How to redeem your PaperCut Card 

How to redeem your PaperCut Card After purchasing your PaperCut card from the front office, you will need to log in to a computer at VSC and go to the PaperCut website. Either type the URL <> directly, or click the link from the Moodle front page. You will be given a login dialog box like this: Log in using your normal username (eg student ID number for student) and password. Once you have logged in, you will see a screen showing your recent activity, balance, environmental impact, and other statistics. To redeem your card, click on the “Redeem Card” link on the left hand side. Enter your card number and click the “Redeem Card” button. You will receive one of three messages back from the system: You were successful. Your extra credit will now be available. You have mistyped the card number. Please try again. You have already entered that number. It can only be used once. If you truly believe that there is an error, you may visit the IT computer office Room C22 to resolve the issue. When you have finished, please put your used card in any paper recycle bin.