Essential Tips on How to Win the IT Asset Management Challenge

Essential Tips on How to Win the IT Asset
Management Challenge
Chris Ross – MVP
Principal Consultant, CPL SysCtr
[email protected]
Andreas Baumgarten – MVP
H&D Training und Consulting GmbH
[email protected]
Overview of ITAM
Overview of Cireson Asset Management
Demo: Self-Service Hardware Request
Demo: Move/Add/Change (MAC Requests)
Demo: T-1000 Terminator Example
 Raffle: Cireson Asset Management!!!
Raffle: Cireson Asset Management
 Please see Jackie to fill out raffle ticket
 One winner will be drawn at the end of this session
 Total value: Cireson Asset Management +/- $30,000 USD
Overview of ITAM
 IT Asset Management allows you to control assets from
three main areas:
 Technical
 Organizational
 Financial
Maturity Model
Cireson Asset Management
Discovery Tools
True Asset Lifecycle
Technical Inventory
Reduce Cost
Reduce Risk
Gain Control
Manual Tracking
Limited Control
No Control
Overview of Cireson Asset Management
Built into Service Manager
Best of breed
ITAM / ITIL / MOF aligned
Configuration Manager driven
Connector enabled
Any Asset, not just computer or server
Licensing: Site License
Demo: Self-Service Hardware Request
 Access through Self-Service portal for convenience
 Easily enable end users to make requests for hardware
 Wrap process around request
 Approvals
 Activities for fulfillment
 Notifications
Demo: Laptop Loaner Request
One of the most often asked for processes
Set user automatically
Works on multiple Cis
Status update
Loaned Date and Return Date set
 Notifications (bug the user, get the laptop back)
Demo: T-1000 Terminator Example
 Concept: Easily target assets to reclaim back to the
 Useful for informing manager what terminated employee
owes for equipment
 Standardize process
 Automate the clean-up of your data!
Top 10 ITAM Tips
Move away from static sources like Excel
Involve self-service for maximum Efficiency
Focus actual software license count – Avoid Over Licensing
Define and manage process for each asset ordered to
5. Mice, keyboards, and other non-capital assets should not
be managed
Top 10 ITAM Tips
6. Start small, don't try to manage 10 different Asset Types
Day 1… start with 2 or 3
7. Play nice with finance!
8. Train, train, train!
9. Include Software Asset Management in the strategy
10. Import data as much as possible
One final thought…
 Remember: ITAM can be very difficult
 But like most things in life, the simplest solution is
usually the correct one! [Occam’s Razor]
Turbo-Charge Your Service Manager
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