How to construct a custom divider for your freestyle palette

How to construct a custom divider for your freestyle
Tools needed:
Sticky back foam sheets
(available at all craft stores)
Freestyle palette
(From TKB)
(8) 26mm pre-pressed round pans
Marker & pen
1" round craft punch
(Choose one with a mouth wide enough to slide foam in easily)
Step 1
Measure and cut out two pieces of craft foam in a color of your choosing,
3-1/4" x 3-1/4" square.
Step 2
Paper side up, on each edge using the ruler, divide the square into thirds
and make dots on each side with the marker. It will smudge and wipe off so
take care not to touch your marks. Connect the dots and draw lines using
the ruler as your guide, it will resemble a tic tac toe board. Let sit a few
minutes so the marker ink dries a little. It can still wipe off but it won't be as
likely to smudge in the next few steps.
Step 3
Using the 1" craft punch, punch out eight circles from leftover or scrap foam
sheets. Peel off the paper backing from the circles and arrange them equally
in the center of all the outer boxes.
Step 4
Trace around the circles with a pen. The ink probably won't transfer to the
backing but that's ok, the pen tip will scratch the outline into the backing.
Peel the foam circles off and place back on their paper to reuse or just
throw them away.
Step 5
Align the craft punch to each circle tracing and punch out all eight circles.
This is now your template for the second piece of square foam that you cut
earlier. Lay the punched out 9cm x 9cm square foam over the back of the
second piece of square foam. Trace inside the circles with the pen then
punch those circles out as well.
Step 6
Make sure both pieces of foam align correctly, turning top one around until
they line up as close as you can get. You can make minor adjustments with the
1" circle punch or scissors to the bottom layer of foam.
Step 7
Peel off the backing to the top piece of foam and while making sure it is
aligned correctly, affix it to the bottom piece of foam. Press firmly to smooth
the two pieces out and to ensure the adhesion is solid.
Step 8
Place the 2 stacked pieces of foam into the palette to make sure it's a
good fit. If needed trim sides of the foam pieces using the scissors. Peel of
the backing to the bottom piece of foam. Place the foam stack into the
palette and press down firmly on all sides to ensure that the glue is affixed
to the bottom of the palette.
Step 9
With fingers on the edges of the pressed pans, gently but firmly, push each
of them into a circular opening ensuring contact with the magnetic bottom of
the palette. The circles are slightly smaller then the pans but the foam will
expand and hold the pans snugly.
Additional notes
With a little work, measuring and hunting down more craft punches of suitable
sizes, you can customize your freestyle palette to work with any combination
of tkb trading pans for a truly custom palette that is visually appealing. If
needed, trace your empty pans and carefully cut out with a craft knife. You
can color coordinate your dividers to match the rest of your line as foam
sheets come in a wide variety of colors from pastels to brights, metallics and
even glitter sheets.
To clean your custom divider just run a damp cloth over the foam and let it
air dry. Too dirty to clean or damaged? Maybe you just want a change of
scenery.. pull the foam out and start all over with a new layout or color!
I couldn't get to the center of the foam to make it a nine pan palette so I
concluded that... the space would make a good spot if you wanted to put a
sticker labeling the pans or your logo.