unleashed by Petco Adoption Event
Bideawee will also be collaborating
February 16th
with Kids Club on a host of events and
Unleashed by Petco Adoption Event
opportunities in 2013. The organization
looks forward to working with Kids Club
13 to raise awareness for homeless
January 19th
animals, and provide resources to
Adoption Day at the Westhampton Beach Library
families to help cultivate their life-long
January 30th
relationships with their two and fourLove Your Pet Art Contest Craft Workshop
legged loved ones.
January 31st
Love Your Pet Art Contest Craft Workshop
February 8th
5th Annual Love Your Pet Art Expo
February 9th
5th Annual Love Your Pet Art Expo
February 10th
5th Annual Love Your Pet Art Expo
February 16th
Adoption Day & Donation Drive at Teachers Federal Credit Union
February 23rd
Adoption Day & Donation Drive at Teachers Federal Credit Union
Click Here For a Full List of Events
Join the Bideawee Team in 2013!
Have you ever thought about parlaying
your life-long love of animals into a
Bideawee Staff Pick of the Litter
viable career? If you're driven by a
passion for animals, a desire to work in
Alex Harris, Client Care Coordinator, has been with
a fast-paced and rewarding
Bideawee for four years. You may have seen Alex on one environment, and live in the New York
of his many TV appearances with the Bideawee animals, Metropolitan area, consider joining the
including The Early Show, LX NBC, WPIX and Fox News.
Bideawee team! You can now use
Facebook to view Bideawee's open
Alex is one of the members of the behavior team at
Bideawee; however, you will most often find him greeting positions, apply for them, and even
share them with your friend! Just log on
you as you enter the building. A graduate of Clark
to Bideawee's Facebook page, click
University and a native New Yorker, Alex is a proud
the box marked 'Resumator', located
member of the Bideawee family!
underneath and to the right of our[1/7/13 10:03:56 AM]
Timeline image and you'll see a full list of
Berry is an extremely sweet four-year-old dog who has
had really bad luck in his young life. He's been in shelters all available positions. Check back
regularly for updates!
for the last four years and was actually rescued from a
municipal shelter where he was consistently kept off the
euthanasia list because he was so well-loved. Bideawee
is lucky to be able to take him and now he's just looking
for a home. He gets along well with other dogs, he knows
all his commands and he is extremely sweet and loving. If
you're interested in adopting Berry, please come into
Bideawee in Manhattan and we'll be happy to make an
Watch Berry's Video.
Grasshopper is an extremely sweet and calm 10 year-old
cat who was, unfortunately, surrendered to a municipal
shelter due to a child's allergies. She gives friendly headbutts and kisses and loves to be petted. She can tolerate
other cats, but I think she'd love to be a single cat and
get all of your attention. Bideawee would love for you to
come in and take this special girl home!
Watch Grasshopper's Video.
Pet Health
Ask The Vet
Due to the curiosity around this topic we're revisiting an
answer to the question on how to distinguish between
fainting and seizures in dogs.
How can I tell the difference between fainting [in a dog]
and a seizure?
To find out if your company has a
matching gift policy, check with your
Ask The Trainer
Human Resources Dept. If your
company is eligible, request a
My dog continuously jumps on people when they come matching gift form and send it
into my house. I have tried everything; including putting completed and signed with your gift.
him on leash when people come over, but it does not
We will do the rest.
seem to work. Do I need to crate him when I have guests?
In 2010 my dog became sick and had to be put to sleep.
Unfortunately, when I was finally ready for a new dog my
living arrangements wouldn't permit it. I had looked into
volunteering at Bideawee a few times after my dog
passed, but the timing wasn't right and I couldn't bring
myself to do it. I simply wasn't ready. I finally felt ready in
May of 2012 and sent in my volunteer application... See
More[1/7/13 10:03:56 AM]
What better time to give a cat a
forever home than winter! Come visit
our new adoptable cats now residing
at our Adoption Centers in Manhattan
and Westhampton - one could be your
new best friend.[1/7/13 10:03:56 AM]