All job applicants, whether they are internal employees or external candidates, must
create a resume profile to be able to apply for a job. Your resume profile will allow
you to come back to the on-line application system to apply for additional jobs using
the same profile that you created and the same resume that you submitted when
creating your account. In addition, you may also edit information as required, create
a skills profile, track your application history, create job search agents, and use
various other functions to facilitate your job search.
How Do I Apply for A Job?
Once you have found a job that you may be interested in:
1. Select the job by clicking on the “Job Title”.
2. Read the Job Summary to review the details of the job and the qualifications
3. Click “Submit your Resume to this job” button at the bottom of the Job
Details page to apply to the job.
Human Resources Services, July 2010
If you do not already have a resume profile, the system will prompt you to create a
new account. If you are not logged in, the system will prompt you to do so to
complete the application process. You will have an opportunity to review and/or edit
your resume before submitting it.
If you are a First Time User, you will need to create a Resume Profile.
1. Click on “Create New Account”.
The application system will then prompt you to complete your resume profile by
providing personal background information and answering questions relevant to the
recruitment process.
All fields marked by asterix are required fields and therefore, must be answered in
order for the system to accept your resume submission.
Human Resources Services, July 2010
2. Input all required information and click on “NEXT”.
3. Click on “Upload your Resume” to upload your resume. The content of your
resume will automatically appear in the resume text box.
4. To submit a cover letter, type or cut and paste your cover letter in the “Cover
Letter Contents” text box.
Submitting a cover letter is optional, although recommended.
If you are a Returning User:
1. Enter your User Email and Password to access your resume profile.
Remember that LOGIN information is case sensitive.
Human Resources Services, July 2010