11. How to Generate and Manage User Generated Content THE BEST OF APC

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11. How to Generate
and Manage User
Generated Content
Collin Crowell
General Manager, Ringier Vietnam
Presented in APC 2010
How to generate and manage user generated content
for publishers
How to generate and manage user generated content
for publishers
How to generate and manage user generated content
for publishers
User generated content…
• Yes, it’s popular, but it’s not just hype, but a real publishing solution
– Make content faster, stronger and smarter
– Stay competitive
– Attract talent
– Improve your bottom line
I’m American. From New Orleans.
Who am I?
In 2005, I joined this Swiss company. I worked with a great Web development company.
In, 2002 I moved to Qingdao, China. I started a media business in Qingdao. Learned publishing overseas.
Where I helped build this magazine and Web site.
HCMC is my home. Been here for one year.
I went back to school last year and got my degree in digital media publishing.
I lived and worked in China until…
Ringier who? A long story…
• Ringier is 175‐year old family‐owned Swiss media company
• We just teamed up with Axel Springer and are now the market leader forEast and Central Europe.
• Crazy enough, we’ve been in Vietnam for
nearly 20 years.
– We helped found some of the first magazines in Vietnam: Vietnam Economic Times…
– Women’s glossy, ThoiTrangTre…
– Then almost lost it all…
• Now we’re back for more.
What does Ringier
do in Vietnam?
1. Develop and maintain our current business
First women’s fashion magazine in Vietnam. Top 5 magazine brands in Vietnam
Just 8 months old. No. 1 circulated family cooking magazine in Vietnam 2. Introduce top tier international brands to Vietnam
3. Build digital brands that rely on user‐generated content for growth
But enough
about me.
The web and print. It’s not a zero-sum
world in publishing. But… Cannibals!
The web eats my print business.
I don’t believe this. I find that the web
engagesmy readers, drives down my editorial costs and improves my overall performance. No money!
There’s no money online or I can’t make money. My experiences tell me this is wrong. Change your
perspective. I find, that at worst, the web can save you money. The City Weekend Project
• City Weekend is an English entertainment magazine in China.
• We were poor. We were behind. We had to think differently.
• Fortunately, we had a great CEO who championed the Web (even though he didn’t know what that meant.)
Before we were just
like everyone else…
• A small group of editors would plan, source and edit content into a magazine. • After the magazine came out, some poor “web editor” would be responsible to upload all the content online.
• The only interactivity was that users could submit classifieds. • Our staff turnover was high. Work was hard!
The trick was to reverse it.
Instead of making a magazine, we made a website
that made a magazine. Users (including businesses)
created CW content
• They recommended and reviewed new restaurant and bars
• They shared photos from events and parties
• They made lists of their favorite places and people
• They blogged about news and events
• They added events
• They made the content… Editors just edited it.
Thewebsite becamethe
smartest guy in the room
• Editors and users shared events, articles, listings, photos, classifieds and comments with the site.
• Each “object” shared by users was ranked on the site. The best of the web was analyzed by the editors and exported into print.
• Editors andSales and Marketing were alerted to new content via the CMS’s content approval system. • The CMS exported the best content directly into InDesign. It also published the content into our email updates and mobile service.
UGC content flow in the City
Weekend CMS
• Visit site
• Create content
• Listings
• Classifieds
• Articles
• Events
• Photos
• Categorized, ranked, managed and shared data
• Alerted users
• 24/7
• Approved Sorted and edited data
• Exports data into:
• Magazine
• Email update
• Mobile phone
• RSS feeds
The magazine advertised the web interaction for users
Contact editor. Read blog. Contact the author. Read more.
Pick your favorites
Add your events
It was one big circle
• Magazine, email update, mobile phone
• Share content they like and want
The website
• Organize, edit, share, help design
• Organizes, ranks, edits, shares, alerts
So, did it work?
So, did it work?
800 unique daily visitors in 2006 Today, 26,000 (doubleour competitors) ☺
3,000 listings in 2006. Today‐ 16,451
In 2006, we had zero registered users. Today, we have 93,699.
• CW is now the market leader in Beijing and Shanghai. CW has a staff of 15 editors. Our next competitor has 30.
Yeah, but…
We’re doing it now with other
• Well, we’re doing it with our cooking brand, BepGiaDinh.
– Readers share their recipes
– Write blog articles
– Review products, recipes and places
• We’ll have 12,000 members by December 2010
• Six editors (48pg. Bi weekly)
Web promos
The magazine drives traffic to the website
Share your recipes
Now, we launch digital brands
first… Then print
• Ringier is launching four new digital brands in 2010. The first, is a wedding planning website. www.marry.vn
• Users (and businesses) can add, recommend, share, rate and review content. Same as CW.
• Soft launch was this Monday
– 300 members on Day 1. Each member estimated to spend 15‐20,000 USD on their wedding
• The “Best of” Marry magazine comes out for wedding season.
Final thoughts on UGC
1. Reverse the process – bottom to the top
2. Think of your content as objects and build databases of “objects” that can be moved around into your media products
3. What’s in it for me? Users won’t share unless you’re giving back i.e. exposure, vanity, etc.
4. There are a lot of great CMS for UGC
5. The web has everything, print has the best –
don’t duplicate
But enough about
What do you
think of me?
P.S. We’re hiring.