How to Become An Affiliate With STEP 1

How to Become An Affiliate With
STEP 1: Create Your Customer Account. Go to the home page: and click on the “Register”
link at the top right hand portion of the home page.
If you have already created a Customer Account
or have signed up as a Vendor, skip Step 1 and
go to Step 2.
STEP 2: Login to Your Customer Account with your Email and Password.
The Login is at top right-hand side of the page, right next to the “Register” link.
STEP 3: Once you have logged in, you will see a new row of links appear called the “Members Area”.
Click on the link “Affiliate Program & Banners”
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• Agree to the Terms
• Choose PayPal as the
Affiliate Payout Option
• Click the “Save” button
You will see your Affiliate ID, your
Affiliate URL and the links to
embed a web banner on your
website or email link in your
emails. Copy and paste the code
for the desired banner into your
email, website or blog.
• Click on link
“Enter My Tax ID & Payment Info”
• Enter your Social Security
or Tax ID# into our Secure,
Encrypted Database
(We will issue you a 1099 year-end for the
income you have been paid.)
• Enter your PayPal address.
Once you have accrued $50, payment
will be made into your PayPal account.
If you don’t have a PayPal account, visit to sign up for a free
account. No need to create a special
business account – a standard PayPal
account is adequate.
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