How To Make A Woman WANT You By Unlocking The... Her Mind

How To Make A Woman WANT You By Unlocking The Secrets To
Her Mind
By Matt Flynn
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Are You Hopeless With Women?
Can’t get a date? Can’t ask women out? Not confident around them?
Some guys have it, some guys don’t. That is just the way the world is. However, if you are the type
of guy that just can’t get a girl to go out with you, date you or even talk to you, now there is no
reason that you can’t change that.
Women are emotional creatures. Regardless of what you look like or what you do, confidence, the
things you say and do can make any woman weak at her knees, if you do it right.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Navigating Your Way Inside of a Woman's Mind
Chapter 2: Top Five Places to Take Any Woman on a Date
Chapter 3: Instant Amazing Icebreakers
Chapter 4: How to Challenge Her without Losing Her
Chapter 5: Demolish Your Fear of Rejection
Chapter 6: Simple Strategies for Getting Her Number
Bonus Chapter: 5 Things Single Men Do That Women Hate
Where To From Here?
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Dear Reader,
First of all I want to offer you my sincerest congratulations for taking the first step in a series of
positive steps that you will need to take in order to take control of your dating life.
The things which you will learn here about women and about dating are things that I guarantee you
most men in the entire world will NEVER learn about their female counterparts. You are given
knowledge and information about the biggest secrets women have. This includes information on
how women think.
It includes information on what attracts women. It also includes information on how you can show
the woman around you that you are a great catch and they should stand up and take notice. The
book contains information on how to approach a woman as well as how to talk to her (or not talk to
her) and then how to keep her hooked as you start to date her. There are dating tips in here that most
men would literally kill to have.
At this point you might be curious as to how all of these secrets—and there seem to be a lot of them
—can be contained here in this short and simple ebook. And if this is true then why is it that all men
do not have access to them? Why are these secrets not well known if they can fit here? Well the
answer is that most men do not have the secrets because they assume that the things they have done
over and over in life and made a routine are the way things should be done. This is not just true of
the dating world but also true of money management as well as the way people take care of their
relationships and themselves. If you were taught that left is right and right is left you might live
your entire life that way without questioning it because—after all—it was the way you were taught.
I am sure that you are aware at this point that people will not go out of their way to find information
about any subject if they already think that they have enough information to get the results they
want. But then what happens when your methods stop producing the results that you so desire?
What happens when you realize that as you get older your methods are not working for you in the
same manner? Well at this point you have one of two choices. First you can choose to continue in
your habits and keep doing whatever you are doing even if you know it isn’t working well for you
and just expect different results. Or second you can look for new data or new information that can
help you change your existing habits and make better choices in the future. Of course the first of
these options is quite bad but the second shows a good sign of your character. And picking up this
book is one of those good signs!
Bear in mind that most men continue with the first (and bad) option. They might even do this for
the rest of their lives even if it does not give them the results they want. There might be men who
have picked up this book and are already reading it while the thought “What idiot needs a book to
tell them how to date?” The irony to this thought is that it is the exact reason why almost ALL men
FAIL to learn the most effective and simple strategies for dating which you will uncover in this
But this bodes well for you because it means that you will have the skills to snatch up women right
from under the Neanderthal men who laugh at reading such material (there is more on this topic
later in the book)
You could have picked up this book because you decided that it is high time you set aside your ego
and just accept the simple fact that you may not know as much as you would like on dating and that
you can always stand to learn more about relating to the fairer sex. Or maybe you just had a bad
break up or suffered through a divorce and now you want to learn more about the dating game. Or
perhaps you just want to find a higher caliber of women with whom to associate and you realized
that there may be better methods of doing this than the ones you are currently using.
Whatever reason you have for finding out more about how the dating game is play you will learn a
lot from this book. You will learn to expound upon the lessons that life has already taught you as
soon as you open up this book. Soon you will see a variety of dating options unfold at your
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Chapter 1: Navigating Your Way Inside of a Woman's Mind
Do you ever feel that if you could open up a woman’s mind you could power yourself with the
knowledge of knowing just what she is thinking? It may be possible, but, mind reading isn’t what
this book’s about. You are going to learn about women, and what drives women. Once you have the
power to understand what they are, you will have the power to connect with nearly every woman.
For most men, the physical and mental attraction to women can be overwhelming. There’s one
thing that seems to separate men and women, and that is that they are different. In fact, they can
seem like foreigners at times. Understanding them doesn’t take years of researching the subject
matter, it basically requires that you acquaint yourself with, and recognize the two basic ways that
women think differently than men.
#1 How Women Get Their Way
Many women are charismatic. However, there’s a great difference between them and us. The
difference is the way they influence others. Women are not physically stronger than men. Men
realize this, and some men (as well as, women) assume that women are easily intimidated. The
situation then boils down to a different method used for women to get their way- to control a
situation. The most commonly used method for women to get their way is through manipulating
other people’s emotions. Better put- drama!
One example is when we hear we’ve “made her mad”- after she hasn’t gotten her way! Now, as a
man, she’s played on your emotions, and drama is in the scene. As men, our soft spots are hit, and
we step up to plate, feeling as though we take responsibility for the emotional state of the woman.
We do our best (or not) to avoid “making” a woman feel insecure, pouty, angry, jealous, upset, sad,
stupid and other dramatic emotional states.
When you consider it, it is almost amusing. When a woman uses drama, she can nearly win any
situation between her and a man. It’s a method that works; and, a good one! Being the weaker sex,
women have resorted to this method for thousands of years. Unconventional ways have long been a
means for women to accomplish something as they have not only been the physically weaker sex,
but, also deprived of positions of authority.
Before I go much further, there is something I’d like to point out. Manipulation is a tactic that when
it comes down to it, isn’t harmful to use- not even with drama. Each of us uses manipulation to get
what we want. Some individuals term it as influence or inspiration. Manipulation isn’t “force”.
Manipulation can be considered a type of persuasion.
Intimidation is more often the method men use to get what they want, and a more forceful method
than drama. Therefore, men really don’t have to lose respect for women when they use drama to get
what they want. What they can do, and what I am going to teach you, is how you can gain from this
new knowledge to enhance your options to get optimal results in your interactions with women.
There is no woman on earth that is “drama free”. Women love drama because it is a method that
gets them what they are after. As men, we not only have the need to understand this, we need to
learn how to deal with women’s drama and how not to allow them to overpower us when using it.
The best thing about this is that it is what most women crave.
#2 How Women Process Attraction
If you are questioning the last statement, then it is time to look a little deeper into a woman and
understand how attraction is processed by women. The first thing, which most men are completely
ignorant of, is what women really want in a man.
Let’s start here. If you are dating and have been asking advice, stop! You’ll drive yourself off the
deep end. You likely have already caught onto this.
This is the bottom line:
Do you feel like you go in all directions because you feel as though women have no idea of what
they really want from a relationship with a man? You hear they want a “nice” man that is polite and
sensitive and respects the woman like his mother. A man that knows how to care and one that is
responsible, and puts the woman first. A man that floods her with compliments and one that listens
and is a good friend. But then…
They choose the wrong men- they are suddenly in love with men that are selfish, unrefined,
childish, and cocky, and you sit back and think:
“What the hell does she see in him?”
You’ve played your cards right, you’ve been kind and considerate; you’ve treated her like a lady.
You are a man who has shown her respect, and how well a woman can be treated. And, where has
that gotten you? You are now “one of the girls” or a “great friend”, or even worse, she has
dismissed you from her life.
So, what’s with this? You were the man of every woman’s dreams. You used every tactic that could
make the woman feel as though she’d found everything she was looking for, and you are in the
friend zone, and have the bitter reality of seeing her fall for that simply disgraceful guy.
The reason this happened is because what a woman says she wants, isn’t necessarily what she
wants. The sooner you realize that what women say and what they actually want are two separate
things, the better position you are in. This should not come as a surprise; most of us want say that
we want things that are contrary to what our behaviors reflect.
Diet is a perfect example. Everyone wants to be healthy. But, not everyone eats healthy. Most
people want to be rich, but not all people conserve their money. Our deeper subconscious motives
drive us, and women are no different.
I am not saying this to be critical. Most of us are unaware of our true motives behind our behaviors,
and most of us feel that we are true to our words when we say what we want.
If you are serious about wanting to know what attracts the woman, then don’t listen to what she
says. Take a closer look at her behaviors. The sad reality is, that “jerk” has something that women
like- something that attracts them. They help pump the woman’s adrenaline, and make them feel
In romantic relationships, excitement and security are primary emotional needs. Men that can meet
this need for women have a power that others don’t. They ignite the woman’s subconscious
attraction which influences her heart to take control of her mind.
Sound like a tough concept to grasp? Think of men you know that have lost their marbles over the
physical attraction they have to a woman. Consider individuals that are overweight with high blood
pressure and eat fast foods every day. Think of impulsive spenders that want to be rich, but, they
just can’t stop spending.
Each is a prime example of how our emotional drives override our reasoning minds into
submission. Now do you have a better understanding as to why “jerks” aka “bad boys” trigger that
animal instinct- the subconscious attraction that draws them to exactly what they say they aren’t
looking for?
The first thing to understand as a “nice” man, is that women do not have an effect on these “bad
boys” when they use drama. Women find this exciting, as this makes them unpredictable.
Consider this. Does the woman get any excitement out of being able to predict how a man will
respond to her when she manipulates him because he is afraid of “making” her feel angry, jealous,
upset, sad, stupid, insecure, and pouty or some other dramatic emotional state?
You got it… this can get pretty boring. The harsh reality of the situation is that the better looking a
woman is, the more she is used to having men “fall” for this method, and having control over them.
This is a situation she is fine with, as it gets her what she wants. But, these aren’t the men she dates.
She tends to be drawn to the men that aren’t intimidated by drama and know how to take charge.
This is where the need for safety and security exists. Consider this. Does a woman really feel secure
when she has a man that she can manipulate into submission? Does this mean that the man is weak,
submissive, and insecure, or confident and powerful? Most women want a man that is kind and
knows how to respect a woman and treat her with love. A man that is responsible and sensitive and
who treats her like she is the most important thing on earth, and to be a good friend.
The reality is that men have a tendency to be one or the other. The nice guy or the unrefined bad
boy. There are few of us that are both. Unfortunately for the nice guy, the bad boy meets the woman
need for excitement and safety, and the bad boy wins. After all, the nice guy is predictable.
Did you pick up on the key element in the last two paragraphs? There is a way to be every woman’s
dream of a man, and it boils down to balance.
Work on developing the bad boy’s immunity to drama, and balance that with the manners, chivalry,
and sensitivity of the nice guy, and you have become every woman’s dream.
Chapter 2: Top Five Places to Take Any Woman on a Date
Now that you have a basic understanding, let’ get a bit into the dating scene. We’ll start with where
to take a woman on a date. I am going to discuss five wonderful ideas, and about the significance of
what you’ve learned in the last chapter to relate it to dating activities and locations:
When you have the best understanding of how a woman thinks, how she estimates a man’s value,
and how attraction is processed, the less important dating activities and locations become.
Do not misread this. This isn’t saying that even if you are a man of high value you can take a
woman on a cheesy date. It is saying that you will be more important than the location or activity of
the date. We all know people that seem to have a good time no matter where they go. This is what
you want with a woman.
Men that don’t feel confident in their ability to create attraction with a woman have the tendency to
feel that they need to plan an extravagant date. Women are not dumb to this, and this I not what
necessarily attracts the woman. Sure, she likes nice things, but, she is also aware of men that lack
the confidence to create attraction.
The man goes out of his using exterior things to create attraction, when what she really wants is to
connect to the man to fulfill her needs for security and excitement.
Relax; I have some great date suggestions that might not sound like the “hot” date you had you had
in mind. Realize that for a great date, you need to set the stage to let her see you are a man of high
value, and to make a connection with her.
Date #1: Group Dancing Lessons
When I say group dance lessons I am not referring to a noisy club where you are screaming to hear
one another. Take her to a dance studio that offers group dance lessons for partners such as
ballroom dancing.
What’s the purpose of this date? Dancing is physical, it is touching, it is expressing, and it is the
ideal way to bring you into contact with one another without having the intimidation of “should I”.
Dancing is an ideal way to build attraction and to get comfortable with each other. It will also give
you something to connect with one another, to further your conversation with one another, and to
laugh about before, during, and after the date.
Dancing also offers other benefits that might not have popped into your head. She will likely not be
your only the only woman you dance with, and this is a plus for you. When she sees that you are
confident seeing her with other men it will show your confidence. It will show that you aren’t the
jealous type, and that you are secure- all a sign of high value.
It is not uncommon for women to test men to determine if they are the jealous type. When you take
her to a group dancing lesson, you’ve already overcome this, and she is able to see that you aren’t
the jealous type from the get go. You’ll also be able to determine how confident she is with seeing
you with other women.
Another benefit is that this may be only the first dance lesson, and it may be an activity that you
continue, which is a good activity in a relationship. Dancing has a way of igniting the spark
between couples and strengthens the bond between couples.
Date #2: Piano Bar
Piano bars can be the ideal date offering the best of both worlds- you have plenty of space for good
conversation, and plenty of relaxation to not be concerned with keeping the conversation going. The
mood is also a romantic mood, with a minimal noise level.
Get a little closer to your date by making the date a little more exciting by putting in requests for the
pianist. Spark your date to also make some requests. This allows you to pick up on the other’s taste
for music and to have something more to talk about.
Music is a great way to discover a person. Now, you can discover why they like the music as well.
This is an opening to a conversation that can lead you to find out a great deal about a woman. She’ll
likely tell you something about herself, as well. Music also has the power to help us with expressing
ourselves, and sharing with people we aren’t close to.
Date #3: Wine Tasting
Wine tasting is a great date and one that you can be a man of sophistication, or one that does show
ignorance- the same goes for the woman. Both can be a turn on to the woman, as long as you come
across in the right way. This boils down to your personality, and the type of woman that you want
to attract. Knowing about wines can give you the image of sophistication, culture, and class, and a
wine tasting venue is a relaxed atmosphere that offers an environment to enjoy wines together and
have plenty of space to enjoy conversation.
The key is to ensure that you do not come across as a snob, and do not go overboard in impressing
her with your intellect. Instead use this as a chance to charm her with your personality. If you are
one that is ignorant to wine and she is, as well, it might be the perfect venue to enjoy some good
tastes and some great conversation.
Date #4: Mini Golf
If your date has a competitive side, this is the ideal date. Miniature golf is play, there is no real skill
that is necessary, and it can be the ideal date to build sexual tension. Men and women have an
interesting connection between competitiveness and sexuality, and mini golf can be a fun and
intriguing way to bring out your date’s competitive side.
There is always the possibility that this is the first time she’s played miniature golf and that she is
open to you teaching her how to use the club, which is the prime opportunity for physical contact.
Miniature golf can be a date that offers just the right combination and gives you something to talk
about before, during and after the date. You will also discover your date’s playful side.
Date #5: Amusement Parks
Amusement parks or fairs offer a date that is fun, and one that can be memorable for years. You
have the enjoyment of sharing rides, winning her a stuffed animal, eating carnival foods, and plenty
of time to share conversation. You will also discover her playful and fun side and get a better view
of her personality.
Chapter 3: Instant Amazing Icebreakers
You have the dates, but, you still need some icebreakers to start the date off right. A first date is
awkward, conversations can be a struggle, and you can be uncomfortable. There are times that this
is a sign that you and your date don’t have a connection, but, there are others that a good icebreaker
can mean the difference in your connection.
1. Ask her about where she grew up
“Where are you from?” may seem like a run of the mill question, but, it can be a question that leads
into a conversation that allows you to discover a lot about her growing up, a lot about her family
and her background.
“Where are you from?” is an icebreaker that can start fairly easily and lead into further
conversation. Ask if that is where she grew up, how she liked living there as a child, what were
things she did, and so on. You are able to have her open up and share a bit about her. You don’t
have the unpleasantness of where the conversation should go or what you should say next. If she
grew up in a different town from where you meet you also have the topic of what brought her to the
town you are in now.
2. Ask her about what she was like in High School
This is an icebreaker that can be a humorous conversation. In high school, most individuals were a
complete different individual than the mature adult they are in their grown up years. When you ask
her about what she was like in high school, you may find some interesting tidbits about her. You
can simply ask her what group she was in, and go from there. You might find out she was the prom
queen, or the nerd, or the athletic star.
3. Ask her about where she has traveled to (other countries etc.)
Asking her about her travels is another great icebreaker and one that can be done in much way. You
can ask her what countries she’s visited, or how far she’s traveled from ____.
The nice thing about conversations that involve travel is that they are generally a topic that people
like to share, and a place that is interesting and exciting. You are able to ask about the culture, the
atmosphere, and so on. Travel is a great topic to share in a conversation that is interesting and
exciting, as most people don’t travel to places that aren’t important to them.
4. Ask her about places she wants to travel to (other countries etc.)
If you started with the “where have you traveled” icebreaker than asking her about places she’d like
to travel to is a great follow up question. This will also give you an insight into her interests. You
can ask her why she’d like to travel there. What attracts her to the place… or why she would find
the place an interesting place to live? This can also give you some insight as to the lifestyle she may
want for the future- a relaxing atmosphere, or a fast paced city.
5. Ask her about her hobbies, dreams or interests
These are also questions that seem run of the mill, but they offer you the opportunity to show here
that you are interested in knowing her, and they should be topics that she is comfortable with. Be
sure that you do show interest when you ask. Don’t just ask the question and then move onto the
next question. Expand on the topic a bit, to show that it is interesting to you, as well.
You can ask her what makes her interested in the hobby, and maybe connect to why it is enjoyable.
Ask her how long it has been a hobby of hers. Or ask her when she realized that ____ was a life
dream. It is important to show interest so that you don’t come across like a man screening a possible
candidate for a future partner! The nice thing about this is that you will discover a lot about her and
get a feel for whether or not the relationship does have the potential to grow.
When you use icebreakers, understand that to get the best results you must be a good listener. In
turn, your date is more likely to want to listen to you.
Chapter 4: How to Challenge Her without Losing Her
Let’s take a look at how we can best demonstrate this value when on a date.
When we learn to challenge her and to show that we are not the “needy” type personality; that we
are men with emotional fortitude who can provide her with the safety she needs, we are a man she
will want. Many men think that this approach can cost them the relationship. It is the opposite; it
will make her head over heels for you. She will begin to see that you are a man of value.
If we were to go deep into how a woman determines the value of a man, it would take us the entire
book. Instead, we are going to focus on how women “test” men to determine their value. One
question you might have is why women tend to fall for these bad boys they can’t control, but, still
try to manipulate them into her control. This isn’t a bad question.
The reason is that she is putting him through the “test” to determine if he is a man she wants or not.
To determine if he is a man of high value. The sad reality here is that the better catch the woman is
the more tests the man will go through! Simply put, women that are a good catch know that they are
in high demand and they have other options. Testing is a way to sort through the men they date to
determine the best pick.
You really can’t blame women here. Most reasonable individuals use the same approach when they
have many options to choose from. The greater the volume of options, the better they tend to be
with determining their best. Is there any reason why a woman with high value would settle for less
than a man of high value?
If you had plenty of options to choose from, would you settle?
Simply put: If you are after the super intelligent, super-hot women with high value, then you will
need to learn how to respond properly when she puts you through the tests to show that you are a
man of high value. If you don’t, you won’t be the man that passes her test, and ends up with her on
his arm, and you will be in a position to settle for less. It is my guess that this has happened at least
once in your life, and you want this to end, right?
Again, what is the method women use to test men? Yep! Drama! You’ve likely noticed that the
most attractive women hold the highest skill in manipulating a man’s emotional state with drama.
There is reason for this.
Every man’s dream is to be with a high value woman, but they don’t learn to be a high value man
by developing emotional fortitude. They just expect a woman with it all to land on their doorstepwithout taking into consideration that there is a world of men for these women to choose among.
If you want the woman to discover that you are the man of her dreams, you need to prove yourself
and to show the confidence when you are tested. The better you are able to do this, the better you
show yourself as a high value man.
Your next question is likely how long these tests will take. Get ready! As long as you are the man in
her life, you can expect these tests to continue. When we date most of us are on our best behavior
until we get further in the relationship, then we let our hair down. The better catch the woman is, the
more reason she has to not settle for a man that she doesn’t have full confidence in, and she will
keep checking to test, to ensure you are the same man you once were- the man she fell for to begin
with- the man she can count on.
Chapter 5: Demolish Your Fear of Rejection
Fear of rejection is natural and normal, and the intimidation is real. The fear in a human is the same
fear in an animal- it is a defense mechanism. It seems as though the reality of fear can make it
bigger than life, but when you overcome fear, you have overcome the obstacle it creates. This is the
reason for this chapter.
When you are able to demolish fear of any kind you are in control. Fear is something that you don’t
“get rid of”, but you overcome. To overcome your fear of rejection, find another fear that is greater,
and one that the reward achieved will be greater.
Think back to when the last time you did something that really triggered fear. Why did you not
stop? What made you do it anyway? It was likely that you realized there was a reward that was
great than the fear itself. It could be that you were being interviewed for a new job, and you were
scared you wouldn’t portray yourself as the ideal candidate. That didn’t stop you from going did it?
In this situation, you risked rejection because you needed this new employment. You didn’t have
another option- or you didn’t in your mind. We always have a choice to collapse to fear. You didn’t
have to go to the interview. You could have convinced yourself that there was a reason to not go.
Was it courage that made you go?
It wasn’t courage that made you go through with the interview, it was the fear that triggered the will
to confront the fear and the belief there was a greater reward. It was your survival mechanism. The
fact that in order to survive, you needed employment. The reward was greater than the fear.
There are many times people confront fear due to a greater fear. There is fear of driving for many
people, but, they confront this fear to be independent. The fear of not having transportation is often
more paralyzing. The fear of being dependent on another driver is also eliminated. With practice,
the fear of driving is overcome. But, if you were to simply sit behind the wheel and focus on your
fear and not start the engine, you’d never experience the reward that driving brings.
This is the same with fear of rejection. When you approach or meet women the rejection of fear is
intimidating. If the fear overcomes you, then you do not have the confidence to meet women. In
other words, you lack experience. With experience the fear diminishes. You need to understand this
when you experience the fear of rejection. When you realize that it is experience you lack, then it
will be easier for you to get over the fear of approaching women.
There are many things you could try- creative visualization, positive thinking, affirmations,
hypnosis, and every other mind over matter strategy for overcoming fear. The downside is that with
each of these is that fear isn’t a mind state. Fear is a condition that is real and is physical and it takes
action to overcome it. With action you build experience and the more experience you have the less
fear you will experience.
Yes, there will still be that magnificent physical rush you feel when you approach a woman, or ask
for her number, or to go on a date. But, the more experienced you become, the less intense the
action will be.
Now, if you don’t take the experience approach, but try to talk yourself out of the fear or use mind
over matter, the greater the fear will likely become. This will paralyze your initiative and the result
will be that you settle for less.
With this said, let’s look at the steps involved in confronting fear for a MUST DO- getting her
phone number!
Chapter 6: Simple Strategies for Getting Her Number
There’s a little more to dating than getting the phone number, as you likely have had the experience
of getting a phone number in the past to have nothing come of it. It could be that you never called
her. But, if you meet a great woman, you definitely want the opportunity to contact her…and, a
phone number is essential.
1. Give Her your Number First
Giving her your number first is effective because she has the security that you are willing to offer
her something, as well. Granted, this may not be what she was asking for, but it is a mutual
The best way to exchange numbers is by making it a part of tying up your encounter. You can say
something like: “I have to get going right now, but I’d love to talk again.”
Then, you can jot down your number on a piece of paper, tear the paper into two parts, and hand her
both pieces and while you tell her this is your number, hand her the pen and ask for her number as
If the woman seems hesitate you can say:
“Although I am not much into talking on the phone, I’d like to have the opportunity to get in touch
sometime.” Don’t forget to smile as you say this.
2. The Text Approach
The text approach is another approach and one that may be the less intimidating of the two, and
gives you the opportunity to get her number. You need a reason to text her, though. You don’t want
to say “What do you say I text you sometime?” This is a weak approach and doesn’t sound solid.
A better way to ask if you can text her would be:
“I enjoyed our meeting, but I have to run to meet a friend for ___, do you text?”
As you say this, take out your cell. Women are more prone to accept a “text offer” than asking for
their phone number. A text isn’t as awkward and can be easier to ignore if the woman isn’t sure
she’d like to have future contact.
If the woman is interested, she’ll say yes whether she texts or not. If she tells you that she doesn’t
text, and doesn’t volunteer her phone number, it might be a “no” signal. You might want to end it
there and not lower your social value.
3. Set Up a Date, Then Get the Number
Setting up a date, and then getting her number is the most practical option. It only seems reasonable
to set up a date if you want to get to get to know her, right? Phone conversations can hinder meeting
in person as you can create an illusion of chemistry which may not actually exist in person.
The reality of the situation is you are already going out on the line asking for her phone number, so
why not ask for a date. You may be totally thrown at the number of “yes” responses you actually
get with this approach.
When it comes down to it, getting her number to ask her out in the future is just an added step and
gives her the opportunity to lose interest. There is also the competition- especially if she is a high
value woman.
Think of this from her standpoint, as well. She suddenly encounters a man, and has a date with him.
She is more likely to blush when she thinks about this, and more likely to share the encounter with
her friends, thinking of you each time she does! This definitely has the advantage over giving her
your number with no sense of pleasure of when she’ll see you again.
The best way to ask for a date is again at the closing of the encounter. “You know, I hate to have to
go, but I have to ___. I’d love to meet again. How would you like to go out on ____?”
If she says yes, then all that is left is to ask for her number. The key element here is to ask for a
specific day, and if there is some certain place or activities you have in mind, and then let her know
this, as well. Don’t resort back to the date chapter here…those dates may be a bit too much for a
first meeting. Maybe somewhere you can share a drink and get better acquainted. If all goes well,
you’ll be on your way to a better date.
Bonus Chapter: 5 Things Single Men Do That Women Hate
This is a chapter that I included for fun! The benefit is that with each, you’ll realize that they are
downers in a relationship. Therefore, it is best for all mean to know the five things women hate
about single men so each is in a position to correct it right away.
1. Sloppiness
Sloppiness is a definite turn off. A messy house or apartment, torn or stained clothes, and bad
hygiene are all things women hate. They are also easy habits for men to acquire when there is no
one in their life. Get organized, de-clutter your home, and get rid of the shabby clothes.
Purchase some air fresheners and add some decorations to your home that show character, and
compliment your personality. Clean and organize your bathroom, and the rest of your home. If you
pay attention to women that you entertain, the bathroom is one of the first places she goes in the
home. The reason is simple- she gets a better look at how well you care for your home.
2. Childish Friends
There are few men that don’t have a single friend that is a bad influence. As a man, I can tell you,
the second you start to get serious with a woman, this is the friend you’ll fight about. Why? Because
she doesn’t like how irresponsible he is, or his influence, and doesn’t want to risk you. She may be
right. Friends are a necessary part of life, but if he is a bad influence, it is likely best to keep a
distance. The harsh reality is that the friend may also have problems with her, and you’ll likely
come to the realization that he wasn’t such a good friend after all.
3. Boyishness
Men are single for different reasons- they haven’t meet the right person yet, or they are immature.
Women aren’t drawn to men that are irresponsible, and if you have yet to grow up due to the
boyishness in you, then you aren’t likely to meet that high value woman. Start making changes
now. Some sure signs of boyishness are: you let your parents or friends control your decision
making, you don’t earn a steady income, you are impulsive with your spending, you are constantly
partying, or you don’t have grown up attitudes towards relationships, dating, and women. Most
aren’t difficult to overcome, so why not start now!
4. Bad Manners
We’ve discussed being a bad boy, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to treat the woman
with respect, as well as, other people. Good manners are important to women, and many men with
bad manners will find themselves single. Good manners need to become habits. They are simple
things like opening the door for the woman, treating the waitress or waiter at a restaurant with
respect, being courteous behind the wheel, and listening when someone speaks. Most of us know
what good manners are, and how to practice them…but, if you have your doubts, then definitely get
on the Internet and see if you’ve overlooked any that could hurt you.
5. Gawking
What man doesn’t want to gawk at a beautiful woman? Noticing a beautiful woman is acceptable,
staring is not. It is rude to the woman you are with, rude to the woman you are staring at, and it
portrays you as creepy. If you are a gawker, break the habit. When you do, you will find that the
women you are with are more comfortable, and you will have a greater chance of meeting other
No woman is attracted to a man that gawks. It is intimidating. It is much better to approach the
woman. If the woman is with a man, then focus on something else. The temptation will pass. When
you are able to work on these five areas, your odds at meeting women is enhanced.
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