International IUd for Health Professionals Adopt a top-down approach:

International IUd for Health Professionals
How to write an essay: a few tips
Adopt a top-down approach: first things first (always go from the more important to the less important), at all the
different levels:
 Structure of the essay: state your main idea right at the beginning
 Structure of the paragraph : remember: 1 idea per paragraph, stated at the beginning, then explained & exemplified
 Structure of the sentence: active if agent is the main piece of information (“who” “does” “what”), otherwise passive
(when agent is less important than object).
Write in clearly identified paragraphs; leave a blank line between paragraphs
Use transition markers so that it is easy to follow your demonstration (e.g “first, then, last but not least”). Do not use
“Indeed”, “Moreover”, “Nevertheless” etc… at the beginning of paragraphs or sentences.
4. Use short sentences as a rule
Use a few complex sentences to show the range of your skills (always start with the main clause)
Relative clauses
Condition clauses (“if”, mind the tenses of the verbs)
Tense clauses (« as soon as, when, once, before, until, after », mind the tense of the verb)
Use structures that don’t exist in French so that your essay will read & sound English…but only after making sure
you master them (look at the grammar recap)
 Infinitives
 Gerunds
 Modals
Proof-read for (once for each individual item listed below):
Agreement (subject/verb)
Tense formation
Tense use
Adjectives (no “s”, always before the noun: eg: les meilleures réponses possibles → the best possible answers)
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