Institute for Competitive Intelligence & CIEMS February 2014: gaming and critical thinking

Institute for Competitive Intelligence & CIEMS
February 2014:
How to improve strategic intelligence by war
gaming and critical thinking
Business War Gaming
February 15, 2014 - Casablanca,
Explorative strategy development
Business War Gaming is used to predict possible
changes of markets as well as competitor activities
and based on this and to develop the best possible
reactions. With this analysis, effective strategies with a
distinctly competitive oriented character can be
formed. Through Business War Games, the focus can
be changed from an internal to an external perception
that has the market and the competitors in view.
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Key take aways
• Gaining a better understanding of the market and of competitive dynamics
• Developing realistic future scenarios for both market and industry sectors
• Sensitization of the attendees to weak signals that are the basis for an early warning system
• Development of the ability to role play the position of competitors and anticipate their actions and
• Identification and elimination of “blind spots”
• Goals of Business War Games
• Variants of Business War Games
• Identification of the central market drivers and resources of businesses in the market
• Determining the most important interdependencies between businesses and their customers
• Development of scenarios and possible external shocks
• Preparation of the playbooks: setting, profiling, role descriptions and strategic levers
• Preparation of the teams (pre-war-briefing): introduction of the storyline, roles and requirements to
the teams, presentation of the course of events
• Business War Gaming: execution of moves, coaching, workshops
• Documentation and follow-up
• Real life war gaming in class
• Review of several past war games
Institute for Competitive Intelligence & CIEMS
Critical Thinking (ICI-37)
Tools and techniques to tackle
challenging intelligence assignments
February 16, 2014 - Casablanca,
How to out-smart your competition? How to improve the quality of your analysis? How to inject
more creativity into your problem solving processes? The answer to all questions is the same: Critical Thinking techniques need to be applied!
Intelligence analysis is a highly demanding discipline. Not only that analysts have to work with
fragmented, partially contradictive information
when conducting their analysis, usually analysts
have to cope with ever changing environments
and fierce competitive dynamics. Key to
successful analysis is hence a critical thinking
With “Critical Thinking” one can improve individual
analysts’ performance as well as getting more out
of group work. Throughout this training you’ll be
introduced to several critical thinking approaches
– with real-life case studies you’ll apply the techniques and learn how you’ll facilitate group works.
Key take aways
• Improve your competitive intelligence analysis by applying critical thinking methodologies!
• Learn how to facilitate groups in critical thinking trainings!
• Build-up your portfolio of critical thinking approaches!
• How to generate and test hypotheses? Only when analysts work with a set of comprehensive and
meaningful hypotheses the analysis will become useful.
• How to structure a problem? Various structuring concepts will be introduced and trained: Decomposition and visualization, revision of statement of work, mind maps and concept matrices, network analysis.
• Ideas are needed? Then idea generation techniques are key: structured brainstorming, crossimpact analysis, 4-quadrant analysis, morphological analysis, scenarios, indicator/trend analysis.
• Challenge analysis – start thinking out of the box with: premortem analysis, structures analogies,
role plays, red hat analysis, outside-in thinking.
• Decision analysis helps to focus on the important aspects of your challenge: complexity management, decision matrices, SWOT analysis.
• How to select the right approaches for a given problem? How to facilitate groups to solve efficiently problems?
Institute for Competitive Intelligence & CIEMS
Lecturer: Rainer Michaeli
Rainer Michaeli is an internationally recognized competitive intelligence (CI) professional. After graduating as an aeronautical engineer from the University of Brunswick, Germany, he worked as a systems and project engineer in the defense industry. Upon completion of an MBA at INSEAD, France, he worked as a Marketing
Manager in the IT industry.
In 1993 Rainer Michaeli set up DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH, an international consultancy that specializes in competitive intelligence services. In 2004 he founded the
Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI), a major global competitive intelligence
education provider, of which he is the Managing Director. He is also an adjunct lecturer in CI at the University of Darmstadt.
In addition, Rainer Michaeli founded the leading German CI society, Deutsches Competitive Intelligence Forum, where he is a dedicated board member. In acknowledgement of his achievements in
propagating competitive intelligence he has received awards such as Catalyst and Fellow from SCIP
(Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), where he was a board member from 2003 to
Rainer Michaeli’s text book “Competitive Intelligence” published in 2005, achieved instant acclaim and
became a Financial Times Germany TOP 3 best seller.
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Institute for Competitive Intelligence & CIEMS
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The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) was established in 2004 to provide post-graduate professionals specific CI know-how on a part-time basis. The increasing demand for our Competitive Intelligence Professional Certificate confirms the need for this qualification. Our general principles are
uncompromising quality of education as well as intensive, practical-orientated learning. Working with
renowned experts, a modular educational program has been developed that prepares participants
for the high demands of market and competitive analysts. You can select the full certificate program
or choose particular courses according to your interests or requirements. We offer in-house training
to companies.
CIEMS was established in 2011, dedicated to promote the field of competitive intelligence and Strategic Management, through bringing academics together with business, public sector and policy
thinkers. The CIEMS objective is to develop and deliver researches and studies, with an immediate
and significant impact on management practices.
Certificate Programs
ICI has developed seven certificates for highly qualified professionals to master the core competencies of the demanding CI profession and employ them directly in their businesses.
ICI confirms that its highest certification level (CPCI™) comprehensively covers all competencies of
the SCIP Body of Knowledge. Both trainings will be fully credited to the correspondent certificate.
Certificate Programs 2014
Fundamental Certificate in Competitive Intelligence
Jan 20-24 and Mar 17-21, 2014 (London, UK)
Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Management
May 12-16, 2014 (Paris, FR)
Certificate in Competitive Intelligence Analysis
Jun 02 – 06, 2014 (Barcelona, ES)
Institute for Competitive Intelligence & CIEMS
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How to improve strategic intelligence by war gaming and critical
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