How To License A New Product in Oracle Applications

Author – A.Kishore/Sachin
How To License A New Product in Oracle Applications
After purchasing a license for an Application Product/Module, the first thing is to use license
manager to record that the product/module is now licensed.
Step 1 : Access oracle application home page as SYSADMIN and select Oracle Application
Manager (OAM) and then select Site Map -> Administration tab -> License Manager
License Manager is a web based utility in Oracle Applications Manager .It consists of License
Manager home page ,a group of licensing pages and report pages, as shown in below screenshot.
Step 2: Click on products section
Author – A.Kishore/Sachin
Step 3 : If we want to use License Manager to register Component Application, then we need to
select License Component Application and click Continue.
Step 4: License Component Application product page appears as shown in below screenshot. Here
this page lists all Application modules expanded to show individual components. The Boxes next to
products that are already registered are grayed without a check. Click the blue triangle to expand
and Click the check box next to the product(s), we want to register and click next and Submit the
Author – A.Kishore/Sachin
Step 5 : Click on OK , We have licensed the selected component application .
Step 6 : The Products are now licensed but not ready to be used as none of the Forms/Packages
etc would have been compiled and loaded into the Database for these new Products. We
need to use adadmin to generate the files for the new Product/s as shown below.
(a) Login as applmgr and run the environment file
Su applmgr
. ./APPSORA.env
(b) run adadmin
[[email protected] ~] $ adadmin
(c) Select Generate Application Files menu
(d) Select all of the following Menu options:
- Generate message files
- Generate forms files
- Generate report files
- Generate graphic files
- Generate product JAR files
(e) Back to ADADMIN Main Menu
(f) Select all of the following Menu options:
- Compile APPS schema
- Compile menu information
- Compile flexfields
(g) Now run AUTOCONFIG,as shown below:
$ cd /$COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/PROD_erp