How to Guide on using the local board website

How to Guide on using the local board website
(screenshots are just for reference, while you follow along on your computer)
1) How to get to the Local Board Website?
You will now see the following screen …
a) Go to … and click the link to go to
the Local Board Site
-- OR -Go to the site directly at ….
Enter your email the exact way you registered the first time.
If you entered a valid email account you will see the
following message that states
An Email has been sent to your email address. You will be
redirected back to the home page.
2) How to enter the local board site
a) If you have used this site before and remember your
password, please enter your email and password then click
the login button.
The site will go back to the login page where you enter your
email and password that was just sent to you.
If you type in an incorrect email, you will get the following
message: This email has not been registered for this
website. Please try again
c) If this is your first time to the site, please click Register
b) If you have used this site before and DO NOT remember
your password, please click the Forgot Password link on the
bottom of the page.
It will bring you to the following page:
You will be required to enter your name, email, password
and your password again to confirm it.
We will send the password to you in an email.
If you believe you are entering in the correct information and
you receive the following message:
Your email is not a valid email that we have within our
system, please contact PSPRS to have your email added.
You will need to contact PSPRS and let them know the exact
error message that you are getting. It simply could be that
PSPRS does not have your email registered in the system.
Once the report is shown on the website, you can either
print the report (if you are using internet explorer) or you
can export the document.
To print the document, you simply hit the print icon on the
report banner,
. You will be asked to select what
printer you want to use and hit OK.
3) How to use the site?
You will need to know the SSN, Retirement Date, System
(Employer Group Name) and the High 3 years salary
If you want to print the report and you are not using internet
explorer, you will have to export the report. Next to
“Export” on the report banner, there is a dropdown list.
The System dropdown will only be populated with the
systems that the user belongs to; this allows users who
belong to both Fire and Police to use one login.
You simply put in the SSN, Retirement Date, select the
system (employer group name) and enter in the high 3 salary
amount. If you know the final contribution amount, you can
enter that here. If the retirement date is in the future and
you do not put in an amount for the final contributions, the
program will project out based upon the average of the last
12 contributions.
You simply select the type that you want to export then the
Export banner item will be enabled, and you select Export.
Once you are done filling in the fields, please click the
Calculate button.
The report will take 1-2 seconds to generate and will appear
down below …
You will be asked where you want to export the report. For
best results export to PDF format. Once the report has been
exported you can use the program to display the report to
print the report (i.e. Adobe Reader for PDF, Excel for Excel,